Top Selling Graphic Novels Of All Time

Top Selling Graphic Novels Of All Time – Want to know what are the best-selling comics of all time? Although originally a form of entertainment for children and teenagers, cartoons have proven to be universal in every way. In fact, some characters are so amazing that we can’t put them down, even after years of endless adventures.

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Top Selling Graphic Novels Of All Time

Are you curious about the best-selling comics of all time? Let’s look at the countdown.

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With over 150 million copies sold, Phantom is one of the most successful cartoon series in the world. In 1936, Lee Falk’s work first appeared as a daily cartoon. Among the several publishers that continue to publish new The Phantom stories worldwide are Egmont, Frew Publications, and Dynamite Entertainment.

Although Dragon Ball may be to us Westerners a Cartoon Network TV show from the nineties, this Japanese manga series by Akira Toriyama first appeared in 1984 in Asia. Goku’s Adventures sold around 200 million copies worldwide, even after it ended in 1995, and especially after the success of the cartoon adaptation.

Tintin is probably one of the most popular cartoon characters of the last century and certainly one of the most memorable. Created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi – who wrote under the pen name Hergé – The Adventures of Tintin was published in a number of formats, including strips in comic anthologies, magazines and several graphic novels. In total, this European hero and his loyal dog, Milou, sold more than 200 million copies.

With over 210 million sales, Captain America is one of the best-selling comic books of all time. This all-American hero first appeared in 1941, shortly before the United States entered World War II, and its first edition sold more than a million copies. This is not too surprising, especially considering that on the first cover Captain America was depicted punching Hitler in the jaw. Since then, Marvel heroes have proven extremely popular, even appearing in movies and television.

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Today, almost everyone knows who this team of American superheroes is, especially after the appearance of mutants in many films, comics, video games and books. With over 270 million sales, Stan Lee’s X-Men is one of the most popular comic book series in history. People with superhuman abilities have been around since 1963, and they will continue to fascinate us for years to come.

Akira ToriyamaBatmanBest Selling Comic Series of All TimeBest Selling Comics of All TimeCaptain AmericaCartoon NetworkDC ComicsDragon BallDynamite EntertainmentEgmontEiichiro OdaFree PublicationsGeorges RemiHergéLee FalkList-MenShowntomTint-TheShow less Phahowntom Tint-TheShow less to discover memorable stories in comic book format, and since starting The Comic Vault, I have discovered so many. Graphic novels that combine a good story with emotional characters will leave a lasting impression, so I decided to make a list of the 10 best graphic novels of all time.

First on the list is Batman: Death Of The Family, written by Scott Snyder. This graphic novel features one of the most distorted versions of the Joker, where he cuts off his face and wears it as a mask. Joker returns to Gotham to target the entire Bat-Family, intending to show Batman that he is stronger alone.

Works so well because it focuses on the symbiotic relationship between The Dark Knight and The Clown Prince of Crime. The Joker is presented as Batman’s loyal court jester, who wants to serve his ‘Bat King’. Snyder’s Joker is made even more terrifying by Greg Capullo’s amazing art.

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At number 9, Chew: Taster’s Choice delivers a powerful combination of dark humor and originality. It follows the adventures of Tony Chu, an FDA agent who solves crimes by getting psychic impressions of whatever he eats. This puts Chu in a series of funny and terrifying situations. John Layman has done a fantastic job creating a world of colorful characters and a first volume

Scott Snyder has repeatedly proven to be one of the greatest Batman writers, with The Black Mirror being one of his best works. This graphic novel focuses on Dick Grayson as Batman investigating a conspiracy in Gotham. What makes this story so interesting is the introduction of Commissioner Gordon’s psychotic son, James Jr. He acts as a dark foil to Dick Grayson, mirroring Bruce Wayne’s relationship with The Joker.

The story’s originality is one of its greatest strengths, as Snyder brings new lore to the Batman universe.

Magneto is one of my favorite characters and is one of the most interesting characters in comic book history. His tragic backstory as a Holocaust survivor is explored in this graphic novel as he confronts the Red Skull and the mutant concentration camps. Cullen Bunn imbues the Master of Magnetism with a righteous anger that permeates every page.

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There is a lot of violence in the graphic novel that can be expected from a Magneto story. The artwork has a gritty and noir feel that matches the brutality on display. Magneto fans should definitely read this graphic novel to learn about the character.

I want to mention The Prince because of Marjorie Liu’s writing skills. The story follows Wolverine’s son, Daken, who joins Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers to create a legacy for himself. This is the story that made Daken one of my favorite characters and made him a master manipulator. Until recently, he was considered a clone of his father, but Liu was able to redefine him.

House Of M is one of those rare crossover events that feels like it had lasting consequences that are still felt in the Marvel Universe. It focuses on Magneto and his family, with Scarlet Witch eventually having a mental breakdown and wiping out most of the mutant population.

What makes graphic novels so good is the treatment of the characters. There are many superheroes and villains vying for attention, but each gets their moment to shine.

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For those who haven’t heard of the series, Preacher is about a holy man who receives the Word of God, giving him the ability to make anyone do whatever he wants. Written by Garth Ennis, Preacher: Volume 1 is one of the most chaotic stories I’ve ever read. From the violent art to the exaggerated characters, I was mesmerized. What makes Preacher so memorable is how it focuses on the corrupting influence of religion.

There is also a strong western theme, as seen in Saint of Killers, an immortal cowboy who serves as one of the antagonists. If you’re looking for a new world to enjoy, Preacher will give you what you need.

This graphic novel, written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, is important because it completely redefines Wolverine’s character. This creates a relationship between Wolverine and Japan that is a staple in many stories. Wolverine finds himself in the Land of the Rising Sun to reconnect with his old love Mariko Yashida, only to find that she has been married off by her father.

, which was part of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force show. The story centers on Warren Worthington’s struggle to defeat the Archangel and his ascension to the new apocalypse. Remender devotes a lot of attention to the relationship between Angel and Psylocke, adding to the story’s emotional weight.

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The rest of X-Force is treated with complexity, from Deadpool’s desire to protect a child, to Fantomex’s sarcastic attitude. Heartbreaking nature

The top spot goes to Batman: Under The Red Hood for how invested I was in the story and characters. I’ve often raved about how Jason Todd is my favorite character, and this graphic novel reintroduces him as the main character. As the Red Hood, Jason started a war with Batman to show him how to deal with crime better. Throw in a tense confrontation with the Joker and you have a graphic novel worth reading.

Judd Winick’s characterization of Red Hood is great because he presents a damaged young man who is still hurt by his death.

A place for superheroes, positive mental health and pop culture references. Unlock your inner geek and enter. A comprehensive ranking of the 50 best graphic novels of all time is a highly subjective process that is sure to upset almost anyone. So, of course, this is my second stint in comics.

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There is controversy over what qualifies as a graphic novel. By the strictest definition, some might argue that this only applies to books written in a single novel format – but let’s expand this list.

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