Swimming Pool Spa Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Spa Design Ideas – As we enter the part of the year where temperatures begin to drop, many people may be tempted to spend more time indoors, enjoying less and less of their backyard.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a pool and spa combination in your backyard, you can continue to have fun and enjoy the outdoors just like you do in the summer.

Swimming Pool Spa Design Ideas

With hot water and a warm and relaxing spa, you don’t have to worry about getting cold. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve any tension in your muscles after a long day. That’s why this month at Morehead Pools, we’re giving you five amazing pool and spa design ideas to make your backyard the place you want to be no matter the temperature.

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You may not realize this was an option, but a pool with an integrated spa is very popular. By making the most of your space and creating an in-pool feature, you can get the best of both worlds, swimming straight to the spa to avoid transferring your laps from doing your laps to relaxing.

A submerged pool wall is used to separate the two bodies of water in the pool, so if you like your pool cold and your spa hot, you have that control. Often, an in-pool spa will be installed at one end or corner of a standard pool structure to help accomplish this task.

Another option is to have a spa attached to your pool, but separated by high walls so that water does not mix between the two. You can make a statement with your design by matching the shape of the spa counter – easier if you have a geometric pool – or create a seamless flow by using the same material and connecting the spa shape to the pool, which is Easy if you have a free pool.

The advantage here is that you can turn off your swimming pool if you are not likely to use it in the winter, but turn on the spa so that you have a warm place where you can relax or entertain.

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Sharing similarities with pool spas, this type of design raises the spa above and out of the pool water, with the spa area flowing from the edge and back into the pool. This water will be collected in a canal near the edge of the spa and pool and then cycled back to the playground; However, you still get to experience a seamless body of water with different levels and dimensions.

A raised circular overflow offers the opportunity to create an attractive feature within your pool, while the overflow creates a relaxing look and sound to support your relaxation time.

A spillover spa design is another way to allow water to flow between the pool and the spa to create refreshing features. Instead of filling all the edges of the spa, the spillover will usually be limited to one edge or only a part inside that edge. This creates a kind of waterfall effect, with sheets of water continuing to create that calming sensation that is heard.

As with an attached spa, you can use a different shape and material for the main pool as a counterpoint, or keep the flow flowing with the look and feel.

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If you have room in your backyard design for a spa separate from your pool, it makes it easier to enjoy the spa during the winter months. You can still switch between the two, but if you want to close your pool for the season you can still get the spa service. Materials, designs, shapes and more can match the main pool, but it is more acceptable to design them separately so that they stand as their own characteristics.

This design choice is a great way to create more space without feeling cramped. There is also the possibility of using the spa to entertain evening guests if it is completely separate from the main pool.

No matter what design option is best for you, when you need professional pool builders, we’ve got you covered at Morehead Pools. Helping you plan and design your swimming pool, custom spa, or any combination of the above, we can bring our decades of experience to the project, then bring great results through construction.

No matter where you are in Shreveport and Bossier City and no matter how cold it is, you can make the most of your space with smart and luxurious pool designs and spa designs from our team of professionals. We are members of the respected Association of Master Pools and are part of the reason why we are consistently named among the top 50 builders by Pool & Spa News.

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Call today to schedule a consultation and let’s start planning your dream design mix based on your pool and spa ideas.

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Adding a pond to your yard can seem like a daunting project. Don’t let a lack of communication or a confusing timeline stop you from getting the pool you want. There is a better way!

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Enjoy your custom designed swimming pool the way you want it to last for years.

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Backyard Swimming Pool Design Ideas

At Waterside Poolscapes, Houston’s most experienced pool builders, we know you want to be sure you can get the pool you want. The problem is, there are so many decisions to make and you feel overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be great to find a swimming pool company that offers an easy process that you can feel confident about? We believe that’s how dams should be built! Our pool contractors understand what an important project it is and how you can landscape your yard. A custom pool is one of the biggest lifestyle improvement projects you will ever undertake. Therefore, we promise to provide you with an enjoyable experience and quick and clear communication with a team dedicated to ensuring you get the beautiful pool you want with the quality you expect. The system allows you to have this aquatic oasis

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