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The Brewers Way may be the surest path to success for rebuilding the Chicago Cubs

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No team has contributed more to breaking up the Chicago Cubs than their Milwaukee rivals.

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The Brewers were 9-3 against the Cubs and won all four series entering the four-game group that was scheduled to start Monday night at Wrigley Field. Their sweep at American Family Field at the end of June, and especially the Cubs’ 7-0 first-half finish, demoralized the Cubs in what turned into an 11-game winning streak.

“The Brewers have taken off, and we will never be competent to catch up with them,” Cubs president Jed Hoyer said following the sale at Deadline Trade. “And obviously we’re not in competition this year because of what’s happening at NL West. We got to a place that was a very clear decision for me.”

So Hoyer pressed the button that blew up the club on July 29-30, and now the Cubs are playing on the string with a group of workers, kids, and a few leftovers in the daily line-up like Wilson Contreras, Ian Happ and David Pott. .

Hoyer said this wouldn’t be a typical rebuild for the Cubs, but he also said there was no real plan in place.

“We have a potential currency and we also have a money currency in the coming,” he said.

“Do I look like Jade Hoyer?” Brewers manager Craig Concel said with a smile on Monday. “I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m sure their cultivator system has improved greatly, and I’m sure there are young players out there that I don’t really know much about or if they are about to make an impact.

“I don’t think you can ever know. Look at the giants this year. I know we all think we know what’s going to happen, but there’s a difference that surprises every year. I don’t think you can make a statement now about what could happen next year.”

The Brewers weren’t expected to be a vast hit in 2021, but they hit Wrigley with a record 66-46, leading in five games and three of the top NFL bowlers in Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta, who was set to The Cubs confront Monday in a game that was delayed due to weather prior the stadium opens.

The Brewers were competent to triumph without major offensive contributions from Christian Yelich, 2018 NL MVP, and despite having seven players on the COVID-19 roster, including closest Josh Hader and quarterback Keston Hyora.

Unlike Cubs, Brewers’ menu has been a revolving door nearly every year, but Counsell is used to constant commotion.

“You know there will be changes in the menu,” he said. “It has to be there for us to preserve going, and you plan on it. We’ve developed some little promotions. That’s probably the biggest key here. We gave these guys a shot in 2019. It didn’t work out well for the two of them. But their talent (come… ).

“It’s really firm to be a starter in this league. Very few young shooters come in and can get to it right away. It takes time, so you have to try the big leagues on the hill, that’s what we’ve been competent to do, donate them those opportunities while continuing to A pleasing team formed there. And now (we are) in a pleasing place with them.”

Burns scored 8.82 ERA in 2019, while Peralta finished at 5.29 ERA. How many Brewers fans would have imagined they would be as dominant as they are now?

That’s why the Cubs will have to be patient with their junior bowlers, including left-handed Justin Steele, who will start his first Grand Slam on Tuesday night.

“He did everything he needed to do in Triple A,” said manager David Ross. “It’s going to be a pleasing day for him to see what he’s got, and we’ll go from there.”

If the Cubs hope to emulate the Brewers, developing young merchandising talent will be critical. It has been their biggest failure over the former decade so far. Season entry, Duane Underwood Jr. He led all drafted bowlers with 36 Major League rounds, was assigned the assignment in March and traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Cubs hope Steele can start a unused wave of talent reaching Wrigley. Keegan Thompson is also running on Triple-A Iowa with the idea of ​​starting Cubs soon. Praline Marquez was sidelined with shoulder issues and did not feature on the court in 2021. Caleb Killian, a right-hander who was acquired from the San Francisco Giants in a Chris Bryant deal, started at Double-A Tennessee.

Patience will be the buzzword for the organization, as it was in 2012.

The Brewers Way is probably the best route to take.


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