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Stephen Miller criticizes an opinion piece in The New York Times that calls on non-citizens to vote

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Stephen Miller, a previous Trump adviser, joined Fox News Primetime to comment on an opinion piece in the New York Times arguing that non-US citizens should have the right to vote.

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Stephen Miller: The opinion piece in The New York Times is unusually revealing of the mentality of the left – that they want the very idea of ​​American citizenship to be eroded and eventually erased. Voting is not just a right. It is also a responsibility. You have to learn our country’s history, culture, language and values ​​so that you can make an informed decision about voting. This is why this country has a naturalization process – a legal process that must be followed to find out who we are and what we are. One of the things that we’ve done during the Trump administration that President Biden has actually reflected is that we’ve really upgraded and upgraded the naturalization process to focus more on American history and American values.

… which is the whole goal. You know, when Susan Rice, who is currently the chair of the Homeland Policy Council (which means she is responsible for overseeing immigration and politics in the United States) when she said what she did a few days ago – that the Dreamers are Americans – she engaged in a deliberate lie and engaged in an attack on the English language. Americans are Americans. Citizens are citizens and dreamers, as they are called, illegal immigrants, and when we deprive the people of this country of their language – their aptitude to speak clearly – and say: No, if you come here illegally, you are not a citizen. You are not an American. You do not have the right to vote in our elections. You do not have the right to grip American jobs. These are not controversial ideas. These are the basic basic ideas of what it means to have and maintain a nation.

Watch the packed interview below:


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