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Qld records 13 unused cases on ‘encouraging’ day ahead of planned reopening

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Prime Minister Anastasia Palchuk will be back in time to announce the end or continuation of the lockdown in southeast Queensland on Sunday following her final COVID-19 test in hotel quarantine came back negative.

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Dr Young has appealed to people in 11 closed local government areas to get immunized and like the final days of the Olympics until a decision is made on whether to lift the most severe restrictions.

“We now have two more days – until 4pm tomorrow – to preserve figuring out how we’re going,” Dr. Young said.

“This outbreak has only lasted for a short time. There can still be cases out there. It is very significant to preserve testing. It is very, very significant that you persevere to wear masks… and that people just stay home.”

However, the thousands of people sitting in quarantine at home in the western suburbs persevere to put so much pressure on supermarket delivery that waiting times for groceries are still up to three days.

Deputy Prime Minister Stephen Miles said people who are having a firm time getting groceries delivered in time should ask friends from less affected suburbs to “click and pick up” from various supermarkets and have them leave orders at their doors.

Mr. Miles said supermarkets have opened priority delivery slots, redeployed staff and added additional delivery trucks, while UberEats has partnered with IGA to provide an additional delivery option.

“I’ve also asked supermarkets if we can remind people in exclusion zones who go to the supermarket for essential supplies, to do it alone if that’s conceivable,” he said.

He said anyone who needs aid can get it by calling 134 COVID (13 42 68).

Deputy Police Commissioner Steve Golchowski said police stopped more than 10,000 cars on Friday and imposed 42 fines for being in the community without valid reasons. Police also fined 60 people for refusing to wear masks and arrested four people.

“We had two people in Noosaville who not only refused to check in using the check-in app, they refused to wear masks and then decided to get into an argument with the police and oppose arrest,” he said.

Two paramedics have also been quarantined pending test results following people illegally attempted to cross the border from New South Wales.

Meanwhile, the woman who escaped from quarantine at the Gold Coast Hotel Wednesday night by being forced to begin the door remained on the run.

Much of southeast Queensland has been in lockdown since Saturday final week following a family of five with school-age children along with a teacher and teacher were found to have been infected.

The circuit breaker was supposed to be on and up three days later, but case numbers consistently in the double digits unkind it was extended until 4pm on Sunday.

The Indooroopilly cluster is unique among the outbreaks in the Delta of Australia in that those infected are mostly schoolchildren and their close family contacts.

At fewest 10 Brisbane schools or their facilities appear on the list of Queensland Health exposure sites.

Many of them are on the alike train and bus lines to the west of the city and five are three kilometers from the famous Indurubeli Shopping Centre.


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