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Pierce received the 2021 Legislative Staff Achievement Award from the National Legislative Assembly

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August. 6 – Richard L. Pierce was recently awarded the 2021 Legislative Staff Achievement Award from the Association of Research, Editing, Law and Commission Staff, a professional staff association with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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RELACS, whose membership consists of committee and research staff, draft drafters, editors and legal staff, provides opportunities for professional development and networking with peers from across the country.

Pierce is an attorney and serves as legal counsel for the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives in the Supreme Committee and its Office of Research and Foundation Services. He is a previous mayor of Aiken City.

“Richard has provided extensive assistance on a variety of topics to me and my fellow House members for several years,” said Cal Forrest, the SC House District 39 representative who nominated Pearce. “It has been very helpful in our efforts to bring to rest those who have been lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recognizing the accomplishments and successes of many South Carolinas during this.

“I consistently receive very positive feedback from ingredients that I have been competent to aid following having received legal research, information, and other resources from Richard.”

The 2021 Legislative Achievement Award is designed to honor those who demonstrate excellence in supporting the work of the state legislature, strengthening the legislative institution and contributing to the success of NCSL and its programs. Each of the nine NCSL Professional Staff Associations, along with the Legislative Education Staff Network and the Co-Chairs of Staff in Comprehensive Standing Committees, may select up to two people, teams, or legislative offices from their members to receive this annual award.

“My work in the House has been fun, challenging, demanding and very satisfying on many distinct levels,” Pierce said. “I am happiest when a member of the House of Representatives is competent to successfully assist a constituent regarding a concern or situation that was significant to their resolution. This recognition and award is as modest as it energizes me to maintain my professional focus on helping our home members who are meaningfully helping their fellow citizens.”


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