Position Of Main Door As Per Vastu

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The entrance gate of the house is the most important element that should not be neglected in the Vastu house. The front entrance of a house is not only an entry point for people, but also for cosmic energy. Therefore, the correct placement of the main door according to Vastu principles creates harmony between the house and the universe.

Position Of Main Door As Per Vastu

There are 32 possible entries according to Vastu Shastra. After dividing a 360° circle, you get 32 ​​entries each covering 11.25°. Each cardinal direction (North, East, South and West) is divided into 8 possible entries. For example, 8 entries for the North (N1 to N8), 8 entries for the East (E1 to E8), 8 entries for the South (S1 to S8), 8 entries for the West (W1 to W8).

Vastu For House Entrance: A Simple Guide For Your Home’s Front Door Design

Each input creates its own effect but only a few of them provide positive results to the occupants of the house. As you can see in the image below, we have highlighted the most advantageous doors in green.

Therefore, we need to mark all 32 entrances on your map in order to decide the best entrance to your house. Follow these steps to find the perfect entryway for your home:

This is how you can mark the 32 entrances on your map and you can then choose the best possible entrance for your home.

. Two of these 8 locations are promising for the construction of the main portal. The auspicious gates in the East are called E3 (Jayant) and E4 (Indra).

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This is the first Pada of the Eastern direction, also known as Shikhi. The main entrance of this pada causes fires, accidents and leads to financial losses.

It is one of the promising entrances to the east. Such an entry guarantees wealth, prosperity and success in life.

This is another positive entry into the eastern zone. This increases social connections in a positive way. He attracts personal benefits from important people in the government.

Entering this zone makes people extremely aggressive and angry. Residents therefore often make bad decisions.

Main Door Vastu Shastra Compliant Tips For Positive Energy Into Your Home

This entry makes people liars and untrustworthy, as people who live in such houses find it difficult to keep their commitment. This also causes problems for the girl.

This area should be avoided for the construction of the main gate. This makes residents insensitive and cruel towards other issues. This will attract trouble from enemies.

It is perhaps one of the biggest myths that a south-facing house is extremely unattractive. However, this is not the truth. In fact, various in-depth case studies have shown that the most successful businesses occupy south-facing properties.

But there is no doubt that you need to be more careful when locating your main entrance in the south facing house. There are 8 padas (entrance places) of S

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Towards the South. Two of these 8 padas are very beneficial, known as S3 (Vitatha) and S4 (Grihrakshita). Other padas are considered discreet according to the rules laid down in Vastu Shastra.

This area should be avoided for the front gate as it negatively affects the male child of the house. This will not only cause problems for your son, but also cause conflicts between parents and child.

Such entry attracts trouble from relatives but is considered a good thing for people working in MNCs as it helps them get regular promotions and salary hikes. However, this is not the best option for the southern entrance portal.

The main gate of Vitatha pada offers great prosperity and success. Residents of these homes become skilled enough to perform their jobs. However, they do not hesitate to adopt unfair methods and tricks. This entry therefore brings prosperity, but it also makes the inhabitants unreliable.

Enhance The Entrance Of Your Home With These Vaastu Tips

According to Vastu Shastra, Grihrakshita pada is the best entry point in south direction. This brings prosperity and fame. This is why it is considered good for actors and media professionals.

This is one of the horrible southern entrances. This leads to a lot of debt and financial losses. It is recommended not to create an entrance gate in this area.

The entrance is also called Gandharva. Such a house brings shame and poverty. This leads to financial losses and defamation.

This entry leads to wasted effort in every aspect of their life. Therefore, they are not interested in hard work, which eventually leads to disappointments in life.

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It is the most inauspicious entrance according to Vastu Shastra. This input makes people rude and insensitive to others, which gradually disconnects them from society and makes them lonely. This results in loss of wealth, power and strength and brings sorrow to children. This is why the entry portal into this area should be avoided.

. Among these 8 locations, only two are favorable to the occupants of the house. Favorable locations or padas are W3 (Sugriva) and W4 (Pushpdanta).

This pada called Sugriva offers incredible wealth, growth and prosperity. It is one of the best entrances to the west.

Pada also known as Pushpdanta. This ensures the increase in wealth as well as prosperity of a male child. Such houses give you a sweet and happy life.

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This door gives mixed results. This makes a person a perfectionist at work, but at the same time, it also makes them overly ambitious. This can therefore be financially advantageous, but it can also sometimes be problematic.

This pada towards the west is called Nakaratma. As the name suggests, it is a negative entrance to the house. This negatively affects the mind and makes the person vulnerable to mental depression. It is also very detrimental to civil servants. Overall, this is a horrible entry.

People who live here become unhappy and stressed. Health and money problems are common in these homes. And as a result, they start becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

This access forces people to resort to unfair and illegal methods for their own benefit. This keeps residents (especially men) out of the house and also provides opportunities for foreign travel.

Main Door Vastu: Important Vastu Tips You Should Know About

The number of auspicious padas (entrance places) in the northern direction is more than in any other direction. This is one of the reasons why North is considered very auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

Like all other directions, north also has a total of 8 possible entrances. Three of these entrances are extremely beneficial to the residents of the house. So make sure to build the main gate of your house at N3 (Mukhya), N4 (Bhallat) and N5 (Soma).

Or Roga. People who live in such houses suffer harm from the bad intentions of others. This creates unnecessary fears in the minds of residents. This keeps people (especially women) out of the house and also provides opportunities for foreign travel.

This increases the number of enemies and they are constantly afraid. This creates a tendency to stalk people. Naga’s entry also creates a feeling among the locals that others envy them.

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It is an extremely auspicious and advantageous entry that brings abundant wealth, prosperity and extraordinary growth to its inhabitants. These heads of household are fortunate to have more male children.

This auspicious entry is also known as Bhallat. This is a positive entry that guarantees an abundance of inherited goods, wealth and prosperity. This opens new doors and opportunities for wealth.

People who live in such houses tend to be more religious and calmer. Soma pada is considered a good choice for constructing the main gate.

Due to the behavior of the locals who live here, people generally disapprove of them and avoid listening to them. This pada causes opposition and quarrels with the sons.

Vastu For Main Door Entrance Importance Of Front Door

This pada called Aditi is especially harmful to the women of the house. Women who live here tend to question traditional family beliefs. For example, it leads to residential relationships and inter-caste marriages.

This is a positive entry because it gives a higher bank balance and increases savings. However, the N3, N4 and N5 constitute the most favorable entrances to the North.

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