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PolitiFact declares Biden and Harris distrust Trump-era COVID vaccine ‘incorrect’ despite previous rhetoric

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PolitiFact appears to be shielding President Biden and Vice President Harris from criticism for their earlier rhetoric expressing mistrust of the coronavirus vaccine during the Trump administration.

Amid the Biden administration’s struggle to vaccinate Americans, a video emerged of comments he made during the 2020 election cycle by the then Democratic ticket that cast doubt on a vaccine developed under President Trump.

Biden suggested back in August that any vaccine being rolled out “is unlikely to pass all the tests that need to be done and the trials that need to be done.”

“Who’s going to take the shot? Who’s going to take the shot? You’ll be the first to say, ‘Put me on – score me, now they’ll say it’s okay’?” Biden said in an interview in September.

Only 13 fact-checks were conducted in the first 100 days, and another 106 defended it, says study

Biden has repeatedly indicated that only if there is enough “transparency” will he take the vaccine and that “the American people should not trust” a vaccine developed by the Trump administration if his concerns are not addressed.

Harris heard during an interview with CNN that getting a Trump administration-approved vaccine would be “a problem for all of us” and “if Donald Trump tells us we have to take it, I won’t.” During the Vice President Debate.

However, PolitiFact issued a so-called “fact check” titled “Biden, Harris did not trust Trump with COVID-19 vaccines, not the vaccines themselves.”

PolitiFact contributing writer Tom Kircher insisted that the clips used in the video were “selectively modified to take the statements out of context”.

“The parts left out make clear that Biden and Harris were raising questions not about the vaccines themselves, but about President Donald Trump’s introduction of vaccines and the risk of accelerating or politicizing the effort,” Kircher wrote on Friday. .

Trump was publicly touting the promise of a rapidly developing COVID-19 vaccine as beforetime as March 2020, when fears of a global pandemic were just start, and he said he was urging researchers working on the vaccine to “speed it up.” Meanwhile, scientists and drug makers have been urging more caution about the schedule and said they emphasize safety and efficacy over speed.”


Kertscher then included all quotes from the video including additional contexts regarding each of the individual comments.

As for PolitiFact’s “verdict,” Kertscher concluded that the video was “selectively modified to take away the context of their statements.” and that Biden Harris simply raised doubts about “Trump’s trustworthiness and aptitude to safely launch vaccines and the risk of political influence on vaccine development.”

“We classify the video as incorrect,” PolitiFact declared.


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