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Tasmania gets on its territory Ariarn Titmus, the true Olympic champion of the island nation

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As Australia celebrates Olympic golden girl Ariarn Titmus, kindly remind those of Tasmanians who will listen that the swimmer hails from the island nation.

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After Titmus’ stunning triumph at the Olympics on Monday, some residents south of the Australian mainland have already raised the prospect of celebrating the achievement by renaming monuments in her honor and more.

“Rename Pool! Rename Launceston!” Tasmanian Tourism Industry Board Chairman Luke Martin tweeted shortly following the race ended.

Former Olympian Peter Tonkin, now head coach of Launceston Aquatic Center, is not opposed to renaming the center where Titmus spent her formative years.

Yesterday he said: “I think it’s a distinguished idea, the family is going to be on fire, and our club is going to be on fire.”

Tasmanian swimmer Ariarn Titmus
The Titmus family moved from Tasmania to Queensland in 2015.(

Supplied: Ariarn Titmus


Mr. Tonkin even noted that Titmus’ gracious gesture of congratulating Katie Ledecky, who finished second in her post-race interview, was essential in Tasmania.

“That’s the Tasmanian background, that’s what it is,” he said.

Look at our girl go

The previous 20-year-old was so glued to the swim broadcast that St. Patrick’s College posted their congratulations on her achievement.


Sacred Heart Catholic School shared a photo of young Ariarn and the message that “every student in the school was going daft on the final lap.”

Tasuiji’s sports champ, previous Australian cricket captain Ricky Bunting, joined the chorus, tweeting that Titmus was “making Launceston elated”.


The Tasmanian government was also understandably eager to get on the Titmus train.

Prime Minister Peter Gutwin posted on Facebook, prior we mentioned the T-word several times in a media outlet: “We took a few minutes out of the closet to watch the disgusting race and cheer on our swimming star – Tasmania couldn’t be more elated.” conspiracy.

What a sexy swim, what a thrilling result, Tasmania [we were] Right behind you while swimming and believe me we are right behind you now.”

“What an exciting day for Ariarn, the Titmus family, and Tasmania.

Tasmania’s sports minister, Jane Howlett, rang, and sent the message home.

“This is an amazing achievement for a Launceston-born swimmer,” Ms Howlett said in a statement.


Asked on ABC Hobart’s Facebook page whether Titmus was “Tasmania or Queensland,” many confirmed – unsurprisingly – that the swimmer is from the island nation.

John Dean wrote: “Tasmanian first and forever, then Australian. Queenslander? Only a short time visit.”


Peter Rogers raised the sensitive issue of the 1982 Map Incident.

“Like when I left Queensland Tasmania off the map of the Commonwealth Games in 1982. He was forever trying to get Tassie out of the picture,” he objected.

Tammy Grant had no doubts about the hero’s lineage.

“Definitely a Tasmanian native…she spent more years of her living in Tasmania than in Queensland. Tasmania is the home state,” she wrote.

However, the vast majority of respondents to the interrogate said that Titmus should be recognized as Australian, first and foremost.

With more Titmus medals likely in Tokyo, Tasmania – along with the rest of the country – will be watching our girl with pride.


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