Top Selling Graphic Novels 2021

Top Selling Graphic Novels 2021 – By Zack Quaintance — Before we discuss the Best Indie Comics 2021, let’s discuss the terms,

. Often this is inaccurate and poorly defined. However, here, we’ll use it as a placeholder for a direct market monthly comic that isn’t published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, or Image Comics.

Top Selling Graphic Novels 2021

These include truly independent publishers like Vault Comics (a favorite here) and AHOY Comics, as well as some of the big publishers with (relatively) big structures these days, like Dark Horse, BOOM!, and IDW Publishing. But the point is, this is a book that you have read or will continue to read, maybe in a few months it will be on all the industry lists for the Best Comics of 2021.

Best Comics And Graphic Novels

Publisher: Vault Comics Latest Issue: Barbaric #1 will be released June 16th Why it’s great: This is one of the rare titles on our list right now when the first issue isn’t out yet… but I had a chance to read it. It was the first time that he told me that this is one of the biggest books of the year. The premise fits a number of barbarian comic tropes. Actually we have the main character who fights all, but also happens to have a talking ax and drunk on the blood of unscrupulous enemies. The author of the book – Michael Moreci – has long done an excellent job with funny but useful characters banter in another Comic Vault title, the space opera Wasted Space, and now in this book he joins the artist Nathan Gooden, one of the publishers. founder and one of the best artists in all of indie comics. The result is a book that I believe will be a huge success.

Publisher: Vault Comics Latest Issue: Blue Fire #1 will be released May 26, 2021 Why It’s Great: Okay, I know I said that this list rarely features comics that haven’t released their first issue yet… , here we are with another one. But man, The Blue Flame #1 was great. It’s styled like a late Silver Age/early Bronze Age superhero comic, with excellent series designs by artist Adam Gorham and color work that sets the tone just right by Kurt Michael Russell. The script comes from the writer Christopher Cantwell (who also has the highest book in the Best Comics 2021: Marvel), who brings what is quickly becoming a trademark for comics: very complex character work driven by dark and realistic psychological feelings. notes, combined with a clever touch of science fiction stories that simultaneously raise questions and build narrative tension. Cantwell’s comics are one of the most unpredictable comics in the industry, and when he’s paired with artists as skilled as those who work on The Blue Flame, the results are incredible, making The Blue Flame an easy addition to this list.

Dead Dog Bite Writer/Artist: Tyler Boss Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Latest Issue: Dead Dog Bite #2 Next Issue: Dead Dog Bite #3 due May 5th What’s Great: Dead Dog Bite is everything I want from a monthly comic . The cartoon is original and intricate. The dialogues are witty, fun and funny. And the book itself is very insightful. He knows he works in a powerful medium, but none of it requires people to stop having fun in order to be involved or creative. Want an example of how to translate to a page? This is a book that features the Cormac McGuffin character…the missing character…the character that other characters are looking for. That’s a good thing. Relevant Trades: HC Collected from Dead Dog Bites will mature on September 28, 2021

Why It’s Great: Happy Hour starts with a great premise – the United States today needs all of its citizens to be happy. Sad words or expressions of sadness are enough to arouse the anger of the country. However, some people oppose this, and that includes our two main characters, who are in conflict with the state while looking for a sad teacher who denies society’s request for joy. The only thing is… along the way, two people fall in love, and then find happiness. Even when typing that summary, I was impressed by how well-made and well-executed this story is, and I didn’t even mention the final twist here, which is also absolutely fantastic. Also, if you love this comic as much as I do, feel free to check out the full AHOY comic, which is great. The stories are different, but united by a clever shared sensibility.

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Jonna and the Impossible Monsters Writer: Chris and Laura Samnee Artist: Chris Samnee Publisher: Oni Press Latest Edition: Jonna and the Impossible Monsters #2 Next Edition: Jonna and the Impossible Monsters #3 will be published May 19, 2021 Why This Happened Good: Chris Samnee is one of the best cartoonists to create monthly comics, with classic work on superhero books like Captain America and Daredevil. Currently, he works with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman on the Image Comics title, but at the same time, he also makes time to collaborate with his wife Laura – Jonna and the Impossible Monsters. A fun book that does everything great – from the titular monster to the set pieces to the emotional beats between the brothers – this is really a comic that makes it possible to track the market directly every month, drawing some of the best points in the medium. . Relevant Trades: Jonna and the Monsters Can’t TP due to July 20th

Publisher: BOOM! Studios Latest Issue: The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #1 Next Issue: The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #2 will be released on May 19, 2021 Why It’s Great: I’ve never read anything like The Many Deaths of Laila Starr #1. I mean, I’ve read a lot of comics about gods deciding the life and death of us mere mortals (Neil Gaiman et al. have a whole body of work), and I’ve read comics that use a soft lens on us. daily life. But I’ve never read a narrative that combines so many of these things into one beautiful book, full of stunning artwork and delightfully poetic prose. This is a book that takes a bureaucratic approach to death, at least in its first edition, set in Mumbai. We follow a kind of grim reaper who has been fired from a job, and the narrative jumps to new surprising and interesting places from there. It’s only five issues, so it’ll be done by the end of the year, and when it’s done, I’m sure it’ll be one of the highlights of comics in 2021.

Publisher: BOOM! Studios Latest Edition: After and Future #18 Next Edition: After and Future Vol. 3 due on July 27, 2021 Why it’s so good: This book (which ended this year, with rising superstar artist Dan Mora now drawing Detective Comics at DC) has been a treat from the beginning, mixing Arthurian legends, history / interesting family dynamics. , and a dangerous sub-current of nationalism. It’s all bright brought to life by Mora, here colored by Tamra Bonvillain. These comics are quick and light reads, but leave a big impression, making you think about them

Of each issue, whether it is a beautiful panel, a huge plot twist, or a short conversation between the main character and the highly effective grandmother. Plus, the advantage of all this ending is that you can now collect everything neatly in three easy trades (links below, ‘natch). Relevant Trading: After and Future Vol. 1; Once and the Future Vol. 2; and Once and the Future Vol. 3

Teen Titans: Robin (teen Titans, #4) By Kami Garcia

Publisher: BOOM! Studios’ Latest Issue: Proctor Valley Road #2 Next Issue: Proctor Valley Road #3 will be released May 12, 2021 Why It’s Great: First, this book features Grant Morrison as a co-author, but honestly, if you cover the names of the creators involved, this will still be a great comic. It covers an area that today feels a bit hackneyed in monthly comics – a group of friends decades ago encountered something scary or supernatural. But it happens with the legend of the real world, when describing the dynamics between the characters involved in a way that feels more real and natural. This is an excellent piece of work, and with two of the five chapters now published, I am very pleased with this book. Relevant Trades: Proctor Valley Road Collection on November 9, 2021

Undone by Blood: The Other Side of Eden Writer: Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson Artist: Sami Kivela Publisher: AfterShock Comics Latest Issue: Undone by Blood – The Other Side of Eden #2 Next

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