Top Interior Design Firms Boston

Top Interior Design Firms Boston – At Dane Austin Design, Inc. (DADI) we believe that our well-being is directly dependent on the environments we call home. Their relationship is intimate. With one in place, the other follows and our days fall into a harmonious rhythm of the outer life influencing the inner life.

We are driven by our belief that thoughtful design can improve the everyday lives of our customers. Every day, we are committed to fulfilling this belief through design that brings balance and beauty, fosters promise and potential, and provides peace of mind.

Top Interior Design Firms Boston

Whether our award-winning interior design firm in Boston/Washington, DC is designing entire custom homes or multi-room renovations across the country, every project begins with a vision for our clients’ home as a place where it is easy to share their joy with others. .

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As a full-service interior design firm headquartered in Boston, Dane Austin Design specializes in luxury home interiors throughout New England, Washington, D.C. and North America. We create a highly organized, customer-driven plan that provides full-service, turnkey, customized project solutions.

Dane Austin will join members of the Design Leadership Network for their annual summit in Mexico City in late October 2023.

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Dane Austin Design reaps another recognition for the Gambrel Shingle Style kitchen with the Thermador Designers’ Choice Award. Interior designers across the country were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Thermador kitchen, and Robin’s blue kitchen was recently chosen and announced by Thermador.

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Designer Dane Austin welcomes friends and family into his Boston home and “invites them to stay a while,” writes Erika Ayn Finch in the July/August 2023 issue of New England Home.

Dane Austin Designs Arts & Crafts Home Transformation is featured in’s Home Tour, written by Jessica Cherner.

Danish Austin Design is honored to be selected as one of the interior design companies for the new ADPRO Directory with an enhanced profile list.

We were nominated for the Best Luxury Design Award and voted for by Modern Luxury Interiors Boston readers. Thank you!

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Dane Austin Design received an IFDA NE Diamond 2022 award for Best Traditional Kitchen for its Shingle Style Gambrel project and another for Best Contemporary Living Room for its Weston Bauhaus project.

Dane Austin Design won several awards in the Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge, including Regional Winner for New York and New England, as well as second place nationally, for the Shingle Style Kitchen. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, with a rich history that includes interior design. Townhouse architecture and design ranges from European-style homes to the modern styles popular today. These layers of historic charm that the city offers attract some of the best design talent around. And the team proudly presents some of these local interior designers near you. Read on for our full list of the best Boston interior designers and decorators you’ll want to keep an eye on!

Boston’s interior design scene is as vibrant and eclectic as the different neighborhoods you can explore across the city. For example, the North End is home to historic sites and charming architecture. Meanwhile, the city center boasts the sleek lines of modern architecture and contemporary urban life, juxtaposed with more history. So you can expect to find interiors that ooze style, mixing and matching exterior styles while pushing the boundaries of design.

With several renowned architecture as well as art and design schools in the city, it’s no wonder that Boston is becoming home to the best local interior design talent. But the city’s charm and history also attract designers from outside the city. So whatever your project needs or style preferences, you’re sure to find a designer to help!

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Need help finding the best Boston interior designers near you? So schedule a free interior design consultation with a design expert to help you find the perfect match! Dee Elms

With designs gracing the cover of New England and national magazines, Dee of Elms Interior Design is a talented and highly sought after interior designer from Boston. Using a creative creative process, Elm’s design team collaborates with local architects, engineers and craftsmen. As a result, they provide the best work to their clients.

Dee Elms is on a mission to help you create a home that inspires you. To that end, her work does! It’s no surprise that Elms Studio has become a Houzz Top Rated Interior Designer in Boston, MA. To help with interior design and spark your passion for your next project, all you have to do is browse Dee’s portfolio. It’s definitely Pinterest-worthy.

WHAT WE LOVE: Sophisticated eclectic style curated by Dee Elms. Of course, most interior designers in Boston must know how to marry different styles to create harmonious designs. However, Dee Elms takes this challenge to the next level!

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Ashley Hunte is a Boston interior designer offering affordable and accessible interior design help in Boston, including Brighton, Dorchester, Roxbury and beyond. Her love of mid-century modern style is classic Boston. Ashley takes inspiration from architecture, art and fashion to help create her timeless designs.

Small details make such a big difference. As a top Boston interior designer and decorator, Ashley helps keep history alive by creating classic designs in historic homes. Most importantly, she emphasizes functionality and ensures that her designs fit her customers’ lifestyles.

WHAT WE LOVE: Refreshing sensation! Ashley’s mid-century modern design incorporates a lightness and airiness that makes any room feel refreshing. Do you like the look of her designs? So get started with Ashley today!

Tess Leeds is the design force behind one of Boston’s top interior design firms, Tess Leeds Redesign. She is known for creating beautiful homes that are still functional for what she considers ordinary people. One of her strongest traits is that she is always learning and developing her knowledge base. For example, Tess has also earned her Interior Finisher certification and gold member status in the Interior Redecorator Network and has also become a True Color Expert

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WHAT WE LOVE: Tess’ design services are not limited to high-budget clients, and she focuses on the average homeowner.

As the leader of a team of fine interior designers in Boston, Holly Gagne is constantly looking for new concepts, materials and solutions to stay at the top of her game. With a first career in consulting, Holly has become an expert in people and project management. As a result, its customers can expect first-class service and a smooth design process. Ultimately, her goal is for each of her clients to experience how the right design can improve their lives.

WHAT WE LOVE: Her appreciation of organizing a home as a way to give the family a sense of harmony.

Boston architect and interior designer Nedith Wakina brings a strong and broad background to the table, including high-end residential, commercial and retail design expertise. Clients can count on her to find inspiration in their story and translate their vision into a custom place that is unique and comfortable to them.

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Furthermore, Nedith’s greatest passion in the design process is collaboration. As a result, she enjoys getting to know people and how they live, work, discover and create memories to fuel the inspiration behind her designs. She is convinced that memorable design thrives from the essence of life.

WHAT WE LOVE: Functionality meets beauty at an affordable fixed price. Nedith marries the two perfectly, creating places that inspire, support and elevate moments in our lives.

Anita Clark is an interior design talent from Boston who loves to bring classic and timeless solutions to every client’s project. Whatever style her clients require of her, be it residential, commercial or corporate, she will happily create a vision and design that will work for her clients’ spaces. Anita applies her highest standards throughout her career to ensure each project is successful and unique. She believes that creating safe spaces for her clients is a great use of her talent.

WHAT WE LOVE: Anita has a timeless and classic style, and as a designer she wants to go above and beyond for her clients.

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Heidi is a Boston interior design phenomenon who has placed her designs in prestigious Boston museums and collections across the country. Her priority is to give clients flexibility and sensitivity in every design. In addition, Heidi enjoys purchasing unique pieces for unique customers. As a result, this allows her to create a piece of art for every home she designs.

WHAT WE LOVE: Heidi is a versatile designer with a unique perspective. Her love of design makes her a favorite designer in Boston.

Amanda Reid founded one of Boston’s top interior design firms, Mandarina Studio. Now, with over 15 years of experience, the foundation of her business is creativity and collaboration. To ensure that each client gets the inspiring results that Amanda seeks to create, she only takes on a limited number of projects at a time. This dedication to awareness has led to the creation of her designs

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