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Texas-Oklahoma ranks among the SEC’s active competition games

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Since the announcement of the possibility of Texas and Oklahoma moving to the Securities and Exchange Commission, there has been a sense of synergy. From fans to athletic directors to management, when did the Longhorns and Sooners go so well?

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Let’s get back to the competition.

Sadly, it’s still July and there’s no field product to judge. Until then, we will persevere to speculate and argue on various topics.

With the Red River Schools notifying the Big 12 of their intentions on Monday, the transition to the SEC appears to be over. Fortunately, the tradition of crossfire on the Red River is far from lifeless. Texas and Oklahoma plan to bring rivalry with them to the Southeast.

But what is its place among the current competitions of the Securities and Exchange Commission? There are two big bouts within the state, with a lot of loathe outside the state.

This is where Texas-OU is in the line of fierce competition within the SEC.

southwest classic

Mandatory credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Resurrected thanks to Texas A&M joining the SEC, the Southwest Classic venue takes a bit of a groove from it. The games played at AT&T Stadium rarely look like real college football and more like a corporate event. 2011 and 2012 saw games on campus, but as Jerry Jones did, he was competent to strike a deal with the two universities to move them to Arlington. Back to College Station and Fayetvile will bring out the fun of Arkansas-Texas A&M.

The oldest rivalry in the deep south

Todd Kirkland / Getty Images

Ask 2 years ago and this might be a little higher on the list. Auburn and Georgia will confront each other in mid-November with major implications for the Securities and Exchange Commission at stake. After some schedule changes, the two deep southern rivals now meet in September. The first meeting between the two schools was in 1892 but never entered Alabama until 1908. Neither of them hosted a game on campus until Georgia did in 1929 and Auburn in 1960. Oja made his feeling for Auburn well known and I’m sure Tiger would cross Fans describe themselves the alike way.

Third Saturday of October

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Anything that ends up reporting someone’s NCAA offense to smoking cigars in the locker room is fun. Unfortunately for Tennessee, none of their violations were due to the Alabama hit. Since Nick Saban took over in 2007, the Crimson Tide Volunteers haven’t beaten. As complicated as the rivalry can be, both Alabama and Tennessee rarely triumph on an annual basis. Most volunteers might get frustrated facing Juggernaut each year, but their time will come again.

The largest outdoor cocktail party in the world

Brad McClenney – USA Today Network

There is only one other SEC match (outside the championship game) at a impartial venue. Hosted in Jacksonville, Florida, the two schools in the city have played all but twice since 1933. Athens has hosted five times, with Gaineville having two chances. If you’re looking for a similar comparison with Texas-Oklahoma, the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party is as close as conceivable. Neutral venue, Florida-Georgia Divided Stadium, pre-game activities, and cross-border competition are encouraged. They both play in the height of conference season, too.

egg bowl

Barbara Gaunt / Clarion Ledger

He feels it is mistaken to put such a distinguished rivalry within the state to such an extent. I unkind, one of the Ole Miss players acted like a dog using the toilet, causing a 15-yard penalty, and lost the game. There was even once an unsportsmanlike penalty for every player on the field. For a few years, this replaced Texas-Texas A&M on Thanksgiving Eve and will persevere for the next two years. Both coaches are interesting characters in Kevin Lynn and Mike Leach. You can forever count on something weird going on in the Egg Bowl.

Red river shoot

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Not many words are needed to describe Red River Shootout. For Texas and Oklahoma fans, this game is the hottest game of the season. Win in Dallas, put on the golden hat, and your season will be worth it.

iron pot

Mickey Welsh / The Montgomery Advertiser via USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Iron Bowl is No. 1. I’m sorry for the fans of both Texas and Oklahoma. But as someone who has been a part of both, the annual Alabama and Auburn rivalry blows everything else out of the water. Just ask Steve Sarkissian for his 1-0 record as Crimson Tide coach. There’s just something about Thanksgiving weekend that makes it all the more exceptional, and knowing your flawless season can head south for a loss. Not many fan bases have a more pure dislike of these two forces. Try one in Auburn or Tuscaloosa and you’ll understand.








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