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Building a new home is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and choosing the perfect home design and floor plan to meet your family’s needs can be intimidating, but it’s an important step in realizing your dream home.

Plan Your House Design Online

Rick McAlexander, CEO of The House Plan Company, a leading Oregon-based house plan marketing company, offers four important tips when choosing the right floor plan for new home construction.

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The first step in choosing the right home design, even before you buy a building, is to determine your goals for your new home and create a “wish list” of the spaces, features and amenities you need based on your lifestyle. McAlexander said this goal-setting process sets the stage for other decisions that follow, such as determining the size and style of the home, the floor plan and the budget.

“My biggest piece of advice to clients is to think carefully about their goals for a new home before they start thinking about design options,” McAlexander said. “When I meet with a new client, I start by asking some basic questions like, ‘What are your plans for this house, are you going to live in it for the next 15-20 years, or are you going to sell?’ that in a few years. Continuation: Come on down, we’re sketching and starting to look at floor plans.

There are many factors to consider when designing a living space, such as how the space will be configured for socialization or privacy, and how it will meet the changing needs of the family over time. McAlexander notes that clients with young children often want private areas of the home, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, to be grouped closely together. Instead, he’s seeing teenage families asking for more space in two-story home designs.

“Typically, the number of floors is determined by factors such as building constraints and privacy needs. We find that many clients prefer split floor plans because they want to clearly separate living areas, especially those with older children. The master suite can be on the main floor and the remaining bedrooms on the second floor. However, if the plot has no land constraints, I would recommend a long-term single-story plan as it provides the best option for aging in place.”

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While there are thousands of home design plans online, McAlexander says don’t be afraid to ask for a custom plan that fits your needs. “For many of our clients, they can find a floor plan that they really like, but it’s not quite perfect. At that point, we bring in a design professional to modify or customize the plan to add the right personal touches. Style: After all, the house should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

As families look to spend more time outdoors together for relaxation and fun, outdoor living spaces are fast becoming the new social hub of the home. As McAlexander notes, more of his company’s clients are demanding formally defined outdoor living spaces, which often present a unique set of challenges.

“One of the biggest challenges in building an outdoor living space is that clients don’t necessarily factor the additional cost of building that space into the total cost of building a home. Such expansion depends on various factors, such as the climate and whether additional covering is required due to humidity or direct sunlight, or what type of equipment will be installed. Appliances suitable for outdoor use, such as fireplaces, stoves and refrigerators, tend to be more expensive,” Tao explains.

TheHouse Plan Company’s Contemporary Edgefield 31378 is a popular house plan with a vaulted, covered outdoor space accessible from the great room and dining room.

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McAlexander also noticed a downward trend in demand for bonus rooms in residential floor plans. Instead, her clients carefully consider how to use every space in the home.

“In the past, the concept of a ‘great room’ meant that people required additional rooms to accommodate their space, whether it was an office, media room or hobby room, leading to three- to four-bedroom floor plans,” he says. Today, great room design has evolved to include clearer separations in open living spaces without the need for a third or fourth bedroom. “

The ranch-style Manor Heart 80138 floor plan features an open living room, with each main room (great room, dining room and kitchen) open to each other, but still maintaining some spatial separation.

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Do you have decorating ideas but don’t know where to start? Learn how to create your interior design project online.

Interior design is the process of planning or redesigning the interior of a building to enhance the aesthetics of its spaces and allow for the flow of people. Interior designers are responsible for developing floor plan layouts, choosing space design themes, and styling furniture. Interior design also involves designing the space and choosing fixtures, fittings, paint colors and flooring to create a balanced design.

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Whether you are renovating or updating an existing building or planning a completely new building, ByMe can help you solve design problems and plan layouts to create beautiful and functional interior spaces.

Use your floor plans and 3D images to share your designs with colleagues and friends and communicate your vision to builders and suppliers. This is very important in an interior design project to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the project.

Start planning your project by creating a floor plan of the space you want to renovate or build. This can be a room, a floor or a house. Using your basic measurements, you can draw your plans using our intuitive wall builder, or scan a blueprint and let ByMe create your floor plan. Alternatively, our floor plan construction team can build a 2D floor plan from a rough sketch.

Now that you have the outline of the building, add walls, windows, doors and stairs and your basic plan is complete. Your project can be instantly duplicated to test different layouts and furniture options as needed.

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Don’t forget to save your online project so you can access it anytime. Share the link with friends and family to get their feedback, or send it to a building contractor to show off your design ideas.

Floor plans will provide the foundation for your interior design project and enable you to clearly communicate your ideas to everyone involved. Use 2D floor plans to show important features such as doors, windows, stairs, dimensions and room names. Your 2D floor plan can be furnished or empty.

Choose a 3D view mode to render your floor plan while visualizing it in 3D. This helps in making design decisions when choosing and arranging furniture, as it gives a realistic idea of ​​how the furniture will look in real life. This is also useful for sharing your ideas with relatives or builders so they can understand your vision. Add wall coverings, flooring and accessories such as plants, mirrors and rugs to complete your design.

Modern technologies make online interior design accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you have experience using professional design software. ByMe allows you to virtually walk around your project in first-person view mode and create beautiful, realistic interior design images. Instantly create 3D images or even 360° views of your project to visualize your new interior. Share your project links and 3D images with friends, family and building contractors to gather feedback and discuss your ideas. Best Selling 1 Story Home Plans, 5th Edition: Over 360 Dream Home Plans In Full Color (creative Homeowner) Craftsman, Country, Contemporary, And Traditional Designs With More Than 250 Color Photos: 9781580115674: Editors Of Creative

After completing your interior design, you can create high-definition 3D decorative images for your project. These images are perfect for printing or sharing online with friends, family or project partners. ByMe’s advanced software also allows you to create high-resolution 360° views of your property to showcase the full potential of your design. Finally, you can share a link to your project so others can take a 3D virtual tour of your property using the first-person view tool.

Transform your bedroom interior affordably by applying new wallpaper or paint colors to your bedroom walls.

Try different designs with ByMe to create your ideal kitchen, taking into account your kitchen requirements and available space.

Choose a design theme for your bathroom.

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