Seattle Commercial Interior Design Firms

Seattle Commercial Interior Design Firms – Seattle, located on the land border between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is a port city with rich land and connections to oceans, rivers, lakes and forests. Historically a lumber town, Seattle today is a wealthy center for manufacturing, software development and leading technology industries. The design of the author, which has emerged in Seattle in recent years, is collected, with the firm doing excellent work for individual and multi-family homes in areas surrounded by forests, mountains and rivers. As a creative body of work, Seattle’s recent architecture is notable for the integration of the landscape, the expression of natural materials with their surroundings, the exploration of tectonics, and the elevation of intricately detailed architecture to a precise and refined art form. . Here are a selection of 25 of the notable construction firms operating in Seattle today;

Olson Kundig’s extensive work includes residential, museum and exhibition design, hospitality projects, commercial buildings, educational buildings, interior design, landscape design and places of worship. The firm is led by 14 owners and more than 300 employees. His portfolio includes the Delta Shelter, a 1,000 ft² steel and brick cabin, located in the woods of Washington State.

Seattle Commercial Interior Design Firms

LMN Architects specializes in the design and planning of significant public and private facilities, including convention centers, cultural arts venues, educational spaces, office, multi-family residences, mixed-use hospitality developments and other urban spaces that celebrate and enrich communities. Founded in 1979, LMN has earned an international reputation for design excellence, sustainable solutions, solutions, practices and the delivery of multiple projects. The company received the 2016 AIA National Award. His portfolio includes Founders Hall at the University of Washington, which features a wooden structure.

Your Insider’s Guide To Finding Stunning Architectural Details In Seattle

She is a full-service architecture firm working on projects ranging from custom homes, developing and commercial interiors, to landscape, furniture and conceptual design. She looks for outpouring of thought solutions that combine economic, aesthetic and technical features and believes in design that solves problems. In collaboration with its clients, consultants and contractors, the project team strives to realize effective, pragmatic and original work. The office has completed projects such as the Capitoline Hill House, a steel and wood-framed residence in the heart of Seattle, with expansive windows with metal visual protection from the house’s box volumes.

ZGF Architects is a firm specializing in architecture, interior design and urban planning. Founded in Portland, Oregon, the firm has grown to include offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York and Vancouver. ZGF’s design philosophy is based on the premise that a design of excellence must be made in every building – that concerns the company, the service and the relationship to its users, its construction process, and its cost. The firm’s project portfolio ranges from transportation terminals, commercial office and mixed-use developments to corporate campuses, healthcare and research buildings, educational facilities, libraries and museums.

Graham Baba Architects is a recognized firm for commercial, residential and cultural spaces, with a focus on urban interventions and reuse projects. Although based in the Pacific Northwest, the company works on projects throughout the United States. Among the studio’s most important projects is Chophouse Row, a cultural center created from a collection of buildings located within a single block in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Founded in 1999, Heliotropia has gained a reputation as a bookmaker for residential and commercial commissions. The flower named after the legendary heliotrope, which directs itself towards the sun, revolves around the idea that there is always an invisible ‘something’ that makes a place special. He has completed outstanding residential projects such as the Suncrest Residences, a pristine cliff-top home in the Seattle area with ocean views.

Allen Institute / Perkins+will

Founded in 1977 by David Miller and Robert Hull, distinguished partners in the field of Peace, the Miller Hull Company greatly influences location and environmental conditions. The heart of his work is to understand the power of his environment. Its heritage of environmentally conscious buildings is inspired by the efficiency and beauty of passive systems and local materials. The study promotes the openness and flexibility of today’s format to celebrate communication internally and externally. His portfolio includes the Pike Place MarketFront, a new public space that destroyed the culture and atmosphere of a popular market in the 1970s by fire. The new design includes an open skin of a steel frame, which shows the industrial language in a series of light and transparent spaces.

GoCstudio is an architecture and design studio founded by Jon Gentry and Aimée O’Carroll in 2012. His work is driven by a collaborative process that responds to specific individual projects rather than imposing a uniform plan. With more than ten years of combined experience in residential and commercial projects, architecture and product design, he embraces different scales with a similar attitude and process. He has completed projects such as Wa Sauna, a flowing sauna designed for Seattle lakes.

Led by partners Ian Butcher, Kailin Gregga and Kip Katich, Best Practice is a team of eight architects and designers who have been active in the Pacific Northwest since 2011, challenging competition and innovative work. % Descending Studiose’s portfolio includes Shed-O-Vation, a storage space for conversion into a home office and multi-functional study opportunity, providing families with a comfortable home environment during this pandemic.

Mwworks is a Seattle-based studio providing architectural and interior design services to residential and commercial clients. Founded in 2007, the office remains small, focused on compelling, collaborative projects of all scales. His work is guided by a commitment to the power of vision and a love of tangible and unique things. It brings the student a specific, direct approach to his projects, which are specifically defined by the context, the process and the end of the building itself. His portfolio includes the Little House, a small, second-story home set on a blue bay overlooking the bay, and decorated with black oxidized cedar and blackened cement siding.

Interior Design For Students: A View Into Their Future

Founded in 1943, NBBJ has locations in Boston, Columbus, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Pune, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai and Washington, D.C. architects, planners and interior designers whose ideas have a profound and lasting impact. NBBJ has been named among the most productive products by the Fast Company three times in the last five years, NBBJ has named joint ventures with Google, Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft, as well as institutional clients such as the University of Cambridge, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital. and Stanford University.

SOM is one of the leading architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world. Since it was founded more than 80 years ago, SOM has earned a design excellence and a portfolio that includes the most important architectural achievements of the 20th and 20th centuries. It has been a leader in the research and development of unique technologies and new processes. and innovative ideas, many of which have had a clear and lasting impact on work design and the physical environment. SOM maintains an office in Seattle and has completed regional projects such as the International Adventure Center at Seattle Sea-Tac Airport, which features the largest bridge in the world.

Stuart Silk Architects is an architecture and interior design firm known for designing unique residential and commercial buildings that last a lifetime. Serving clients throughout the Puget Sound region and across the country, he believes in the power of design to impact lives and improve our built environment. For more than thirty years of study, he has followed a path that conforms to the fundamental principles of behavior, quantity and adapted techniques. Projects include Hidden Cove Residence, a home that blends indoor and outdoor living in a wooded area with a view of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains.

Mithuni’s team of architects, interior designers, architects, urban designers and planners work to promote a sustainable world through leadership, innovation and integrated design. The country’s leader in sustainable planning and urbanism since 1949, Mithun sought and found direct global connections and ways to balance the world with man and nature. His work is a fusion of design, technology and nature, and he strives to create spaces of beauty, spirit and function. Mithun Treehouse’s portfolio includes sustainability, combined with an observation deck and outdoor platforms, located in a wooded conservation area in West Virginia, and serving as an icon of high-profile architectural design.

Architects In Seattle

Founded in 1998, Runberg Architecture Group has earned a reputation as a design studio that balances excellence.

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