Traditional Office Interior Design Ideas

Traditional Office Interior Design Ideas – Modern offices are increasingly becoming an expression of a company’s brand and values, taking it beyond simply being a place to do business. Office design includes a variety of styles and personal touches that not only say a lot about the company, but help make it an exciting place to come to work every day.

Office design inspiration can be hard to come by, so we’ve rounded up 11 office design ideas to help spark your creativity and bring an element of excitement to the office.

Traditional Office Interior Design Ideas

Bringing greenery into office design has incredible benefits for employees, clients and the overall office environment. Plants clean the air and create a healthy place. They can also boost mood and creativity.

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Whether it’s installing a living wall, incorporating plants for a desk, or a variety of plants in a unique configuration in a common area, including greenery creates an inviting and inviting space.

Adding a feature wall to an office creates instant interest. A feature wall can be as simple as painting one wall a different color to the rest of the office, or it can be a complex design of wood, tiles or large shelves.

Many offices have taken large industrial spaces and made them more intimate by incorporating glass partition panels to create separate spaces. The addition of sliding glass barn doors adds a modern touch that matches perfectly with the industrial space.

When it comes to workplace design, mixing materials in a unique office design creates a space that is interesting and functional. Different textures such as wood, glass and fabric can transform a one-dimensional office space into an inspiring area for anyone who visits or works in that space.

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Office design can be incredibly bold, sparking a lot of excitement and creativity. Incorporating bold geometric patterns brings the space to life, and bright colors create an exciting scene. Geometric patterns can be incorporated into lighting fixtures and painted designs.

The pattern can also be incorporated into furnishings and ultra-creative lighting techniques. Integrating geometric designs in this way allows the decor to change if a new office design is implemented.

Combining two different aesthetics can be an incredibly creative office design theme. Two of the most popular styles to mix in modern office design are industrial and rustic. Large open spaces are perfect for elegant industrial lighting fixtures, chairs and shelves. Then rustic elements can be included throughout the space as accents and tables.

Wooden elements bring an interesting touch to the design of the workplace. Industrial fixtures, desks and chairs can create a cold and sterile feeling, but this is tempered by the warmth of rustic wooden columns, beams and floors. The natural light streaming in from the windows serves to highlight the natural wood and further brighten the already bright space.

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One of the easiest places to find design inspiration is a bright color. A neutral office palette can be calming and reduce distractions that can reduce productivity, but strategically incorporating bold colors on the walls and floor into the design is enough to liven things up and spark creativity. Excitement can be added.

While bold colors can be incorporated in a variety of ways and one of the easiest is to choose a few pieces of furniture that take things to the next level. White decorative acoustic panels are special wall or ceiling panels designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of a space and provide effective sound absorption. The color of the furniture brings a unique touch to an otherwise neutral palette, and if the design needs to adapt to changing circumstances or conditions, the furniture can be changed quickly and efficiently.

Geometric designs and bright colors for some offices and other office designs benefit from a neutral palette that creates a sense of calm throughout. Soft brown walls and natural wood elements create a pleasant atmosphere in the office that promotes productivity.

Soft grey, bright white and luxurious black come together in this cool industrial design that greets employees every morning and inspires them to get to work. The simplistic design of the desk and chairs goes well with the industrial lighting fixtures and open ventilation systems.

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The use of glass partitions in office design brings light into the office interior, which has incredible benefits, including higher levels of vitamin D, increased productivity and increased employee morale. In this office design, glass wall partitions are integrated into a traditional wall, creating privacy in the office and allowing light from the exterior windows to reach the interior of the office.

Office design values ​​flexibility and efficiency. Freestanding modern glass office partitions combined with sliding glass barn doors provide sound privacy while allowing visual access throughout the office. This style of partitioning is flexible in the sense that it can be reconfigured as needed. As the needs of the office change, partitions can be redesigned instead of the office going through a lengthy renovation process.

How to design a workplace depends on the needs of each individual company. Open office design became popular in the 1990s and 2000s, but as office needs change and evolve, it is clear that there is a need to increase collaboration and create quiet areas where employees can focus on their work . Different locations can be used. One design idea is to integrate open, pod-like areas that create division without isolation.

When more privacy is required, office cubicles with doors can be used to provide employees with the isolation they need to be at their most creative and productive. Glass cabins with custom glazing in the lower half provide privacy while allowing natural light to penetrate the cabin interior.

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For more office design inspiration, check out Avanti Systems to see how glass office partitions can help you create an office that offers the ultimate in design and performance.

Request a Free Design Consultation Speak with a member of our team to learn how Avanti Systems USA can transform your space. Start My Shared Home Office Makeover: How I Created a Space for My Whole Family by Mixing Modern and Traditional Decorating Styles.

Today on the blog I’m unveiling our new home office and showing you how I’ve updated this space to reflect the different tastes and needs of each member of our family.

My home office has been doing poorly for the past year. Every week I told myself I was going to get it under control and every Friday I felt like a failure for not reaching that goal.

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Running my business resulted in piles of paperwork, shelves overflowing with stuff, and a desk setup that made absolutely no sense. This photo was taken on a nice day last spring before I quit my corporate job to pursue my design business:

I’m not exaggerating at all. It was so bad I had to work in our unheated garage! I didn’t even want to see it, but I couldn’t avoid it because it’s right in front of our house, right next to the lobby. I can see it from the kitchen, dining room, front door, my bedroom door and the front yard.

This is inevitable and given the fact that we have two months to get this house listed, it is also a top priority. First impressions are everything and my office was telling people this house was a mess. And it wasn’t just this room:

This office and its lack of cohesion spoke to our buyers through other places as well: as my stuff completely took up the workspace, Christine was forced to work elsewhere. His solution? There is a small table carved into the corner of our bonus room. Then I was working at another desk in the garage.

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Oh no! Given how important a dedicated workspace is to buyers these days (Read: Top 5 Trends Real Estate Buyers Want to See in 2019), getting the home organized has been a major concern.

Since I had to make this space suitable for my whole family, I knew that I not only had to reduce the amount of stuff in this space, but also my style. I am a big fan of antiques and love to have many layers of objects and vignettes and as I write this I realize that I am a hoarder.

But Christine is not. She loves modern interiors and neutral colors with clean, crisp edges. Choosing this wallpaper was my least favorite decision I made in this house. So if I was planning to include it in the space, I knew I would have to bring it outside.

It is also not a good choice for showing our home as our suburban buyers also prefer a more neutral style. I know this because I researched our market using this Real Estate Market Assessment Guide to help me determine what changes needed to be implemented before we listed.

Flexible Workspace Vs. Traditional Offices

The secret to mixing two decorating styles is to balance everything perfectly. This doesn’t mean you have to add a

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