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Seaga offers a healthcare apparel management system; rub trax

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As a world leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intuitive selling technologies, Seaga continues to incorporate a customer-centric approach into its product innovation. This considerate of thinking is why the ScrubTrax solution will disrupt the industry.

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With our IoT interface to the back-end solution, you can track your inventory in real time, giving you conclude control. When linens are returned, ScrubTrax instantly recognizes the product has been returned and returns reports in real time. ScrubTrax makes it simple, secure, and puts you in control. The interface appears to integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or inventory management system, providing real-time tracking of usage and returns, allowing you to provide optimal service to your employees or clients.

“The ScrubTrax solution is designed to serve a market where space is of the highest quality, and existing lockers don’t bring intelligence, and it makes sense. The modular, flexible, scalable design makes it a flawless fit in hospital locker rooms where institutional lockers need to be replaced. Our strategic approach came to engineering and manufacturing ScrubTrax’s line of market intelligence as well as customer-led surveys. ScrubTrax will donate hospitals and healthcare apparel service companies a competitive advantage while providing greater access to more accounts.” Michael Fiorito, Vice President of Sales, Seaga Manufacturing

As the most cost-effective RFID-enabled solution on the market, ScrubTrax offers countless opportunities when it comes to VMI Software, asset tracking, loss prevention, and even contact tracking. With these benefits, customers can count on an attractive ROI

Quality manufacturing, excellent customer and company integrity are essential components of Seaga’s strategic mission to persevere to provide first-class products and strategically advanced solutions such as ScrubTrax.

For more information about ScrubTrax or any of our smart selling solutions, please contact Seaga at [email protected] Or call 815,297.9500.

Source: Seaga Manufacturing Inc.

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