Start Designing Your Own Clothes

Start Designing Your Own Clothes – Would you make your own clothes, if you had the chance? I was surprised recently to find out how easy and accessible it is to design my clothes, and I want to try this to see how it works, and how this can be the future of sustainable fashion, using new technologies and a network of producers. . !

Although I am not a fashion designer, or any fashion student, I have a friend in designing these pants as a kind of experiment to see how you can design your clothes, and how the idea can stand out from the masses. clothes produced! Read on to find out how this process works, and a number of businesses that offer ‘design your own clothes’ services and…

Start Designing Your Own Clothes

To try to design my own clothes, I reached out to EDIS, an innovative fashion business that invites wearers to make their own clothes. The process begins online, and connects creative customers with talented designers who use digital tools to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind clothing.

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For the first time in DIY clothing, I decided to design paper bag style pants, as I always had trouble finding pants that fit my frame. Ana, from EDIS, confirmed that this would be a good choice, and matched me with one of the designers on their list, Joana Jordão, to make my impression.

The process starts with me sharing some outfit inspiration – specifically, photos from Brittany Bathgate and Chloe Miles – and my measurements. However, instead of using my usual tape measure, I had to use the EDIS partner app, Size Me Up, which only required a photo to take my measurements!

After the idea and technical steps were sorted, we continued the discussion in the WhatsApp group between Ana, Joana, and myself. Together, we discussed preferences, style, and fit, and Joana began making prototypes for me.

At the same time, Ana put together fabric samples. EDIS prefers to use deadstock fabric, so my options are limited to what’s available, but it’s also more stable than a new option on a roll. I have selected three gray fabrics to look at, and sent samples, to feel and test the weight. I wanted the darkest, hardest things.

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My prototype arrived in the mail, and I jumped on it to check the size and fit. I sent a lot of pictures and my suggestions – a little space in the seat, a little tighter in the waist – and Joana started working on the final piece.

And here we are! The pants arrived in the mail, straight to my door, and straight to me as soon as I had a chance! For the first time, I have pants that fit like a glove – what do you think?

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of designing your own clothes… Obviously, first of all, it’s worth it. Can you tell how these pants fit? As someone with small feet (28″ inseam) and a larger than average “seat”, I often struggle to find pants that fit. This is my new favorite pair, with a high waist, and a long drape that goes perfectly with my black boots.

The right clothes are important. They keep us comfortable, and although I don’t have the numbers for this, * I believe they also keep us wearing our clothes longer. I can definitely say that I wear clothes that fit me very well. They make me feel confident; no wardrobe malfunctions here!

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It will be higher than mass produced clothes. And this is more than choosing good quality fabrics when making pieces – it’s about stitching, lining, and finishing.

For single pieces, there is no need to cut corners, while high street designs usually include cutting corners as usual, to ensure the highest profit margin. I recommend watching Justine Leconte’s video, How to recognize bad clothes and good quality, if you like to read about this!

In addition to having creative control, you also don’t have to sacrifice style when designing your clothes. Obviously, the closeness of communication you have with the designer, this is true, why I like to be able to give photos and messages directly to Joana!

In comparison, mass-produced clothes can have details you don’t like, and these tend to wear out. Think shoulder pads in the 80s: my mum had loads of blazers in her wardrobe that she wouldn’t wear today because she was dating! These items can be designed with custom clothing, and if installed now, they can be changed later…

Design Your Own Clothes

…Speaking of change, let’s also think about fixing our clothes. With custom-made clothes, you can easily adjust items – usually in the same place that makes your clothes – and change them to fit your body and your style. For mass-produced goods, there’s little incentive to do that – perhaps more money than it’s worth, and it’s often easier to buy a new style, and throw away an old piece. It’s sad that the mentality that comes from selling cheap clothes is a false economy, and it’s causing harm to people in our supply chain and the environment we live in, while manufacturers continue to reap the benefits.

Finally, let’s talk about sustainability. Did you know that all clothes are handmade? Anything ‘handmade’ sounds great, but almost all modern clothing requires some form of handwork. This is one of the reasons why many people – estimated at 75 million – are employed in fashion, because the jobs are very difficult. But most of the time, these workers are not well paid, and they work in fashion because they are

Designing our own clothes can be an opportunity to change that. It provides high-skilled work, creativity, and a high price point, which pays better for everyone involved. It also reduced the production rate and the need for mass production as well. And naturally it also extends the life of our clothes, with better fabrics, better quality, better fit, and more value sewn into every garment.

However, the challenge is also great: how can this model be applied to retail businesses in the past? EDIS has proven to be a force, connecting customers and designers around the world through technology. And how can we change the way everyone looks at fashion, back to small, high-quality, custom-made wardrobes? I don’t have the answer to that, but I hope this article helps show the benefits!

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Authentic: Design your own brand of shoes and heels, customizing the design, fit, and comfort to suit you.

Tailor’s Son: Design your own t-shirts, polo shirts, and t-shirts, offering custom sizes and a rework guarantee.

Disclaimer: I was provided my design services by EDIS to write this review. All views and opinions expressed remain my own. Photography by Lauren Shipley.For those of you unfamiliar, MyWear® is a new eCommerce and on-demand production platform for artists and designers that gives you the ability to open your own clothing and accessories.

The integrated platform provides you with everything you need to start selling your products: design tools, branded e-shop, pattern production, supply chain, manufacturing, and free shipping and delivery in more than 10 countries. We’re also the only platform to go beyond heat-pressed t-shirts, offering apparel in a variety of woven and knit fabrics and advanced silhouettes, such as custom shirts, jackets, and even chinos.

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2. Hover your mouse over the artwork you uploaded and select “Design”. This will take you to a menu of products to choose from.

3. Now, we get to the fun stuff! When your design first appears on your product, in some cases it will be shown as a rectangle, which may not be suitable for everyone. There is an Auto Fit button that automatically fits all products.

4. Or, to get your print to completely cover your product, you’ll want to use a marker to scale the art to the entire piece. To make the print smaller, use the delete option. Use the arrows to reorder left or right, or up or down. The small button in the middle will make your arrow move in small increments. If you want to use more than one artwork in your work, you can use the additional artwork tab to do so.

5. To add color, select the area of ​​your product you want to fill and close the artwork on the color tab, if needed. Select the color you want to add to the selected section.

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6. When you’re done, double check to make sure this artwork covers the entire piece and save the design in the lower right corner.

Now your design is ready and available for purchase in your MyWear® store! Share your newly designed pieces with your family, friends, and social media readers! Once the order has been placed, we will produce and ship it, and credit you the amount due

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