Staircase Direction As Per Vastu

Staircase Direction As Per Vastu – As a Vastu believer; It should be within you to construct every part of the house according to the Vastu scheme, no matter the level. Vastu plays an important role when considering building a Vastu-friendly home as it often connects one part of the building to another. So it is important to consider the best direction of steps according to vastu.

Secondly, according to Vastu astrologers; There is a certain method or pattern to ensure compliance with Vastu. However, when it comes to home decorations these days, people tend to give more to beauty than vastu. And the trend is big. However, Vastu experts tell us that he can have both beauty and Vastu when he performs steps; So why not? in fact, If going up and down stairs is a regular thing in the house, you should definitely consider Vastu tips.

Staircase Direction As Per Vastu

In this article, We will learn about the Vastu principles involved in building a Vastu compliant staircase. The vastu stair guides given here are derived from ancient Hinduism and spell out the rules to be observed while constructing a stair. Applying Vastu norms while building a house makes it easy to navigate in general and positive flow in the house in particular. It ensures lifelong success and prosperity for the house holder and minimizes major or minor rights.

South Facing House Vastu

The blog is dedicated to creating beautiful architectural designs for people and builders who want to beautify every inch of their home, including the stairs. Here is everything you need to know about Vastu phases according to astrology.

What is the direction of the stairs in the house according to Vastu? According to Vastu, the south-west side of the house is the best direction for the stairs, facing west. However, try to make the staircase to the southwest of the house as much as possible.

Another thing to note here is that the direction of the stairs in the house should always be clockwise. This means that when you walk up and down the stairs, you should see them moving clockwise, not clockwise. If the level is constructed counterclockwise; It will cause obstacles in the native’s career and development. In general, A native should strictly avoid building stairs to the north-east of the house.

Here are some Vastu tips that you should consider when it comes to stairs at home.

Staircase Design ⋆ Archi Monarch

Private houses sometimes have side terraces. If you are thinking of building a staircase, here are some Vastu tips for outdoor stairs.

Vastu is affected not only by the direction of the steps but also by the number of steps. Numbers and numbers have different effects on the native’s life. in fact, As numerologists will tell you, All numbers have an influence on your life.

When it comes to staircase design, you will find 100’s of ideas to make in architecture magazines. All of them are promising and beautiful, but not all of them are suitable for Vastu for your home. Here are the most suitable designs for stairs according to stair vastu.

Some people have concrete steps in painted houses. But these days, apartments and flats are going for enclosed staircases. Vastu recommends these tips for home professionals like Vastu when choosing stair color.

Vastu Residential Balcony / Stairs

Living space is shrinking, so it’s always a good idea to make good use of the space under the stairs. in fact, It’s something that most people do, especially in small homes. But the astrologer says that whatever you put under the stairs is not compatible with Vastu. Therefore, Vastu advice should be taken while choosing what to put under the stairs.

Staircase decoration includes both stairs and walls. Many people think that the wall next to the stairs can be put to good use by hanging pictures or decorative items. It’s a good practice and brings the house to life, though. Here are some Vastu tips to keep in mind while doing these things.

Today’s railings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, people are steel, metal There is a choice of railings made of various materials such as wood. Here are some Vastu tips on choosing railings for stairs.

Is there a bad staircase design? Of course there is. In fact, Wrong direction of steps can lead to Vastu Dosha and bad step design. Today, stairs are considered a style statement, so architects experiment with them a lot. All innovations are highly appreciated, but sometimes Vastu does not work. Therefore, It is always a good idea to check the design with an astrologer before using a property level design. The recommendation is especially important for builders as people who want to buy flats with wrong Vastu are not enthusiastic.

Vastu For A North Facing House Staircase

For example, In the picture of the stairs below, The first part of the stairs ends directly in front of the wall which is not good for stairs like Vastu. Phase Vastu| September 25 2019. By Sanjay Cuddy. 48562 views

Stairs or stairs are generally overlooked when planning your home. But it is one of the most important parts of the house in Vastu Shastra norms.

Studies have shown that levels that do not conform to the principles of Vastu often lead to accidents, Depression Studies show that it can lead to neurological impairment and loss of wealth. On the other hand, The acute degree of Vastu is positive energy; Attracts wealth and health benefits.

3- North-North-West (NNW) is the proper direction to make a staircase inside and outside the house.

Vastu Vs Feng Shui: How To Differentiate Between The Two?

4- All stairs must be built in such a way that they can move from north to south, from east to west.

9: The number of steps should be odd. In other words, when dividing the number of peaks by 3, check that the remainder is 2. For example, 5 11, 17, 19 levels are good.

2-Brahma (middle of the house) steps are completely prohibited. It will have a serious impact on the residents.

4- The stairs going up to the upper floor must not be different from the stairs going up to the lower floor. In other words, don’t use a common staircase for upstairs and downstairs. There must be separate stairs to go upstairs and downstairs.

Vastu Tips For Stairs

6- There will be a place below the level. kitchen pooja room Avoid rooms built under stairs such as bathrooms. This space should be used for storage purposes only.

8- The number of steps in steps must always be an odd number (eg 10, 20 and 30) and must not end with a zero.

10- According to Vastu Shastra rules, broken stairs cause traffic accidents and many other problems and should be repaired immediately.

11- Staircases can be made in the south-east and north-west, but it can affect the health of children.

Staircase Vastu Tips For Home By Vastu Experts At Swami Interior

12- Spiral staircases are not recommended as per Vastu as they can harm health.

A level determined according to the principles of Vastu gives good results to the residents. But it would be better to consult a Vasto expert to decide the right direction for Vastu compliant steps.

Sanjay Cuddy is an Indian consultant and co-founder of SECRET VASTU. His work with local and international clients from all walks of life has yielded great results. A more effective and comprehensive approach to Vastu has been developed from the most important aspects of traditional Vastu combined with modern Vastu medicines and environmental psychology. Sanjay Cuddy offers an exclusive Vastu analysis report to open the door to the unique potential that the ancient science of Vastu can bring into your life. Therefore, your career growth; When you’re ready to take business and fun to the next level. Simply contact us. phone, Feel free to contact us via whatsapp or email. The word “Vastu” refers to the abode of men and gods and “Shastra” means science or knowledge; So Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture for a house. Vastu Shastra for one. Remembering the continuity of the Indian home, it is the procedure. Almost all architects and designers use it to conceptualize their projects.

Vastu Shastra refers to buildings, It provides guidelines and principles for the design and construction of houses and temples. layout of the building; the orientation of the facade; Various factors such as arrangement of rooms and furniture are taken into consideration.

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