North Facing 3 Bedroom House Plans As Per Vastu

North Facing 3 Bedroom House Plans As Per Vastu – Let us first understand what is the Vastu plan facing the house? We all know that the house plan made according to the principles of Vastu shastra is called Vastu house plan. If the main door of this house, the map is on the north side, it is called north facing the house plan.

A typical picture of a north facing house plan is shown below. If you need Vastu Modern House Plans according to your site size and direction that suits your requirements, contact us. Our Vastu experts work in the field of civil engineering and construction. They have extensive experience in custom planning and Vastu design. They have designed thousands of Vastu house plans. Some of the popular square house plans are 30×30, 40×40, 50×50, 60×60, 70×70, 75×75, 80×80, 90×90, etc. Some of the popular rectangular house plans are 30×40, 30×50, 40×50, 60×30, 60×40, 70×50, 40×50, 65×30, 65×45, etc.

North Facing 3 Bedroom House Plans As Per Vastu

If you want to build a house in north direction, you will need some important vastu principles and civil construction rules. The north entrance/house means when you enter the house you face the south wall. In north facing house plans, the planner has many opportunities to use the space properly. The basic requirements for Vastu house plan in all directions (east, south, west, north) are correct direction and correct measurements. Before starting the design of your site, you must measure the entire wing (length, width) correctly. Angle measurements are required for accuracy and triangulation. Determining true geographic north is a very important step. Wrong geographical direction can cause wrong Vastu design. A magnetic compass can be used to determine the direction of north. Special care must be taken when using a magnetic compass. Local attraction, Existence of power line, Metal can cause measurement error. To avoid this danger applied Vastu Suggest all Vastu planners to use Google Earth to determine the correct orientation of the site. Applied Vastu Planner always asks to share Google Points Map for orientation.

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Actual measurements and guidelines are the basic needs to start planning the house according to Vastu Shastra. If you want to plan your own home, then read this article.

Contact us if you need customized vastu planning and design services from a vastu expert and civil engineer. Applied vastu experts work in the field of civil engineering. They ask you to send them the size of the site, the Google exit to submit, your construction budget and structural requirements such as the number of bedrooms, the number of floors, the type of kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, toilets. rooms, garage requirements, Pooja room, stairs etc. Based on your requested Vastu requirements, the planner will prepare the Vastu First Phase House Plan Sample and send it to you in PDF format. After you get the first copy of the PDF format, you can adjust the north facing design of the house 2-3 times for each floor.

Often we find that many so called Vastu experts/Vastu pandits prepare house plans by taking wrong direction and wrong scale. Vastu Shastra is completely based on geometry, geometric calculations should be done correctly. Actual direction (geographical) and size (picture size) are the basic requirements for designing and designing a perfect Vastu house. Picture of house plan North face berada dibawah. This map / Naksha line is north-south (red line) with slope (90-76) = 14 degrees east. But some people blindly copy these plans and start building. Many online construction companies also make the same mistake, they never check the true north and start planning blindly. Another mistake is using the Cartesian coordinate system to create the vastu-mandala of Purusha. The system of connecting the poles should be used to apply the constructed Vastu-Purusha mandala.

Share your Google site with your planner and use the affiliate link system. To avoid this kind of mistake while planning your dream house according to Vastu Shastra, you should consult a vastu planner with technical background. Applied Vastu experts work in civil construction, they will help you build the house, office, factory of your dreams.

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Indian Vastu Shastra explains how to plan a house step by step according to vastu rules. All principles described in thousands of Sanskrit shlokas. Applied Vastu has standardized the slokas and applied them to plan a new house, office, factory etc. Many people have a general career that goes south. Is the house plan good or bad? ? In response, Applied Vastu tells you that all directions are the same. But people who are skilled in Khatriya activities get good results by setting the house plan in South.

1. Placement of Main Door: The main door or main door of the north facing building should have a good pada in the Vastu Purusha Mandala. For the north gate of the house, the auspicious padas are Mukhya, Bhallat and Soma or Suma. The main entrance should be free of any obstacles and have an attractive appearance.

2. Location of the bedroom: In a building facing north, the bedroom can be built in southwest, south, east, west or northwest areas.

3. Kitchen Location: In case the Vastu house faces North, it can be built in South East (SE), South-South East (SSE), South. You can also plan your kitchen in West, North West (NW). Facing Culinka is considered the east direction.

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4. Location of toilets and bathrooms: Since your main door is on the north side of your house, the best toilets or bathrooms are located in the south of the southwest area and in the west of the northwest area.

5. Location of stairs: stairs can be built in the northern part of a flat. South, West, East and North Facing Dual Design. Stairs should have countless steps, including steps.

6. Living room: In the living room, the best place is the north area, the north-west area and the north-east area.

7. Living room: the best place for the living room is the east area of ​​the house. In this case, the west, the south area is also better.

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8. Pooja Room: Many people want a house plan with Pooja room. The best place for pooja room is north-east area according to Vastu Shastra. If the position in the Northeast is not available, then the West can be the second choice.

Proper placement of the main entrance/main entrance is a very important factor in Vastu home design and planning. The entire built up area is divided into 32. Like 32 Padas in Paisa Biti. To the north, the eight padas are located in Paisach Bithi. Roga, Naga, Mukhya, Bhallat, Som or Soumya, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti are the eight energies of the North. Of the eight deities, three devta gardens are considered auspicious for a house in the north. For North facing house plans, placing the main gate of Mukhya, Bhallat and Som or Soumya/Devta energy field is considered best.

When planning a Vastu house in a north facing position, the main door should be placed in Mukhya, Bhallat, Som/Somya Pada (energy fields). To ensure that the door is Vastu, we recommend that you check the design with an expert Vastu Designer/consultant. Calculation and casting of Vastu-Purusha-Mandala should be done only in wind coordinate system.

We are Civil Engineers and Vastu Specialists by profession and we have often seen that positive impact has been made in Planning Home, Office, Apartments, Factory based on Vastu Shastra. So, if you need vastu (completely customized) plans for your home, flat, office, then contact us.

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