Traditional Home Exterior Paint Colors

Traditional Home Exterior Paint Colors – We’re excited to share our list of the best exterior house paints for 2023. Exterior paint colors are one of the main reasons people turn to the experts at Brick&batten. As such, we like to share some of the trending shades and palettes we see each year for residential borders. (See our 2022, 2021, and 2020 reviews.) If you’re looking to give your exterior a major makeover in 2023 or just want to keep your finger on the pulse of exterior design trends, read on.

The brick&batten company is a leader in the field of virtual exterior design. (We actually created the concept!) We’re not just here to be your exterior paint color consultants—we’re ready to work with you to update your entire appeal. Paint colors are an important part of exterior design, but we also provide expert advice on everything from landscape lighting to thin skylights with limited space. Learn more about our virtual design services.

Traditional Home Exterior Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore is one of our most popular sources for exterior paint colors. Among our favorites from their 2023 collection, we’ve narrowed it down to the following best shades.

How To Pick The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home’s Style

Dark, somber body colors aren’t going anywhere, and Benjamin Moore’s Night is a great choice. This blackened gray with subtle shades of blue is reminiscent of the north (hence the name). With an LRV of 6.36, it’s definitely dark. (Learn more about LRV and why it’s so important when painting exteriors here.)

We like to combine the night with natural building materials: wood, bricks and stone. Its depth emphasizes the layers of modern homes like the one above. On the other hand, this tone can push facades that contain a lot of mixed materials, like the one below.

After making everything a few steps darker, we find ourselves with Regent Green. With an LRV of 4.19, Regent Green can appear almost black in certain lighting. However, Benjamin Moore calls it a deep, muted pine color. You’ll notice its gem-like shades of blue in the photo above. This house is one of our team’s favorites because of the way Regent Green brings out the natural blues and greens in the stone on the facade. The back of the house is more modern, with gray on the upper level and almost black on the lower. Regent Green brings it all together.

Bear Creek is one of our favorite neutral colors for exteriors in 2023. It’s deep, rich and woodsy with a striking smoky brown finish. Upstairs, Bear Creek brings warmth to a contemporary look with plenty of industrial accents.

House Colour Outside, Best Colour Ideas For Outside Walls Of Your Home

The next most popular outdoor house color in 2023 is true chameleon. In some renderings, like the one above, November rain can appear white. However, it is actually a light gray with subtle green undertones. Notice how the reds and purples of the house stone in this design soften any greens and make the November rain look completely neutral.

We’ve been saying it for years — beige is making a comeback. This is a fantastic choice for homeowners who want a mid-range neutral color with depth and warmth. Grant Beige is a particular favorite of our expert outdoor designers because of its versatility. It equally combines gray and beige tones with light green tones. In the contemporary home above, the designer suggested Grant Beige as the field color because it brings warmth and softness as a balance to all the square edges.

There’s no doubt that neutrals will always have a place in exterior design, but we’re loving the moment green is having right now. And Mohegan Sage is stunning. Benjamin Moore calls this shade “flexible” for good reason, equally effective for modern cottages like the one above, craftsman-style homes, and even Victorian-style homes.

Fieldstone is an excellent organic neutral with an LRV of 42.18, placing it in the medium range. It has great depth and a noticeable earthy green hue. One of the most versatile of our top exterior home colors for 2023, there’s almost nothing Fieldstone can’t do. We love it as a field color, and it can even look amazing on brick, like the transitional house above. Underneath, it provides a soothing warmth on the shutters of a traditional house with cloud cover on the brick and siding.

How To Choose An Exterior Paint Color

One of our favorite blue colors for home exteriors, Westcott Navy is a classic shade, a great choice for an updated traditional exterior. When paired with light and/or light design elements, like the white and natural red bricks above, Westcott’s deep navy blue becomes a standout. However, Westcott Navy can read more dark gray in combination with even darker shades.

Sherwin Williams is another paint supplier we regularly recommend to homeowners looking for up-to-date exterior paint palettes. From our 16 favorite Sherwin Williams of the year, we’ve narrowed it down to the following top 7 contenders.

Sherwin Williams’ Andiron is currently not considered, but we think that will change in 2023. This dark complex neutral has an LRV of 5. We think of it as a dark olive with a heavy dose of heat and all the warmth. His name is a wonderful combination for a roaring fire. Andiron looks beautiful on both traditional and modern homes. It’s surprisingly versatile, working well with the notoriously difficult red bricks (see above), black or white finishes and popular wood and stone cladding options.

The ink tank has an LRV of 4, so it is extra dark. However, its strong blue hue makes this shade more of a dark charcoal than a black. It’s whimsical and dramatic, and we love it in all kinds of ways. Above, our designers combined Inkwell with Porpoise by Sherwin Williams on the gable and front entry paneling accents with Seapearl on the trim to create a beautiful effect.

Old House Authority

We always recommend doing swatches and testing paint colors before starting. Factors such as natural light, low tones and the permanent elements of your property will significantly affect how the color will look on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra large 9 x 14.75 inch peel and stick paint swatches in the colors we love for exteriors. Order “true color, no mess” samples from Sampleize here.

Pleasant gray has a suitable name. This warm gray color is just that: nice. It has an LRV of 60, making it a lighter medium color, and it works with almost any texture and light and dark accents. Use it as a field color or as an accent and it will add a warm and inviting touch to your curb appeal.

The next green house exterior color that will be relevant in 2023 is Mountain Road. This is a beautiful earthy neutral with an LRV of 23, meaning it has solid depth. Mountain Road looks bright and open in combination with prominent white elements, as in the house above. It can also look warmer and richer in a dark color palette with shades of black, dark wood and copper.

Sherwin Williams versatile khaki is warm and rich. It blends well with other warm design elements, such as the walnut-stained wood details and the white finish. We love how it looks in the monochrome design above.

Stand Out Beige Tan Exterior House Colors

Software is a warm blue-gray color that gives any home a certain fresh coastal aesthetic. We like to match software with wood and copper accents to bring out its warmth.

Dover White by Sherwin Williams made our list of the best warm white paint colors of 2021, and now that we’ve been using it for two years, we’ve decided to give it credit as one of the best colors for exterior homes. In 2023. Dover White is light and creamy, calm and soothing, and almost always gives a pleasant atmosphere. It was the perfect choice for cladding the cottage style house above.

There it is! Our definitive list of the best Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2023. We believe there’s a color for everyone, and we’re ready and waiting to help more homeowners choose the perfect paint color for

If you want to see one of the paint colors above on your front, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert designers recommend paint colors and use them to design virtual renderings like in this article. We’re here to help you understand before making costly changes and ultimately create lasting value from your biggest investment. start today Each item on this page has been selected by a beautiful home editor. We may earn commissions on some of the products you choose to purchase.

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As we all know, first impressions are important! So maybe it’s time to improve the exterior of your home with a new shade of paint. “Color sets the tone for what you want your home to express,” says Kathy Burnett, an interior designer with Rumor Designs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. “The color reflects what you want to emphasize, as well as what era of architecture you are trying to represent.”

But with so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming

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