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Ohtani goes 7, hits a single RBI as the Angels beat the Rockies 6-2

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ANAHEIM, California (AP) – Shohei Ohtani made seven powerful innings and hit the RBI beforetime as the Los Angeles Angels beat the Colorado Rockies 6-2 on Monday night.

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In his 15th agile start to the season and second since the All-Star burst, Otani (5-1) gave up a one-stroke and five-stroke run. He’s allowed one combined race in two sober backs since participating in the Home Run Derby and starting up the hill at the All-Star Game in Colorado this month.

Jack Mayfield has added Homer from two rounds to the Angels, his fourth this season and third in his final five games. Razel Iglesias worked in the ninth without goals in saving him 22 on 26 chances.

German Rockies star Marquez, who is also an All-Star, kept his team close to Mayfield’s seventh goalkeeper. Dom Nunez and Brendan Rodgers went to Colorado.


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