Small Lake House Design Ideas

Small Lake House Design Ideas – There is something nostalgic about lake houses. We will always fondly remember the hot summers spent near the water and never forget the fall getaways to see the rich fall foliage. Besides that, lake homes are a great place to make new memories. Lake homes are de facto places for large family gatherings, girlfriends’ retreats, and vacation weekends, so they need to be places that draw people in, wrap them up, and invite them to stay a while. Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of lakeside decor, some stunning, some laid-back, some functional, and some luxurious. But whatever your style (or need), we’ve put together some tips and ideas for decorating your lake house. Whether you’re looking for a fresh and sophisticated update, want to spruce up an old ceiling, or want to create a rustic oasis, these lake house decorating ideas will help you masterfully blend the beauty of nature.

Add a fresh and sophisticated look to your lake house decor with a bright white palette. Simple curtains add softness to the room.

Small Lake House Design Ideas

No matter where you lie, the living room of this beautiful lake house offers plenty of views. Sliding doors can be hidden away for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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Keep the beautiful scenery your main focus. A neutral palette free of rugs and window treatments blends this living room into its surroundings.

Choose furniture that can withstand wet bathing suits for minimal hassle and maintenance. Keep the color palette consistent with the surroundings to blur the distinction between indoors and outdoors.

Beach life should be relaxed, so keep the color scheme simple. Here, blue and green accent pillows guide the outdoors.

The homeowners wanted both a lakeside cottage and a mountain cabin. With the help of designers, they created a comfortable hybrid of charming architectural elements and classic Adirondack-style furniture. Pair your favorite pieces with crisp white walls for a cozy look that’s all your own.

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In the dining room of her Arkansas lake house, interior designer Heather Chaddack Hillegas installed skylights to flood the space with more sunlight. He painted the original dark painted ceiling a light gray to open up the space.

Choose furniture or accessories that can double as extra seating to accommodate a crowd. This deep hearth mantle comes with custom cushions and removable woven cubes can be used for planting in a pinch.

Incorporate existing architecture to make updating your lake home easy. Here, the original brick floor has been polished for an updated look. A few coats of white paint turned the once dark wooden walls from gray to pale.

Mix and match patterns and styles without reservation for a casual look. A grassy wall covering matches the beachy look of a lakeside family room.

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Stick to monochrome wall paint, decorate and decorate for a flawless look. Leave the ceiling white to pop the color.

Add a rustic feel to your lake house with dark, woody tones. Here, the walls and upholstery are painted bark brown and the cabinets are grey.

If you are renovating or building, consider a casement window. It creates a comfortable living room with a panoramic view of the landscape.

In the kitchen, family photos framed by thin plywood and hinged serve as cabinet doors. Black and white photos and brass frames add a charming, rustic style.

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Connect the outdoor living space to the main building with a walkway or jumper, like this vine-covered portico. Thanks to this whimsical walkway, a walk in the garden can retreat to a shaded terrace.

After a long day at the lake, you’ll probably fall asleep quickly, but that doesn’t mean the bedroom has to be quiet. Turn your master bedroom into an oasis of calm with a soothing palette like this gray and white scheme.

Along with beautiful views and light filtering, choose soft linen curtains for privacy. Unlike blackout curtains, sheer curtains still allow sunlight to filter in and bathe the room in natural light.

Pair a wooden table with wrought iron chairs for rustic lakeside dining. Complete the storms with river rocks and variable height pillar candles for elegance.

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If you want to create more sleeping space, build bunk beds into the wall. Here, three bunk beds are piled up to the nearly 20-meter ceiling.

Decorate with earth tones for a calm and balanced palette. The designer and owner of this pond hose added black to deepen the paint colors, making the wall tones more intense.

Simple living is the name of the game by the lake. With the help of open shelves in the kitchen, only the most necessary dishes are prepared in the lake house.

Welcome to the outdoors inside. Designer Richard Tubb advises: “Surround yourself in nature by filling flower pots with yard scraps.”

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Create a cozy bedroom by hanging curtains. If you’re not comfortable mixing patterns, try using different textures instead, like the designer did here.

“I always design floor plans to draw visitors into the sunlight,” says architect Bill Ingram. Here, upon entering through the front door from the elevated entrance and lobby, there is a direct view of the lake. There are also three outdoor living areas: a back porch, a screened-in side porch, and an open patio.

Here, designer Heather Chaddock Hillegass relied on her favorite design trick: symmetry. He centered the room around a concrete fireplace, then furnished the space in pairs: two built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace, a pair of swivel chairs from Lee Industries in front, and matching floor lamps at either end. sofa

An antique French sideboard serves as an island, prep station, and dining table in this kitchen. Covered stools can be pushed under the table and out of the way.

An Alabama Lake House Designed For Laid Back Living

Combine beautiful and functional elements for a dreamy bedroom. Plush curtains provide softness and privacy. An iron four-poster bed gives an airy feel, while a jute rug adds warmth. A slipcover hood and matching bed skirt add a dose of pattern. Blue vintage nightstands provide more storage and additional color.

Porch living is like another cave at this 1,000 square foot lake house. Woven rugs add warmth, separating the dining room from the living room. Choosing furniture made from natural materials adds another earthy element to the outdoor room.

Sunlight streams through a wall of windows into the living room of this Alabama lakefront cabin. While the main focus of the home is outdoors, the homeowner wanted the interior spaces to be light and comfortable for afternoon naps.

When the lights go down, the kids can sit on bunk beds topped with mismatched vintage quilts from Etsy. By lining the beds against the wall, the play area was open on rainy days. Each bed has a small reading light attached for late night stories. Seamless floor resists water and mud.

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Don’t limit the decoration to the main building. Bring beauty to the dock by adding beautiful potted plants.

Use summer camp nostalgia to inspire your dreamy lake house decor. Complete camp style with grown-up flair by setting a beautiful table that contrasts with rustic furniture.

Along with dreaming of a lake house full of family and friends, and memories of children splashing in the water, one of the best memories of a lake house is the quiet moments spent in the landscape. Set aside a small relaxation corner with a dreamy view of the sunset.

The exterior of this Alabama lake house was designed to blend in with its beautiful surroundings. The designers chose colors that match the trees and shadows, as well as a sloping roof that follows the natural curve of the land.

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Light and airy are the goals of this beautiful, casual lakeside living room. The minimalist design and bright white colors give a cool, calm and collected final result.

A day in the sun doesn’t have to end at lunchtime. Take dinner outside with an outdoor dining area.

Natural light and harmonious design should abound in every room of a lakefront home. The bathroom is no exception.

Sun hats, beach bags and lake gear need a home too. Make room for everything you need to get and go to enjoy the outdoor pleasures of the lake.

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From the beginning, this vestibule had no exit. Adding steps gives lake visitors a more direct path from the house to the water and adds to the stone exterior.

Pair expansive skies and rippling water views with a calm blue lake house color scheme. Blue and white are always appropriate in China and interior design.

Set the perfect table for laughs and family-style dining like this picnic-inspired scene. This is a place of casual bites and memories, of inelegant, high-brow dining.

A living room without a sofa? Hear us before you clutch your pearls. This designer opted for lounge chairs to stretch out in front of the fire instead of sofas for the residents of the lake house.

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Of course, performance fabrics are important in a place like this

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