Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces – I’m still working on remodeling our playroom – so when we’re ready to make some big changes, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite toy storage ideas for small spaces.

Here are the most recent photos of the space, taken before we replaced the area rugs and removed the tables and chairs:

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Not to mention, the playroom is one of the first rooms you see when you walk in our front door, which is why I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for great toy storage ideas lately.

A Storage Solution For Big Toys (and An Ikea Hack!)

If you simplify your kid’s toys and don’t have any stray puzzle pieces or broken crayons…I’m pretty impressed.

I’ve learned that you can’t organize toys effectively if you keep things that your kids no longer like or use.

Yes, take your Legos out of the box and look at all the art supplies you have in your closet… take a look

Create three piles: one of things your kids still use and love, one of things that can be donated or sold, and one of things that should be thrown away.

Toy Storage For Small Spaces

I try to do a playroom cleaning every few months and at the beginning of every cleaning session

Now that you know how to organize a playroom, how do you store toys in the playroom?

There’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question, but after doing a lot of toy cleanup in my house, the answer is:

What’s in Each Box – This means that there is no doubt that the toy cars should be in one box and the train parts in another. I’m working on replacing the opaque storage boxes with clear ones because I know it will help us all be more organized. (I purchased my latest clear storage box from this place.)

Clever Toy Storage Ideas That Kids Will Love

This means placing baskets, boxes, or puzzle boxes on shelves low to the floor so your kids can easily reach them (and put them back when they’re done).

I didn’t do a great job during the day other than sorting puzzles and board games, but that’s something I want to get better at because I think it will show my kids every aspect of their games The location of the “category”. belong.

The point is to create a system that makes sense to you and encourages your child to help keep the space tidy and organized.

Again, there is no right or wrong answer here, it really depends on what is appropriate for the type of toys you have to store.

Stylish Toy Storage Solutions

For our part, though, we love using large cube organizers – Kallax shelves from IKEA – to store everything.

. You can store a lot of stuff on this bad boy without taking up a lot of square footage.

I use the bottom shelf to store items that the kids can play with at any time.

I try to use the middle shelf to store games that require some supervision, such as board games that require multiple people (aka one or two parents).

Craft Room Organization Ideas

The top shelf is used to store things adults only need, like complex board games or my daughter’s favorite science experiment sets for kids.

I’m also a big fan of storage cabinets because sometimes some toys are hard to keep organized and honestly it’s just better to close the door and not have to stare at everything.

We have a lot of craft tools and other supplies, and I keep them all in locked cabinets.

I know this sounds vague, but it’s where I store all of my kids’ crafts. (Shh, don’t tell anyone!)

Smart Toy Storage Ideas

My favorite ideas (which would work equally well in a playroom or family room) include:

Plus, cube shelves come in enough colors and finishes to match seamlessly with any décor style.

Just like we did in the family room, use the media cabinet to store toys – no one will know there’s baby gear in there!

Toy storage doesn’t have to look like brightly colored bookshelves or large toy baskets with characters on them.

Better) Ways To Organize Kid’s Toys

Choose a storage option that better suits your decorating style—you’ll be pleased with the aesthetics and your kids will feel better organized. Organize and save space in your playroom, living room, or kids’ bedroom with these genius DIY storage ideas!

When my son was little, we lived in a small apartment with very little storage space. I feel like I’m constantly tripping over or stepping on toys! I had to get creative and figure out how to keep all of his toys in place while still being easily accessible.

Even though my son is older now and we have a bigger house, we still struggle with toy clutter! Half of the items on this list are things I’ve done myself to keep our house organized. We hope these DIY toy storage ideas help you find the right solution for your space!

This simple toy box is easy to make using plywood or recycled bi-fold doors! It has an open top so there’s no lid for little fingers to reach, and it’s on wheels so you can move it around the room with ease!

Simple Toy Organization Ideas & Playroom Declutter

This DIY LEGO table is perfect for organizing all those little pieces, but it can also be used to store any toys! When it’s time to do homework, she also does double duty.

Are you tired of Nerf toys piling up in your backyard? Easily make this Nerf storage rack out of PVC pipe and hang it all in one place!

This DIY IKEA Trofast shelf from IKEA doubles the storage space on your walls! Fill the box with toys and display their favorite toys on the shelf!

This children’s bookshelf stores toys and books and is easy to make from plywood.

Best Toy Storage Ideas

This DIY stuffed animal park brings all those furry friends together in one small place and makes cleanup fun!

Your kids will love this toy storage solution! It looks like real LEGO bricks and has 18 storage boxes underneath!

This toy bag features clear glass sides and handles for easy portability, perfect for taking their favorite LEGO bricks, Matchbox cars, or doll accessories with them!

The IKEA Lack side table is the perfect height for kids to play with! Customize storage drawers to keep all your toys organized.

Diy Toy Storage Ideas

This DIY wall-mounted display cabinet helps keep those statues organized and provides a fun place for the kids to play!

This storage stool is easy to make and gives you enough space to hide cluttered outdoor toys.

This simple tray can be used to organize a variety of toys! The plastic partitions can be removed to double the play space, and the handles make it easy for children to carry.

As children get older, their toys get smaller. Bring all these little pieces together with this adorable toy storage solution that you can customize to match the rest of your decor.

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

This children’s nightstand combines functionality and style. Add organization to a kid’s room with this easy woodworking project for beginners!

This DIY toy organizer is the storage solution you’ve been looking for! This is a simple building for beginners that holds stuffed animals, books, board games, and more!

These letter storage bins also double as seats. Stack some and add a tabletop to a whimsical play area!

If your backyard is always overflowing with toys, a DIY treasure chest toy chest is a fun solution. You can fill it with new toys, then hide it in your yard and give your kids a map to help them find it!

Toy Storage Ideas For Small Rooms

Now that the competition is organized, what about the rest of the house? 🙂 Here are some great storage ideas for every room! did you know? Home Decor Interior Design Storage Ideas 17 Small Space Toy Storage Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

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Tips For Small Space Toy Storage & Organization

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