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Today’s masks are back in Congress

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Hours following the confront-mask requirement was back in the House on Wednesday, the lawmaker said. Lauren Poipert (Republic-co) threw a mask at a Democratic staffer, a Democrat and a Republican participated in several matches shouting about the state of Republican vaccinations from the House floor, and the Speaker of the House called her Republican counterpart a “moron” who criticized the mask’s directive.

And this was all prior lunch.

Later in the day, Democrats continued to fan the fire by throwing social media grenades at their mask-resistant GOP colleagues. “Tired of their lame asses,” chirp re come back. Mark Buchan (D-WI).

Henceforth, Republicans questioned the Capitol’s chief medical officer as to why he was advised to return to the concealment clause. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) came to his own conclusion: that the decision was driven by Democrats’ desire to “preserve you living in fear with your mask on, even if you’ve been vaccinated.”

In the process of making this argument, he also managed to make a suggestion that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is corrupt.

As public health authorities and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mandate a dust mask amid the delta-variable spread of COVID, members of Congress may –theoreticallyHe is expected to be a model for pleasing behavior at a challenging time for the nation.

But 16 months of corrosive pandemic policies have made the US Capitol a uniquely toxic environment when it comes to COVID precautions. This is particularly the case in the House of Representatives, where virus skeptics and GOP conspirators have flaunted and ridiculed public health guidelines even as dozens of their colleagues fell ill – or even died – from the virus, poisoning relations with Democrats and turning the room into the equivalent of a suspension chain. angry on Facebook.

So when the mask requirement returned following a short post-vaccine respite, conditions were set for a succession of dramatic outbursts and raw expressions of anger and disbelief. It created a satirical split screen on Capitol Hill: With the Senate shutting down a historic bipartisan infrastructure deal, House members scolded each other and Republicans stopped the room in protest.

Poebert, a far-right Republican student, began her day by throwing a mask at an employee who presented the mask to her on the floor of the House of Representatives, according to a person who witnessed the exchange. Later Congresswoman Posted on Twitter About “A Democrat Tried To Hand Me That Face” and GIF post From the movie Pixar Monster Corporation. To endorse the rejection of masks.

Then, the deputy. Chip Roy (R-TX) threw a enraged speech on the floor of the House – without a mask – vowing to “close this place down” if the condition were in place. “It’s embarrassing, ironic, and the American people are ailing, they want to come back to life… We are ailing and tired of this, and so are the American people.”

Roy then forced the House adjournment vote — the procedural equivalent of pulling a lofty school fire alarm — a stunt the Representative later repeated. Judy Hayes (R-GA), filling in for morning chores.

There is support for this general idea among Roy’s colleagues. re come back. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) arrives on the House floor and is heard by The Daily Beast telling a fellow Democrat that he wants to oppose any bipartisan legislation as lengthy as the “childish” mask mandate remains.

Democrats say they don’t want to go back to masks, either. But following a year of enforced adherence to the lockdown rules, they say it’s a little precaution to adopt at this point — and they blame unvaccinated COVID skeptics for holding back the pandemic’s progression and forcing them to act.

That outrage was enough to conclude one Democrat. Jared Hoffman (D-CA) to confront the Representative in person. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) during the vote Wednesday morning. Donalds, the unused Republican who previously said on satellite news that he refused a vaccine due to a previous COVID infection, walked to Earth without a mask.

Hoffman refused to take the elevator with Donalds. A moment later, off the floor of the house, Hoffman shouted at Donalds that he was “selfish.” Donalds replied to Hoffman, “Care about your business!” While aides, journalists and lawmakers stood nearby, they were moved to the rear at the scene. The two later continued their verbal altercation outside on the steps of the House of Representatives, and then went on to exchange blows on Twitter well.

Hoffman, who tweeted earlier in the day that he expected Republicans to have “tantrums” over the directive, may have gone further than most of his colleagues would, but he wasn’t the only one tired of some Republicans facing mask resistance and vaccines — even those who are elated Communication between the two parties.

“None of us are happy to wear masks,” the deputy said. Dean Phillips (D-MN), a member of the bipartisan Problem Solving Caucus. “And if more Americans are vaccinated and listen to science rather than conspiracy theorists – including positive members of Congress – we can preserve lives, improve our economy and perhaps not succumb to such requirements.”

Phillips told the Daily Beast that he is deeply concerned about the erosion of the fellowship environment in the House. “The lack of basic human decency seen at home is a disgrace to our country,” he said in a text message. “Simple solution: wear your FRICKIN mask like the rest of us.”

Donalds, for his part, said the problem is that Democrats don’t respect his position — even if it is about the risk of contracting an infectious disease.

“That’s the problem we have, people don’t respect the position of others, and that’s a problem for our country,” Donalds said. “When people are perturb and stressed, arbitrariness and stupidity rule the day.”

For those caught in the middle, there was little to do but indulge in bad vibes. re come back. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN), an beforetime vaccine supporter who wore a mask off the floor of the House, didn’t have a lot of vitriol to offer Democrats or anyone else.

“I am unhappy, just to see the recurrence of COVID nationwide,” Fleischmann said. “I thought we were done with it. It’s a bit frustrating.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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