One Storey Modern House Design With Floor Plan

One Storey Modern House Design With Floor Plan – A home for ages Our plan is for those looking for flexibility in a modern home that can grow with life – space for today and space for tomorrow. Hidden within its stone walls, you will find a space for charming and quiet relaxation, perfectly designed to enhance family bonding or promote personal relaxation. Whether you’re an up-sizer, a future empty nester or looking to accommodate multiple generations – this charming modern home plan offers timeless style and functionality to meet the needs of a growing family while standing the test of time.

Where functionality meets physicality One thing our architects can predict is that life is good…unpredictable That’s why we create flexible home plans that can fit life into any shape

One Storey Modern House Design With Floor Plan

This modern house plan has the perfect balance of family connection and privacy – two exterior stone walls keep the space in place, while the house’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide transparency, creating a sense of tranquility. This sense of connection is further enhanced by the continuity of the roof surface with the exterior of the house Emphasizing the natural, open quality of the ground floor, these surfaces are extended as ceilings that strongly define the form of the upper level.

House Plans 12×8 With 3 Bedrooms Gable Roof

Large bedroom with sitting area Expansive windows to upper deck and rear patio Generous walk-in closet with direct access from Ensuite Five piece ensuite Enclosed toilet room

Floor to ceiling windows Open floor plan Entrance, dining room, living room and kitchen Dedicated mud Separate powder room Private flex room with patio access Optional attached garage

Kitchen (Option 1) Modern open floor plan | Large island with seating Walk-in pantry Living and dining room

Privately located in the backyard Back yard view | Access to shelter courtyard Flexible space that supports many different uses – (Example: office | spare bedroom | game room | fitness area | music room | etc.).

Bedroom Home Designs

The open space is bathed in warm sunlight with large floor-to-ceiling windows Open screening in the roof and architectural wall screening allow light to dance throughout the home A futuristic roof wall frames the sky, creating a sense of drama for visitors, while light filters through brick screening, casting dynamic architectural shadows within. Overall, it creates a welcoming light and a comfortable space

A balanced lifestyle is encouraged with alfresco and garden spaces, encouraging the outdoors. The living area is surrounded by greenery, creating your own private zen garden – the perfect spot for afternoon tea. Bask in the sunshine on the rear terrace – generous proportions yet perfect privacy; It provides an ideal backdrop for outdoor entertaining, a children’s playground or summer boardgames. With its dramatic ceiling expanse, the forecastle evokes the feel of a boutique hotel Add a table and chairs and it becomes an extension of the living room – the ideal perch for enjoying your morning coffee. At night, get the party started as guests gather and others come and wander around this charming private area

The ground floor plan offers a warm, light-filled expanse, with external roof overhangs ensuring overall warmth and comfort with warm heat transfer. Supporting openness, convenience and usability is carefully stripped away for privacy, but within arm’s length In the back of the house, the mud room, toilet, pantry and storage space are not visible, but still practically located. This utility zone serves to separate the flex room from the rest of the social area and create a specific, functional rear entry area.

The upstairs plan features a large family room with sleeping sanctuary and direct access to the roof deck The children’s bedroom has ample accommodation and generous full-width windows, while the second floor offers a quiet evening retreat (or to keep restless family members occupied). This hideaway is an ideal place to watch family movies or relax while the kids nap, conveniently located near the bedroom and laundry – should you need to load up. Fold clothes while you watch TV, then pack easily with the closet available on the same floor

Modern One Story House Plot 20×17 Meter With 2 Beds

With expansive windows, the master bedroom is a showcase of light and space Generously proportioned, this space offers a king-size bed and ample seating, lending to a pleasant start and end to your day. The elegant yet serene master suite features a double sink, freestanding soaker tub, large tile shower and an enclosed toilet. Think of it as your personal day spa

From reconfiguring the garage, choosing your own cladding materials or providing direct access to main floor bedrooms and bathrooms. We offer custom conversions to make any of our designs truly yours And if you’d like to add a door to the master bedroom to close off the inset for more privacy/separation, say so.

Our architects are on call to modify this modern home design to meet your family’s unique needs

Our plans come with all the essentials you need to make your dream home a reality – complete with kitchen and cable.

One Story Home Plans

/ Floor Plans / Roof Plans / Exterior Elevations / Building Sections / Lighting Plans / Floor and Roof Frame Drawings / Window Drawings / Wall Assemblies /

Breathe in, then let go of the stresses of everyday life Surrounded by manicured, tranquil gardens, this dramatic courtyard home plan offers a spacious yet intimate oasis that awakens every sense. This modern home is a breath of fresh air in every aspect

Planning your forever home? Not only does this beautiful modern home design work in every phase of life, it also brings a level of luxury to everyday life. In this house plan, interconnecting courtyards take each other to new heights and touch every moment with the warm glow of natural light. This guide explains all the ways to build your ideal one-story home within your city budget

Their versatility, availability, low maintenance requirements, affordability and cost-effectiveness make them a constant favorite in many homes.

One Storey House Design Plans 10.0m ×12.0m 3 Bedroom

Let’s jump into the floor layout of the house, starting with the fireplace and then moving to the large living room with open kitchen.

Different partitioned zones for rooms, back room for laundry and outdoor multi-functional bathroom were also considered to maintain privacy.

We have a larger area to work with when building this area than other plans, this two bedroom design has more area.

We have designed the backyard/garden space for relaxing moments in the room, in addition to providing a large living room with an adjoining garden that overlooks nature.

One Storey House Design

With such an idea, we can work on our furniture, such as adding a curved sofa, some beautiful rugs and cabinets for the showpiece, as well as in the home environment.

It is important to create a hallway in the center of a rectangular floor plan and properly separate the rest of the rooms

The semi-private zone is separated from the private zone by a living room at the far end with a small attached kitchen.

This is a great layout for an open kitchen as it both makes the space look bigger and more exciting.

One Storey Modern House Design With 3 Bedrooms

As shown we can design the TV unit in the opposite direction and create a corridor while placing the sofa in the street.

We have ensured that our accommodation is easily accessible from all rooms and a place for dining and enjoyment

Adding a bathroom to the bedroom is optional; In this case, it depends on the compact space you are working with

When working on the interior we will focus on the main entrance

Lombard Studio Small House Plan

Using a mirror on the TV unit wall can help make a small living room look bigger

We tried to include large windows, ventilation and French windows in every room to provide more natural light.

Don’t judge a book by its cover; But a house is defined by its height Improving the lighting of your home is important if you want your home to look beautiful

Although space can be a constraint when building a single storey, we can experience a larger space by experimenting with the permitted proportional heights.

Sqft House Plans: Explore Stylish Home Designshousing Inspire

In cities like Mumbai, we can opt for sloping roofs on both sides or just one, which can help restore rainwater, while in Rajasthan flat terraces with open courtyards are the best option for better ventilation.

Except for the extra floor, the front elevation of a two-story building is very close to the front elevation of a one-story house A bungalow is usually one story or two stories high, in a cottage style

A popular modern traditional house is usually two stories in height, a covered entrance, at least one front gable, and small windows used equally.

Its beauty increases

House Design Plan 17×13 With 3 Bedrooms 53×43 Feet

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