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Rezerve hits the market and mitigates token price volatility with unused protocols

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PhiladelphiaAnd 29 July 2021 /PRNewswire/ – A PhiladelphiaCrypto company name based Reserve It will introduce a unused token (RZRV) that is truly the first of its considerate. The team has accomplished something that many other cryptocurrencies have tried and failed, to provide an ever-increasing price floor. Their protocols ensure that even in the event of a market crash, the Rezerve token will maintain its value up to the current minimum price.

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The Rezerve team looks forward to several packed audits by global companies such as CertiK and Ape Audits. The team is also aiming to take giant leaps forward in a space that appears to be stuck in a loop, due to the volatility of what many consider its main source of value, Bitcoin. They will divide the value of the RZRV from the tokens and the old coins to aid develop the space in unused and innovative ways. Rezerve has (3) smart contracts and will launch as fully functional token.

To understand this driven project, we first need to look at each decade individually to understand how they work together.

“Rezerve Contract” is the code behind this ERC20 token. Here are some basic details:

  • RZRV has partnered with Dai on the liquidity pool.
  • These LP tokens are held within the alike Rezerve contract.
  • There is a frictionless productivity function that is turned off by default.
  • The token will have a variable tax function that can be assigned to purchases and sales, independently of each other.
  • This tax will eventually be reduced by 10% for both purchases and sales.
  • The tax is always being cleared and sent to Rezerve’s second smart contract, the “Vault”.
  • Another function of the Rezerve contract is its aptitude to swap a percentage of its holdings from LP to both Dai & RZRV tokens. Then it automatically sends these holdings to the Treasury nodes.

The Vault contract is a key piece of the puzzle. This is basically what enables the project to maintain a lofty price floor, it is a very simple concept at its core. This contract secures the Dai sent by the Rezerve token contract. Anyone without RZRV tokens cannot access this Dai vault. The only way to remove Dai from the vault is to perform a “Vault Swap”. When the RZRV is sent to the treasury nodes, it automatically returns the appropriate amount of Dai to the sender. It is significant to note – any and all RZRV sent to the safe will be permanently removed from circulation.

Each RZRV token corresponds to an equal share of Dai in the vault. This serving size can never decrease. As more Dai is sent to the nodes, the share value of each RZRV token increases. This creates a floor price by increasing the price of the Vault Swap. The price floor can only rise because of these protocols.

Reserve’s Staking is a unused and exciting way to use the frictionless produce feature that has been popularized by many unused and thriving tokens. This tax can only be collected in one way, subject to your ownership of the RZRV. The moment you close your tokens for 30 days, your wallet is added to the “included in rewards” section of the contract. Since only those who lock their tokens into a staking contract will receive this payout, these rewards are significantly greater than if they were simply distributed to all token holders.

The team recognizes that these are unused and unique tokens, but remains very confident that they have created a revolutionary way to store value outside of the traditionally used AMM liquidity pool, as well as a way to incentivize and reward providers without diluting the value of the RZRV.

Combined with the lofty price floor, this symbol shows vast potential. The price floor alone should be an entity for many investors. Even if Bitcoin or Ethereum collapses, the price floor will remain the alike. This provides investors, owners and traders with a lot of reassurance.

Source media contact details:

Name: Rezerve
e-mail: [email protected]

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