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Six key Valeo innovations for safer and cleaner mobility will be presented at IAA Mobility 2021

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ParisAnd 26 July 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Valeo will unveil six innovations — including a series of technologies that can create an in-vehicle “health shield” and charging stations suitable for all electric vehicles — at IAA Mobility in September. The technologies underscore Valeo’s ongoing commitment to developing safer, cleaner and more diverse mobility.

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The IAA, for the first time in the history of the exhibition, will be held in Munich. Its name was changed to IAA Mobility for the occasion. No longer promoted as just an annual forum for the global auto industry, it’s also where the future of mobility is shaping up.

Valeo innovations will be presented by From 7 to 12 September Includes:

Automated valet parking service
: The feature – developed in cooperation with BMW – allows the vehicle to park itself in a parking lot.

Valeo Drive4U: Valeo Drive4U is an autonomous vehicle prototype. You will drive in automatic mode on open roads in and out of a city Munich (On Blue Lane) Reach Level 4 Autonomy. It is equipped exclusively with Valeo sensors already in series production (LiDAR, cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, etc.). This vehicle can handle urban and suburban traffic, traffic jams, intersections, traffic circles, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and construction areas. It is equipped with two other features to enhance safety: the Valeo Drive4U Locate system locates the vehicle on the road with centimeter accuracy compared to a standard GPS system with a margin of error of up to five metres. The Valeo system uses artificial intelligence to predict the movements of vulnerable people around the car and the brakes before they do.

This year was historic for mobility with the launch of the world’s first car to reach Level 3 autonomy – equipped with Valeo’s LiDAR technology. Level 3 independence can only be achieved using 3D LiDAR technology combined with a series of sensors. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are transforming mobility. Valeo is the world leader in this field with one in four new vehicles worldwide equipped with its technology.

Monitor vital signs: Valeo takes a holistic approach to the challenge of safer mobility. The company develops products to help the vehicle assess and avoid potentially life-threatening situations while ensuring passengers travel in a healthy cabin environment.

Valeo will introduce a series of technologies that will transform vehicles into a “Health Shield”. Valeo will also showcase a new vital signs monitoring system that can be used to assess health risks (suspected of Covid-19). * This technology has been adapted for use in the medical field using Valeo’s automotive expertise.

Charging stations: IAA Mobility will also showcase the world premiere of new Valeo charging stations suitable for all types of electric vehicles, regardless of their voltage. The chargers provide smart energy management features such as charging when electricity is cheaper or when energy is generated from a green source such as solar or wind. Innovation is at the heart of Valeo’s strategy. In 2020, 94% of Valeo’s original equipment sales were generated by technologies that reduce CO2 emissions and increase road safety, while 56% of orders received were for technologies.

Intelligent car lighting systems: Vision systems such as lighting and wiper systems are areas in which Valeo is a world leader. Valeo’s new intelligent lighting systems have become valuable driving assistance features. These headlights are able to follow the shape of the road and indicate upcoming turns in the driver’s field of view. This feature makes driving at night or in the rain safe and easy. Taillights, connected to the vehicle’s cameras and surroundings via a 5G network, indicate hazards by displaying safety messages that are visible to all road users.

Valeo-powered electric vehicle: IAA Mobility 2021 will feature a flagship electric vehicle from the German luxury automaker, which will be powered entirely by the Valeo-Siemens eAutomotive system (engines, transmission and inverter). The car’s thermal system, which includes batteries and air conditioning, also comes from Valeo.

Separately, the challenge of mobility is also environmental protection. Reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment are part of Valeo’s DNA. As a leader in automobile electrification, Valeo has invested more than 10 billion euros In this field over the past ten years, to become the world’s leading company.

With the European Commission formalizing new measures to further reduce carbon emissions and fundamentally transform mobility, Valeo is already on the starting blocks.

Valeo will also demonstrate its ability to electrify a variety of different vehicles – bikes, scooters, delivery robots, etc. – at IAA Mobility and on the streets of IAA Mobility. Munich.

* The reliability of the assessment has been verified with the help of several health organizations: Center Hospitalier Universitaire de LiègeBelgium), who has been a partner of Valeo for five years with a research chair in “Health and Wellbeing in Transportation”; Mobile centers for the detection of Covid in the Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau – France), in Breves and Huy (Belgium); APHP Henri Mondor University Hospital in Créteil (France); Rabin Medical Center in Jerusalem (Israel); And the regional hospital, Dr. Mohamed Ben Salah de Meknine (Tunisia).

About Valeo
Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to all car manufacturers around the world. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and developing intuitive driving. In 2020, the group achieved sales 16.4 billion euros And 12% of original equipment sales are invested in research and development. On December 31, 2020Valeo, which has 187 factories, 20 research centers, 43 development centers and 15 distribution platforms, employs 110,300 people in 33 countries around the world. Valeo is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. More information is available at

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