Simple Modern 2 Story House Plans

Simple Modern 2 Story House Plans – Faust is a modern two-story garden home with a beautiful exterior and an easy-to-use floor plan. It features classic Prairie elements – a low roof, deep beams, a formal covered porch – with a modern twist and a simple utility of things. This house looks beautiful from the street with its symmetry and style!

The main floor of Faust features a formal living room, open plan dining room, kitchen and family room, as well as a mud room and storage for your home. There is a large 2-car garage with extra depth to make good use of storage or work space.

Simple Modern 2 Story House Plans

The second floor is very nice, with a large spacious room. The master bath has a toilet, bathtub, shower and toilet. The walk-in closet is also large in size. We have also installed a laundry room upstairs to save you from going up and down the stairs.

Lake Wedowee Creek Retreat House Plan

As always all Home Design plans can be tailored to your needs in our improvement department. Whether you need to add another shop to your garage, change your front elevation, extend your home, or just make your home plan more affordable for your budget, we can do that things and more for you in AHP.

Unless you purchase an unlimited use license or a multi-use license, you can only build one building from a set of plans. Plans cannot be resold.

Every set of house plans we offer will give you the information you need to build your home. Some adjustments to house plans or garage plans may be necessary to comply with your state or county building codes. The list below shows what is included in each set of house plans we sell. Depending on the building code, more information can be provided about the construction of the building.

Cover sheet: usually shows the front elevation in 3D color rendering with standard information and requirements.

Linden House Plan

Basic Plan: This will include a basement, crawl space or loft depending on what is available for that home plan. (Please refer to the floor plan information sheet to see what floor plan options are available for a specific floor plan.) The constitution describes the structure and construction of the constitution.

Floor plan: Shows the arrangement of walls and the size of rooms, doors, windows, stairs, etc. for each floor.

Electrical layout: Shows the location of sockets, devices and switches. It is displayed as a single sheet to facilitate floor planing.

If you have any questions about what you get in the plan package, contact us at [email protected]

Small Two Story Modern Farmhouse Designs

If you need to make an offer on this plan before you buy, you can buy a set of offers at a lower price.

See how much it will cost to build this plan. Our estimate includes everything so you have a good idea of ​​how much to budget for.

Dirt floor modern 2 story house plans. 2 Car Front Load Garage Large Front Porch Modern Garden Patio Kitchen Island Stepped Fireplace Powder Room Stairs Bathroom 2 Story Home Vaulted Ceilings Open Floor Plans Details Home Walk In Closets 3 Bedroom Bathroom Home Plans Small House Blue White Water Doors White Stone white trim garage door two story laundry room two story laundry room Don’t lose your savings plans! Create an account to access your saved content whenever you want. See our Terms and Conditions of Use.

This plan is customizable! Let us know what changes are needed so we can prepare a quote for the design service. Click the button to request a quote or call 1-800-913-2350.

Concrete Block/ Icf Design,modern,house Plans

BUILDER AdvantageProgram PRO BUILDERS Join the club and save 5% on your first order. PLUS get special discounts and more. LEARN MORE Floor plan – Top floor

* Total square footage usually includes air conditioning only and does not include garages, porches, bonus rooms or gardens.

Add hard copies of the plan (can be ordered at time of purchase and within 90 days of purchase date).

Learn about construction concepts with these four detailed tutorials that cover electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and foundation topics.

Story Modern Farmhouse Plan

List of building materials needed to build the infrastructure of your new home. Note that the bill of materials does not reflect extras like other platforms and frame options.

Unless you purchase an “unlimited” set of plans or a multi-use license, you can only build one home from a set of plans. Please call to check if you want to build multiple times. Licenses are non-transferable and non-resalable.

Plan 57-397 from $449.00 421 sq ft 1 story 1 bed 27′ wide 1 bath 27′ deep Plan 57-489 from $649.00 784 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 28′ wide 1 bath 28′ deep Plan 57 – 4104 s. 1 deck 2 bed 32′ wide 1 bath 24′ deep Plan 57-501 from $649.00 618 sq ft 2 deck 1 bed 20′ wide 1 bath 30′ deep Plan 57-638 from $949.00 1368 sq ft 50 wide 3 bed bath 36′ 4″ deep Plan 57-221 from $849.00 1000 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 40′ wide 1 bath 25′ deep Plan 57-226 from $1149.00 2050 sq ft 2 story 3 bed 40′ 5 baths wide 2.5 -242 from $649.00 800 sq ft 1 story 2 beds 32′ wide 1 bath 25′ deep Plans 57-366 from $949.00 1480 sq ft 1 story 2 beds 70′ wide 2 baths 36 ‘ deep Plan $57-390 from 01 $57-390 from 01. sq ft 1 story 4 bed 42′ wide 2.5 bath 48′ 8″ deep Plan 57-532 from $949.00 1300 sq ft 1 deck 4 bed 52′ wide 2 bath 25′ deep Plans 57-120 from $949.00q 1321 s. 2 bath 44′ deep Plan 57-151 from $949.00 1140 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 44′ wide 2 bath 27′ deep Plan 57-162 from $1049.00 1536 sq ft 1 story 2 bed 32′ wide 1 bath from $109. 1400 sq ft 1 deck 3 beds 72′ wide 2 baths 28′ deep Plan 57-180 from $949.00 1268 sq ft 1 deck 3 beds 38′ 8″ wide 2 baths 48′ 4″ deep Plan 5 from $849.00 sq 1084 bed 32′ wide 2 bath 40′ 8″ deep Plan 57-233 from $949.00 1288 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 46′ wide 2 bath 28’ deep

Some of our plans are also available on other websites and in print. We are willing to sell these plans at the lowest price or the lowest available elsewhere. If you find a regular price plan (not on sale) for a lower price, we’ll knock off the advertising fee by 5%. We will match all plans to sell.

Plan Of The Week #2

When our staff can confirm that the same plan is offered at a lower advertised price, they will offer the plan for sale at the lower advertised price minus 5%. Our discount is available for current purchases. Call us at 1-800-913-2350.

The media must be of the same design as the product being sold, including print sets (5 copies, 8 copies, reproduction or CAD sets), printing options basis and all the different information. Advertising costs must be equal to the original purchase price of the product. Our Price Guarantee does not apply to advertising or advertising errors, special prices, limited offers, mail-in offers, rebates, coupons, premiums, free offers or bonuses, OEM products, limited or limited quantities or time limits. offer, closing, liquidation. , approvals and special financial offers.

Only complete sets of plans, such as PDF, 5-copy, 8-copy, Reproducible or CAD, are eligible for this offer. 1-set sets, training sets, additional sets, material bills are not eligible for this offer.

All home plan sales and models/modifications are subject to change. Refunds or exchanges are not possible after your order has been fulfilled.

Transitional Floor Plan

All home plans are designed to comply with building codes from when and where the original home was designed.

Along with the house plans you order, you may also need a site plan to show where the house will sit on the lot. You may also need to size the connectors to accommodate roof loads depending on your region. Your hands can often help you with this. You may also need a septic system unless your property is served by a sewage treatment plant. Many areas now have energy laws that must also be followed. It usually involves filling out a simple form to provide information to satisfy your housing plan.

In some regions, there is a second step you must take to make sure your building plan complies with local laws. Some areas of North America have very demanding engineering requirements. Examples of this, but not limited to, are the earthquake-prone areas of California and the Pacific coast, hurricane-prone areas along the Florida, Gulf and Carolina coasts. New York, New Jersey, Nevada and parts of Illinois require an examination by a local expert

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