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Spain holidays: Dominic Raab’s travel list changed but travelers from Spain quarantined | Travel News | Travel

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Those on holidays in Spain could still be forced into quarantine even if the traffic light system changed. Secretary of State Dominic Raab has suggested moving more countries to green and amber travel lists.

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While participating in the program, he was asked about Spain’s change in the traffic light system and how this caused some confusion.

He said: I totally understand that.

“This is a period of uncertainty as we emerge from lockdown.

“I think you’re a little bit ahead of what the government will be next week, but what we want to do of course is begin up with minimal disruption to people, but we have to be very vigilant about all these distinct interchangeable variables.”

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While he did not confirm what changes would be made, the foreign minister suggested that Spain could be moved to a unused list.

“You’ll know next week at the latest,” he said. “You’ll have to judge it based on the traffic light system that we put in place now.”

“We cannot provide cast iron guarantees as to what the next review will decide.

“If we didn’t do that, a review system wouldn’t be very helpful.”

But the increase in the number of people being double stabbed could accelerate when people are allowed to travel freely.

“I cannot rule out matters that the government will decide, but it will make that decision next week regarding the traffic light system for all pertinent countries,” added Mr. Raab.

“But I think, personally, the momentum forward is positive because, as I say, dual vaccination is up to 70 percent of the adult population in this country.

“We’ve done the job that we have to do domestically and as we see other countries catching up, you want, I think we’re increasingly confident that more countries are going to go amber or green.”


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