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The Reds are looking to a junior pitcher to finish slipping against the Cubs

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Cincinnati Reds’ Rookie Right Rookie Vladimir Gutierrez has made at fewest five rounds in eight of his 10 games this season.

However, his final run was one of the exceptions, as the New York Mets reached Gutierrez for six runs in nine strokes in four rounds on July 19.

Gutierrez will try to rebound on Tuesday when he faces the visiting Reds with the Chicago Cubs.

“Everyone has really been competent to get a pleasing report on me because a lot of teams see me now, and people understand very well what I’m doing,” Gutierrez said through an interpreter. “Last time was not a pleasing start for me. The location of the broken balls was not working well. From that start I will leave behind all the bad things that have happened.”

Gutierrez is hoping for a turnaround facing the Cubs, against whom he made his Major League debut on May 28. He’s hit a two-and-a-half in five rounds at Wrigley Stadium, including a singles tour at home with David Pott. Gutierrez walked twice and hit three times during the loss.

The Reds lost two goals in a row following wasting a two-game lead following six in the opening game on Monday. Chicago held the rules in the ninth round prior late-game hitter Javier Baez performed a single at the end of the game against Prince Jarrett to secure the Cubs’ 6-5 triumph.

Baez was out of the starting line-up with left heel pain caused by an accident in the base area late in Chicago’s triumph over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday.

The Cubs won twice in a row and three of four as the team has been the subject of much speculation as the July 30 trading deadline approaches. A potential trading chip, Anthony Rizzo, was presented in two successive games.

The Cubs handed out exempt Andrew Chavin to the Oakland Ice on Monday in exchange for two lesser league players, quarterback Greg Deishman and right-back Daniel Palencia.

“It’s a tough thing,” said Nico Horner, a Cubs player. “External factors like this are never fun. But we have a big group of people, and it’s a lot easier to go through something like this with people you feel pleasing about, so we’re grateful for that.”

Right player Adbert Alzolay (4-10, 4.58 ERA) is set to start with Cubs as he aims to end a lengthy slack. Alzolay has lost six of his former seven starts, a period that includes the July 3 defeat at Cincinnati. On that outing, he scattered three runs and five strokes into seven runs with one walk and six strokes.

Alzolay is 1-1 with a 3.12 ERA in four career games against the Reds, including three starts, with 16 strokes in 17 1/3 innings.

Reds’ first-team player Joey Foto, who is back in three straight games, is 3 on 4 with a singles run at home against Zulai. Quarterback Tyler Naken also made the attack against the right, shooting the only hit in six career strikes.

Although Cincinnati is left without Nick Castellanos, who injured his right wrist when he hit a field on July 16, the player is making progress and could be in line to resume light baseball activities Tuesday.

“There’s a possibility (Tuesday) that he’ll start doing some throwing or doing something to not be tested, but it might be at this point where he’ll be ready to start adding some activities,” Cincinnati manager David Bell said. She said. “Big progress over the weekend.”

–Field Media Level

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