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The Supreme Court panel can decide to suspend the mayor of WApac

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July. 29. Wapakoneta – A court hearing has been scheduled for 10 a.m. on August 12. No. 3 in the Uglise County Combined Court of Appeals for Wapaconita Mayor Thomas Stenbow.

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Stenbow was indicted by the Ohio District Attorney’s office on July 22 with one count of theft in the office, a third-degree felony. Eight counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, fourth degree felonies; Eight counts of oppose of interest, first-degree misdemeanour.

Stenbow, 61, has maintained his innocence on all charges.

“My response is that I have done nothing but the best interest of the city of Wapakoneta,” Stenbow said when I called him on Friday. “I’m looking forward to clearing my name.”

The indictments alleged that Stinebaugh entered into contracts with family members and a business partner. He is also accused of making Wapakoneta pay for a sewer line on a property his private company was developing.

The Attorney General’s Office has begun proceedings to temporarily suspend Stinebaugh from his elected position due to the charges brought. The final decision rests with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor.

The revised Ohio law specifies that if a public servant is charged with a felony, the attorney general may—if the felony is sure to relate to the public servant’s administration or conduct in the performance of the duties of the office—send a copy of the indictment document to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with a request that the Chief Justice initiate the suspension.

The AG office has 14 days to notify the public official in writing of this request. The public official, in turn, may make a written statement either voluntarily authorizing the Public Prosecutor to prepare a statement of judgment by the President of the Court in the case to suspend the public official temporarily from office or stating the reasons for not suspending the public official. Desk.

If the public official appeals the suspension, the president of the court is asked to appoint a exceptional committee composed of three judges or retired judges to look into the facts and circumstances relating to the crime attributed to him.


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