Split Floor Plan House Design

Split Floor Plan House Design – Imagine that you like to go to bed early in the morning – and wake up early – but teenagers like to stay up later and wake you up when you sleep. Or you work nights and want to sleep during the day, but noisy children are playing in their bedroom or going from room to room. Wants privacy and needs to be separate from the second bedroom.

There are two ways to add rooms when building a house. In one way, all the bedrooms (including the master) are combined into one room.

Split Floor Plan House Design

In a split bedroom design, the master bedroom is separated from the rest of the bedroom by a side panel. This is reflected in the current definition of traditional house style.

Ranch Home Plans By Design Basics

In a traditional house, the bedroom can be on the same side of the house as the other rooms, or it can be built on the first floor like a Ranch style house.

You will often find a company like this when you go on a tour of historic buildings or if you plan to buy a house in an area of ​​town with a lot of old buildings, such as New England.

There are many ways to ‘divide’ a bedroom into a house; However, in a house with four or more rooms, there are two main ways to divide the house. This depends on the number of stories in the room you want to create. In a one-story home, you put the master on one side and the second bedroom on the other, separated from the living area. You place the master on the first floor and the second bedroom in the basement in a two-story house.

This comfortable 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom (upstairs) home features an open floor plan (ground floor), with plenty of living space to create a comfortable living space. between the main house and the second bedroom (Plan) . #142-1067).

Importance Of House Floor Plans In Architectural Design

If you plan to build a one story home, then your floor plan should look something like this:

This floor plan of a 1300-sq.-ft.3-bedroomRanch home shows the living area that splits between the main house on the right and the other two bedrooms on the south. By occupying part of the house, the master maintains his privacy from the family room (Plan #142-1046).

By placing the main house on the other side of the house from the other rooms, the builders can ensure the feeling of the main house. This is true if part of the house is at a small angle.

Since the master is separated (from the living and dining areas), the room feels more spacious and therefore more functional.

Barndominium Floor Plans To Suit Every Homeowner

Wings or no wings: Some styles of architecture, such as Georgian, Colonial, and other traditional styles, use “wings” on the side of the house, giving character to a space. beautiful scenery. In the master bedroom in the picture above, these wings are perfect for the master bedroom and the second bedroom on the other side of the house, as seen on the middle floor of the house (Plan #142-1131). Other types of modern houses, such as the European house 1, have an asymmetrical shape that hides the placement of the living room on each side of the house – it can be seen on the floor plan – n detailed plan (Plan #142-1043).

If the house you want to build is two or more stories, however, you may need to look into having a master bedroom on the main floor, separated from the other bedrooms and bathrooms. upper floor, like the next floor.

A two-bedroom apartment with a new/revolutionary floor plan with a main floor upstairs and a second bedroom upstairs, giving the owner a private sleeping and waking time (Plan #161) . -1076).

This is the most popular reason for a house with many stories because the main house continues from the dining and living room of the house; for, while he was sleeping in the rest of the house, he remained silent.

Tumbleweed House Plan

This idea works well for a four-bedroom house plan because the idea of ​​”combination” of the main bedroom allows many bedrooms to get good things, like natural light from sunrise in the morning or great views of mountains and other sights.

There are many reasons why future homeowners choose to build their bedroom in a split style.

It’s simple: if you want a house with four bedrooms (or one with three!), your children will live in the other bedrooms of the house.

If your children are grown, and you have not started a family, then the rooms will be filled with friends and family guests.

Spacious 5 Bedroom Floor Plan

For this reason, many modern house plans choose to separate the master bedroom from the other rooms so that parents (or grandparents!) can have a little privacy from the rest of the family. . ).

The large living room, leading to the front and rear on the left side of this 4 bedroom, 1 bath Florida beach house (above), is on a private lot with a private pool and pool/spa. in the knowledge. and it’s just a step (plan down, down). Needed for the owner’s term (plan #175-1086).

It’s easier to relax when you have your own space. Houses with a simple bedroom arrangement make this easier because you won’t always hear the pitter-patter of small footsteps, blaring music, or a sibling.

This floor plan of 1900-sq.-ft. The 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Acadian features a large living room on the south side of the home. Although the master and second bedrooms are on the same side of the floor plan, the layout suggests that the master backs up. The entrance to the second bedroom is on the south side of the house. The residence separates the entrance (Plan #142-1048).

Lexington Iii Floor Plan: Split Level Custom Home

Balancing work and home life is important but can be difficult. This is especially true if you have a home business.

Many people who work from home prefer to travel more than three steps from their bed. It doesn’t matter if you work entirely from home or use your free time to do personal projects – this is true for everyone.

When a large residence is located in another residential area, homeowners find it easier to fully devote themselves to their work and relax after a busy day.

This 6-bedroom, 6-bath European luxury home (above) has this upper floor (below), a large living room on the left, and a large bathroom. Next door is a great office for working days at home or just working on your own time. Apart from the living room across the foyer from the office, the rest of the rooms are on the upper floor (Plan #153-1945).

Anatomy Of A Plan

It is better to use the floor than in houses with lumpy bedrooms. This is because highways or public roads are not always necessary in these local plans.

Because instead of a corridor, the living room or the kitchen can be divided into two sleeping “zones”.

Without the need for these corridors, houses with separate bedrooms can divide the square footage of the living area of ​​the house. These large rooms are the main focus of the entire property for the home.

But even if the bedroom is divided into the same square footage as the “combined” house, there will still be a good effect of the divided room due to the illusion of space created by and opening a powerful medium, such as a highway.

Unique X Shaped Contemporary Style House Plan 6061

This 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath floor plan has a large den and family room off the side of the home. The plan shows the efficient use of space, with the living area in the center and other rooms placed around the perimeter and almost like a walkway – giving a spacious feel (Plan #117-1092 ).

Often, when all the rooms in the house are joined, there is a bathroom in the hallway instead of a separate bedroom.

Bedroom designs that don’t include an en-suite are quickly put off for most new homeowners. This is because a high level of comfort and privacy is expected to come with a bathroom (especially for homeowners).

From the point of view of the divided room, the square images protected by the beautiful path can be moved to a spacious bathroom and a large bathroom.

Floor Plan Friday: Split Level Modern

It can have a room for guests or children’s bedrooms, perhaps combining two rooms into one larger room.

If you don’t have to arrange all the bedrooms in the house, you have freedom in how you can design your bedroom.

We’ve gotten a little confused about this, though

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