Simple Bathroom Design For Small Space

Simple Bathroom Design For Small Space – If you’re looking for small bathroom remodeling ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Right here I have a post full of small bathroom ideas. A small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style or functionality. Using clever design ideas, you can make the most of your small bathroom.

In this post, I will show you beautiful ideas for small bathroom design. From small colorful bathrooms to small bathrooms

Simple Bathroom Design For Small Space

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to interior design, you can still have your dream bathroom even if the space is small. Therefore, this post also includes tips on how to make a small bathroom bigger.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Best Tiny Bathroom Designs |

So if you want to be inspired by a number of modern and functional ideas for small bathrooms. Check out this page for tools to remodel your small bathroom.

So you have a small bathroom and of course you want to make your small bathroom look bigger. Fortunately, there are some clever design ideas that can make a small bathroom look bigger.

And you don’t always need a complete bathroom renovation. There are some smart cheap tips to make your bathroom more spacious.

Light colors usually make a room look bigger. However, I’m always a big fan of using whatever color you want without thinking too much about “design rules”. After all, a room painted in colors you really love is always better than a room painted in colors you feel you “have to” use.

Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Mirrors always make a room look bigger, plus a mirror reflects light, so especially if your bathroom is not only small but also dark, a mirror will do wonders.

Interior designers at McGee Studio used two large mirrors and a light color scheme in this bathroom to make it feel bigger and brighter.

Ditch the shower curtain and add a glass shower door. A shower curtain will reduce the space and prevent light from entering the room (depending on where your window is, of course).

Shower doors need space to open, you won’t have such a problem with a shower corner. Just add a glass partition so you don’t get the whole room wet.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom on the left is not only beautiful, but also cheap. The black and white floor is a vinyl peel and stick tile from FloorPops! which you can buy at Walmart.

Anything that goes from floor to ceiling makes a room look taller, whether it’s bookshelves, windows or, in the case of a bathroom, shower curtains or a glass wall.

I have a narrow hallway and opening the door takes up all the space, it’s just inconvenient. If you have the opportunity to make any structural changes, you should consider adding a sliding door, this way you can also use the corner behind your bathroom door

One thing that fills up your bathroom is all those products. The shower niche will store all your shower products and you won’t need a separate storage solution for all your bottles.

Small Bathroom Ideas That Will Help You Maximize Space

Classic bathroom with shower. In addition to being a space-saving feature, these alcoves can be turned into fun design elements by adding additional tile. (photo: Carla Aston)

I love protrusions, not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom. They are a great solution for small spaces. A wall shelf looks clean and adds a lot of storage space to your small space.

Instead of a niche, you can also choose a ledge in a small bathroom. I think the bulge as you can see above is more roomy. (design: Alexander & Co and photo: Felix Forest)

With a wall-to-wall ledge, you create plenty of storage space. And it is less invasive than shelves or furniture. (design: decus interiors & photo: Felix Forest)

Small Bathroom Ideas At Your Local Bathroom Showroom

It seems simple, but multifunctional furniture is always necessary in small spaces. It pains me to see the space under the sink go bad.

Get a beautiful bathroom sink where you can store extra towels and products that you don’t always need. Buy clear boxes to organize your drawers to keep them neat (plus, an organized drawer holds more stuff than an overcrowded drawer).

This small colorful bathroom combines several tips from this blog post. The space above the toilet is maximally used with a pink built-in cabinet and a niche.

They installed a floating sink with towel storage, a tower that hangs underneath, and a large mirror that reaches up to the ceiling to make this tiny bathroom look more spacious.

Brilliant Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

You can also see the floor-to-ceiling cabinet on the other side of the bathroom in the mirror. This small bathroom used all small bathroom design ideas in one.

You need to bring as much (natural) light as possible into your small bathroom. Skylights are a great way to bring more natural light into your bathroom. It’s a great solution when you can’t add a regular window to your bathroom. But for privacy reasons, a skylight is often a good choice.

A lovely little bathroom with a skylight. The combination of pink and gray tiles is also beautiful. (photo: David Cook)

Skylight above the shower in a small bathroom. A skylight combined with white tiles gives this small bathroom a bright look. (photo: BFDO Architects)

Small Bathroom Ideas For Designing Tiny Spaces

One of the best tips in any small room is to think vertically. This vertical thinking can mean several things. For example, you can add storage in raised areas for things you don’t need often. But another smart way to make a bathroom look bigger is to add vertical tiles.

Adding tiles vertically will make your small bathroom look taller and therefore larger. (photo: Tom Blachford)

Don’t be afraid of (darker) colors. Even with a darker tile color, this illusion of creating more height in a small bathroom with vertical tiles works very well. (photo: The Effortless Chic)

Adding lots of bath products or decorative items fills up the space. This will make the bathroom look smaller. Think a little more like Marie Kondo; “Will it make me happy?” and remove all the stuff you don’t really need. Less clutter means more space.

Modern Bathroom Ideas To Recreate In Your Own Home

This is again a requirement to use room height. Instead of using a low, deep cabinet. Instead, you can add a narrow, not deep, but tall wardrobe. In this way, you free up space for walking in your small bathroom, which you not only need, but also enlarge the bathroom.

This pink cabinet in Zoe Feldman’s bathroom design is a good example. And not only that she used a tall, shallow wardrobe. It is also a floating piece of furniture that frees up even more space.

The space above the toilet is often forgotten when designing a bathroom. But it’s the perfect space to add storage.

These shelves are beautiful and practical. But if you live in a rented apartment, you may now be allowed to drill holes in the walls. You can buy many over the toilet storage solutions that you can simply place on the floor.

Simple Small Bathroom Ideas

A great example of the wise use of corners can be found in this bathroom. Instead of a square shower, they added this shower shape that opens up the space. (photo: Morey Remdeling Group)

All these tips for creating more space in your small bathroom are great. But now let’s look at some ideas for small bathrooms for even more inspiration.

Most people will say that light colors make a room look bigger, and of course that’s true. But by adding color to your small bathroom, you can show your personality and give the bathroom a cheerful look.

Pink walls, green wallpaper and a colorful vanity. Combining colors in a small bathroom has never looked so beautiful.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Blue and green tones are beautiful natural colors for a small bathroom. You can opt for a subway tile or a herringbone pattern. Or you can turn your bathroom wall into a small work of art. In the first picture, they created a rose pattern with blue and pink bathroom tiles. So beautiful!

Pink and green are a beautiful color combination. Add some black details and your small bathroom will get a cool look.

While most people choose a lighter shade of color for a small room. The small bathroom below shows you can go a little darker. This small bathroom has beautiful green tiles and a large mirror to make the small space look a little bigger.

Can you have a bathtub if you have a small bathroom? Yes of course! There are several ways to place a bathtub in a small bathroom.

Narrow Small Bathroom Layout Ideas For More Function And Style Too

First of all, a huge bathtub is nice, but you can also get a smaller bathtub to fit into your small bathroom. And of course you can opt for a shower/bath combination if you want to have both.

The upstairs bathroom is one of my favorite small bathrooms. The space belongs to blogger and stylist Kerry Lockwood, who completely remodeled her rental bathroom into this beautiful space. The bathroom is small but has a shower and a bathtub.

Above: a small bathroom with a bathtub in a romantic vintage aesthetic with soft pink walls

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