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Retail Association: Amazon, Facebook and eBay Partially Responsible for Wave of Shoplifting Crime

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Organized retail crime remains a problem across the country. The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), the US trade association for major retailers, is calling on online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Facebook to do more to stop criminals from selling stolen products on their platforms.

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“Criminals whose day-to-day job is to steal massive amounts of merchandise from retail stores” then sell their products on the open market for a profit, Lisa Labrono, RILA’s senior executive vice president of retail operations and innovation, told Fox News. “The favorite place to sell their stolen goods is online marketplaces.”

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Labrono told Fox News that those online marketplaces aren’t doing enough to stop them.

“We cannot catch ourselves and sue ourselves out of this problem. Retailers are bearing their weight. They are doing their best to address this problem. Law enforcement is doing everything they can to address this problem. Another major stakeholder in this is online marketplaces.”

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Labrono, who heads RILA’s asset protection division, told Fox News they need to do more to “proactively identify people selling stolen goods on their platform and shut them down.”

She explained that criminals are able to “hide behind their computer screen name with essentially anonymity,” creating “a very low-risk, high-reward crime for them.”

Labrono added that as more consumers are shopping online than ever due to the pandemic, online marketplaces need to do more.

While new markets appear online every day, Labruno told Fox News that the most popular include Amazon, eBay and Facebook.

In a statement to Fox News, an Amazon spokesperson said, “Amazon is always innovating to improve and protect our customers’ experience. We have sale policies that all sellers agree to before selling on Amazon, and we take action against those who violate and threaten them. Our customer experience. Policy violations can result in to cancellation of listings, removal of sale liens, withholding of funds, and legal action, depending on how serious they are.”

Similarly, a Facebook spokesperson told Fox News, “We do not allow people to sell stolen goods, require sellers to comply with local laws, and make sure to respond to law enforcement requests for stolen goods on our platform.. ”


An eBay spokesperson told Fox News, “Stolen goods are not tolerated on eBay. eBay is fully committed to providing a safe and secure online shopping experience to millions of people globally and we have zero tolerance for criminal activity on our platform. We believe that cooperation Collaboration between law enforcement, retailers and marketplaces is the best way to combat fraud and organized retail crime.”

Labrono told Fox News that until “online marketplaces do more to shut down these professional criminals who are using their platforms as a fence to sell their stolen product, we won’t make any impact on this issue.”


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