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Trump endorses scandal-hit Ken Paxton for Texas attorney general

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Former President Donald Trump on Monday night backed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s re-election, even as the incumbent faces a criminal indictment on fraud charges and a divide FBI corruption investigation.

Ken Paxton et al.  Standing in fore of a banner: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks in Washington, at a rally in support of previous President Donald Trump, on January 6, 2021.

© (Jacqueline Martin, FILE / AP Photo)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks in Washington, at a rally in support of previous President Donald Trump, on January 6, 2021.

The previous president had another Republican to choose from.


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George B. Bush — grandson and nephew of two previous presidents, and the final remaining member of the political dynasty to grip public office — made the trip to Florida to seek Trump’s endorsement for attorney general two weeks ago. Twitter it estimated أنه Trump’s friendship and considerate words as we work together to preserve America distinguished.

But Trump’s hatred of three generations of Bush resurfaced Monday night, as he chose to endorse Paxton in a brutally competitive election between Bush and the scandal-ridden concern.

“Attorney General Ken Paxton has been bravely on the fore line fighting for Texas and America, against the bad and extremely perilous Radical Left Democrats, and the foolish and unsuspecting RINOs who are destroying our country,” Trump said in a statement. Using the acronym for Republicans in name only. “Ken is powerful on crime, border security, the Second Amendment, election integrity, and overhead all, our Constitution. He loves our military and our vets. It will take a vet like Ken Paxton to advance America First’s policies to make America distinguished again.”

The Bush family, including previous presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush and previous first lady Barbara Bush, have criticized Trump for attacking the family on multiple occasions.

“We need another Bush in office as much as we need a third Obama,” Trump wrote on Twitter in 2013. “No more bush!”

Trump also criticized Jeb Bush, George Bush’s father, in the 2016 presidential primary. But that didn’t quit George B. Bush from endorsing Trump in his re-election bid final year.

After Trump said he backed Paxton on Monday night, Bush shot his rival on Twitter.

“I am running for attorney general because Texas deserves the integrity and honesty from the office of Texas’s highest law enforcement official,” He tweeted. “Texas deserves a candidate without a laundry list of current and potential criminal indictments.”

Paxton has remained close to Trump, even as the previous president made incorrect allegations of election fraud following losing in 2020. After Trump supporters descended on the Capitol in January, Paxton claimed the attackers were “not Trump supporters.” The previous president left office in January without granting a preemptive pardon to Paxton, halting speculation that he would reward the key ally.

“We are honored by President Donald J. Trump’s endorsement,” Paxton tweeted Monday evening.

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