Ranch Style House Interior Design

Ranch Style House Interior Design – For antiques dealer Jennifer Maxcy; The best way to live large in small digs is to join a multi-purpose space that gives new meaning to the term “great room.”

Jennifer Maxcy always has a thing for small spaces. “When I was growing up, all my friends were saving up for a car, and I was saving up for a vintage dollhouse,” she says. An antiques dealer who loves luxury homes (

Ranch Style House Interior Design

) found a 1.43-square-foot home in the beautiful hills of Ventura County, California. Around 1959 the house was the home of the whole family (husband Mike, falconer, son Adam, and English spaniels Doug and Daisy), the walls were thrown from the kitchen and the third bedroom to create a spacious life, hard work. space. .

Everything You Need To Know About Ranch Style Houses

Distressed trim and dark wood walls don’t appeal to homes in the 1950s. Jennifer removed the lamp, raised the ceiling tiles, and covered the walls with a soft and shiny white. The result: the sun-drenched house of my childhood dream.

To separate the “lounge area” of the kitchen from the adjacent den, Jennifer placed a mid-century sofa (recovered in 1970s leather) over a Moroccan rug found on eBay. Store floor-to-ceiling books, prepare blankets and logs. Chair X is the ultimate work desk: coffee table; foot footer empty seat Choose your favourites

This is the second gathering place. It’s all about weight. for example, large windows can flood a room (break the visual flow of space); But the 30-inch barrel seats are fine. Bonus: Vertical stripes, like coffee table stripes, add the illusion of width. About Jennifer’s “secret” white paint. To get a transparent effect, Jennifer painted the walls; She painted the ceiling the same color—Glidden Base Paint—because it’s not a “pure white color,” she says, “and it’s her go-to.” I have been using it for years.

A built-in banquette in this sunny area adds seating and storage. Note: in the interior they turn the white kitchen cabinets (left over from the kitchen reno) on their sides. The pillows repeat the other touches of indigo throughout the room (X tables, ottomans), and rattan pendants and baskets add flavor.

Modern Ranch Style Homes: Curb Appeal

In the newly opened kitchen, Jennifer removed the upper cabinets in favor of one floating shelf. Above the fireplace, pots hang from an old chain that contrasts with the white tile backsplash. Jennifer scored the cabinets and granite counters in the showroom off the kitchen. Jennifer lifted it by wrapping a rope around the rafters, a post that wasn’t particularly attractive. What is hidden on this island? A little bit of everything. Dry goods in the front work bench. It even has various office supplies and stationery.

When Jennifer wants to use every inch of it. Fact: This function is squeezed between the front door and the refrigerator. The metal “wall” on the right side is not particularly interesting, so the device is dressed in orange. To help the table blend in, Jennifer painted the walls the same shade.

This cozy home is just what we want for Christmas A small home with a big personality on Lake Michigan This lakefront cabin is full of old school charm.

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Contemporary Ranch Home Design — Degnan Design Build Remodel

The most dreamy family lake house in a storybook Created by Ashby Collective and builder Classic Constructors. It is the result of a three-year collaborative effort.

The home offers spacious indoor and outdoor living with three bedrooms and open plan living areas. There is also a spacious guest house adjacent to the pool. anywhere in the house The design team made sure to take full advantage of the expansive views.

The comfortable living room has expansive windows that frame beautiful views of the Texas Hill Country. Cozy seating around the limestone fireplace invites socializing with family and friends. Modern furniture is comfortable and warm, so you are welcome to sit back and relax for a while. Colors are inspired by what you see outside, and furniture is chosen to age well. It has suede, leather and natural fabrics that patina over time.

What we love: The brief was to build a home with an animal sensibility, but it’s innovative. Although the kitchen is a small building of its own, the kitchen is a small building of its own, which allows for a new design that includes a space for dining. A departure from tradition, this home has wide windows that seamlessly wrap around the corners to capture stunning views.

From Ordinary California Ranch To Family Friendly Dream

Readers Share your thoughts on this animal house design in the comments below.

Warm wood floors can be seen in most living rooms. A large island in the kitchen allows for plenty of space for cutting and casual dining. LED lights illuminate the space, and a wooden butcher block from the surrounding walls frames the kitchen.

Above: This limestone house sits on a 915-foot cliff. Views of the beautiful countryside mirrored on the walls. Vaulted ceilings connect the limestone structures of the house. It shows a sense of immersion in the scene.

Above: The screened bedroom can be seen on the right side of the limestone building. It is a place to enjoy the peaceful breeze and the sound of insects. Love beauty and words, fashion, weddings Since 2011, both have been included in interior design and lifestyle magazines.

Ranch House Decor Mistakes You Might Be Making

Ranch-style homes have simple floor plans with wide open spaces and lack the depth of most current homes. Simple in its general appearance; culture It is quality with an excellent palette when it comes to styling and decorating with a unique vision in mind. But what happens when this design house, which was first built in the 1950s, mixes its vintage spirit with a modern look with furniture and accents? ok You have amazing home fashion and sophistication; A thoughtful interest will be found. Let’s take a look at 20 ideas that will get your wheels turning.

This ranch style open house has been renovated into a comfortable and modern space. A neutral palette gives it a fresh and spacious feel, but the lines, lighting and furniture choices give the home a modern look.

With a wooden base, you can easily create a house full of vintage glasses. But you can also add a modern touch to create a unique and revitalized space like this modern living space.

Give your garden a classy upgrade by going completely outdoors with this family-friendly home. soft lines, with the added contrast of the room and cream tones; You can find a large area of ​​your abandoned foundation.

Ranch House Landscaping In 10 Unique Styles

Add a bit of the future when renovating your kitchen or adding new details. These houses can be long and wide, and use this when creating a modern model.

Don’t be afraid to use texture when adding a modern touch to your animal style home. Make it long and open by adding special accents like stone and wood.

These homes are designed for families, so when adding modern touches or renovations to make the basics look modern, don’t forget your family’s spirit and warm tones.

Sometimes this pattern is so broad that the end of the chapter is hard to tell. This is where you can get creative with your decor and add a personal touch.

A Modern California Ranch Home & Interview With Marin Design Co.

Whether it’s a double-glazed window or a large floor-to-ceiling window, take what you have from the time the house was built and use it with more modern decor.

The detailed ceiling is powerful. add color; opening pipe If you add wood or wood – a special transition occurs, especially when strengthening the roof.

Even if your look is a little modern, you can go with a soft look. This space is brighter and more luminous than the transparency of the modern era.

The advantage of the animal house is the smooth movement and transitions associated with the position. When you invite interior decoration and new design. It is something that must be protected.

Elements That Make Ranch Style Homes Look As Well As They Work

Create elegance in your modern ensemble. There is a certain flow to the natural design and planning of these houses, so it is easy to add a beautiful look when remodeling.

Don’t be afraid to add a little eclecticism to your modern look. This is the home version.

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