Philippines Bungalow House Designs And Floor Plans

Philippines Bungalow House Designs And Floor Plans – This 3 bedroom house design has a total area of ​​82 square meters. The minimum lot size required for this design is 167 square meters with a lot width of 10 meters to maintain a setback of 1.5 meters on both sides. In addition, if you want to maintain a setback of 3 meters at the front and 2 meters at the rear, you must have at least 16.7 meters of depth from your lot.

Simple but elegant in style, the metal clad roof is pre-painted dark red. The walls are painted a combination of white and pale yellow, while the right side features white wall accents.

Philippines Bungalow House Designs And Floor Plans

Wood panel doors, aluminum frame sliding windows, long metal pre-painted roof, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets and bathrooms are the main features of this design.

Small Two Bedroom House

The unique elevations include a front view, a right side view, a left side view, and a rear view, showing the details of each view. A roof plan is also included with its simplicity of design.

The floor plan below is carefully designed so that all bedrooms are located on the left side of the house. Bedroom 1 located near the front with built-in wardrobe and en-suite toilet and bathroom. A shared toilet and bathroom comes next with more privacy as it is not directly visible from the dining room and living room, wooden railings are used to cover this area. Two additional bedrooms are located next to the toilet and bathroom with built-in wardrobes.

Open concept living room and kitchen which makes it more spacious since no partition is provided in each room. A small porch at the entrance and a dirty kitchen at the back are also additional features of this 3 bedroom house design. The kitchen is equipped with reliable appliances to avoid frequent appliance repairs in San Jose and consists of Bosch, Miele and Samsung brands.

Budget in different finishes. Values ​​shown here are a rough estimate for each finish and for budgeting purposes only. The budget already includes labor and materials and is also within the range quoted by most builders. The budget currency is the Philippine Peso (Php). How important is it for a family to have their own shelter? Providing a home for our family is a rewarding gesture because it offers them security, protection but also peace of mind which are essential ingredients for a happy life. Buying a property is an exciting and rewarding achievement as a human being. It defines our worth and worth in providing a home for our families.

Simple 2 Story House Designs And Plans

But even if we want to get it, the answer depends on our ability to finance it. Consequently, your choice must correspond to your projects. What type of house best suits your needs? There are several options to choose from, with each type having its own advantages. But we must not forget that everything depends on the budget. If you are able, this modern single story home with 3D floor plans and firewall may be the best one for you.

To maximize is to optimize to make the most of the available land. More specifically, the result is more floor space that can accommodate more space. For this reason, Pinoy House Designs offers a captivating design with a modern single-story house with 3D floor plans and firewall. Perspective itself is above all an expression of class and style.

The overall exterior of this house plan is very clean and refined in detail. To appreciate more, here are the features that make up this plan.

This modern single-story house with 3D floor plans and firewall has an area of ​​approximately 95 square meters. The design opens to the balcony in the right corner leading to the living room equipped with furniture and entertainment kit. The dining room is to the right of the living room at a 45 degree angle. The kitchen remains directly in front of the dining room and next to it is the adjacent service area.

The Pines At Marston Lake Floor Plans

It functions as an extension of the family’s cooking, food, and other health services. The design places the two bedrooms on opposite corners of the firewall which occupies the left side of the house while the third bedroom is adjacent to the second. One T&B is connected to the master bedroom while the other is next to the kitchen which serves everyone. All bedrooms are equipped with personal wardrobes.

The inviting porch is supported by impressive columns and accented by meter-high stacked stones. The exterior details are calculated with refinement in terms of choice of materials and color combination. As the rooms remain right next to the firewall, larger window openings are provided for air and ventilation. A hipped roof assembly and two smaller sections secure the structure. The light brown color matches the stacked stones which create a beautiful blend. The prominent yellow color highlighted the facade, but it established harmony with the overall appearance of the residence.

This 3 bedroom home is a definition of modernism that most people would love to own. The floor plan may be simple but creates a strong association with any room. The firewall allows maximum use of space which makes this house more functional. Do you dream of owning a 3 bedroom bungalow? The answer is here, the floor plan consists of 3 bedrooms and basic parts of a complete house with 73 m² floor space and can fit into a plot of at least 179 m². If you want the house to be lonely. The required setbacks for the house to be a single unit are 2 meters on both sides, 2 meters at the rear and 3 meters at the front. In addition, it is required that the minimum width of the land be 13 meters to take into account the arrangement whereby both sides are 2 meters from the border fence. Logically, the length will be at least 13.6 meters.

The roof design is so simple that 2 roofs lean against each other without using complicated steel trusses. The materials used for the roof are long galvanized iron roofs, pre-painted to last. Below is a steel structure made up of steel clips and steel angles that make up the roof trusses.

Modern Bungalow House With 3d Floor Plans And Firewall

The walls are 6″ hollow pressed concrete blocks, finished in painted cement plaster and the interior walls are 4″ hollow concrete blocks. An accent wall made of bricks or an area of ​​cut stones in the folly that exists in the balcony area. The doors are aluminum sliding window doors and windows with optional 6mm clear or dark glass and mainly ceramic tile flooring.

Considering the layout of this single storey house, the entrance porch is located in the middle, before entering the living room there is a wooden paneled main entrance door. The living room and dining room are open concept to give tenants more space. With 3 meters by 3.8 meters for the living room and 3 meters by 2.6 meters for the dining room, these spaces offer spacious comfort. The kitchen is to the left of the dining room, where they provided an L-shaped kitchen counter and overhead cabinet space to make things easier.

Around the living room and dining room are the bedrooms. On the right side are the 2 standard bedrooms with built-in wardrobes and a shared toilet and bathroom between them to serve these 2 rooms. On the contrary, the master bedroom is located on the left side but with its toilet and bathroom for the comfort of the master. Make your dream come true, this 3 bedroom single storey house is very compact in its layout, as all the features of a complete house fit into an area of ​​73 m² of floor space.

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