Spotify Won T Let Me Search

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Spotify Won T Let Me Search

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How To Change These Spotify Settings For The Best Listening Experience

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There are a few ways to troubleshoot Spotify if you can’t download music with your Spotify Premium account. Reuters

One of the best features of Spotify Premium is the ability to download music to listen anywhere, anytime.

Spotify Premium lets you download up to 10,000 songs across up to five devices, so you don’t have to use up your precious mobile data to stream your favorite music and podcasts on the go.

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In some cases, Spotify may experience problems when trying to download items. If the little download arrow next to your favorite song, album, or podcast doesn’t turn green, it might be something different.

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Here are the most common fixes for when Spotify music won’t download on your iPhone or Android device.

Go to Settings and then Wi-Fi on your phone and make sure the connection is good. Melanie Weir/Business Director

How To Fix It When Spotify Can’t Play The Current Song

Check that you have a Wi-Fi connection in the upper left corner of the screen and that the connection is strong.

If you see the Wi-Fi icon but songs aren’t downloading, go to the Wi-Fi section of your phone’s settings and make sure the network you’re connected to doesn’t have an error warning next to it.

If it says “Free Network”, you’ll need to do the same to connect. If it says “Connected, no internet”, the Wi-Fi network itself is to blame.

By default, Spotify prevents you from downloading music over mobile data networks, so if you have an LTE connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection, your music will wait until it’s connected. You must have Wi-Fi to download.

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If you want to enable mobile download, click the Settings tool in the mobile app, tap “Music Quality”, then toggle “Mobile Download”.

Make sure your device has enough memory space to download music. Spotify recommends leaving at least one GB of free storage.

You can only download music if you are a Spotify Premium subscriber. You probably already know if you are, but if you want to check, follow these steps:

3. See what it says next to “Subscription.” If it doesn’t say “PREMIUM”, that’s why you can’t download music. If you’re paying for a Premium subscription, make sure you’re signing in to the correct account. If this is you, contact Spotify to resolve the issue.

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You can also download music to up to five devices. If you try to download to a sixth device, Spotify automatically downloads from the other devices you use the least.

Also, if you get an error message saying you’ve reached your download limit, it means you’ve already downloaded more than 10,000 songs to your account.

If you want to download more, you need to delete old downloads. Don’t worry, you can still listen to these songs when you’re online.

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Spotify Not Working? Try These 10 Fail Safe Solutions

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Melanie Weir is a freelance writer for Insider, focusing primarily on the Tech Reference section, but occasionally contributes to Lifestyle and Entertainment topics. He is also a freelance writer for ScreenRant and is Weekly Writer of the Week. In his spare time he writes plays for stage and screen. She can be reached at or on LinkedIn. While Spotify does a great job of providing music and news based on your interests, we recommend using the search option if you’re looking for a specific song, album, or artist. But what if the Spotify search tool on Android or iPhone crashes and throws various errors?

Problems with Spotify’s search tool shouldn’t stop you from finding new music and artists. Check out some helpful tips to get Spotify Finder up and running on your Android or iPhone.

When experiencing problems with a streaming app like Spotify, you should first rule out internet-related issues. To check your internet connection, open an app to see if it’s working properly on your Android or iPhone device. You can also run an internet speed test on your phone to see if your connection is reliable and provides consistent speed.

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Although Spotify’s offline mode lets you listen to your favorite songs offline, you can’t search for songs and podcasts that aren’t available on your phone. If Spotify is set to offline mode, you’ll see a message saying “Log in to search again” while searching.

Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android and tap the Settings icon (section) in the top right corner. Then, turn off the switch for Offline mode in the Spotify Settings menu and try using the search tool again.

Having trouble finding a Spotify code using the search tool? This can happen if Spotify doesn’t access your phone’s camera. Here’s how you can tell the difference.

Account validation issues can also cause Spotify to stop working sometimes. Logging out of your Spotify account and logging back in will help you resolve these issues. To do this, tap the Settings (space) icon in the top-right corner of the Spotify app and scroll down to tap Sign Out.

Methods To Fix Spotify Not Downloading Songs [updated]

Setting your phone to the wrong day or time may not seem like a problem, but it can cause problems. Most importantly, it can prevent Spotify from communicating with its servers and uploading search results to your Android or iPhone. You can avoid these problems by using the automatic date and time on your phone.

It’s not uncommon for streaming services like Spotify to suffer from server crashes. When this happens, you may have problems downloading music or using the search tool in the Spotify app. You can visit a website like Downdetector to check if others are having the same problem.

If the servers are down, you’ll have to wait for Spotify to reactivate them and play again.

Spotify caches data on your phone to remember your search history, save album thumbnails, and improve the app experience. This also helps Spotify reduce its data consumption on the phone. The problem occurs when this data becomes outdated or corrupt and starts interfering with the application. Fortunately, Spotify can clear this cached data directly from its settings menu.

Search Journey Towards Better Experimentation Practices

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your phone and tap the gear icon in the top right corner.

Spotify is quick to respond when it comes to fixing known app issues. However, if you don’t update the Spotify app in a while, you might miss out on important bug fixes and performance improvements.

Go to the Play Store or App Store to update the Spotify app and see if that fixes the problem.

Not many streaming services can match Spotify’s quality or range of music. While issues like the Spotify search tool can ruin your experience, they’re easy to fix. What trick worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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