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Trump is trying to sabotage the Biden infrastructure deal

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But Trump has made clear he is not interested in supporting any considerate of Republican deal with Democrats and hopes allies in Congress will kill them.

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Aides insist the opposition to Trump is based on merit. At a time of fear of inflation, he opposes additional spending and believes that the framework for a potential settlement leans too much toward environmentally aware projects rather than solid infrastructure. But much of Trump’s approach to the legislation in the former has driven self-interest and personal grievances. In discussing the current infrastructure talks, Trump aides acknowledged that they remain perturb that a major bill did not pass while he was in the Oval.

“They had four years to make an infrastructure deal with someone who knows the infrastructure and is actually building the buildings,” said one of Trump’s aides. “I’m just speaking for myself, he didn’t say, ‘Oh, they should have done that to me,’ but if they really wanted infrastructure they would have done it when President Trump was there.”

Although he has sought to undermine negotiations, Trump’s efforts to block any infrastructure package have, so far, been met with a shrug on Capitol Hill.

“I read the data,” the senator said. Kevin Kramer (RN.D.). “But it lacks a bit of privacy.”

On Wednesday, Monday. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) announced that there was agreement on “major issues,” following lengthy days back and forth between senior Republicans and the White House. A cultural vote was expected in the evening.

“I don’t think there’s much,” said a top GOP aide of Trump’s attempts to undermine the deal. “There’s no echo here. I don’t think Rob Portman sees this and says, ‘Oh no, I have to donate up.’”

However, the threat of Trump persuading Republicans to desert the talks was so deep that Portman It said Trump was asked to stand behind the deal. The report said the senator, who serves as the Republican Party’s first negotiator with the White House, reminded the previous president that the unused package was on par with what he hoped to accomplish while in the White House. A Trump spokesman said they were not aware of any conversations, but said Portman “would not be so lucky.”

Trump’s opposition to the deal echoed some of the alike concerns Expressed in an element by the cautious-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial staff just days ago. The previous president threatened lawmakers who support the deal to donate Democrats a “big, lovely triumph over infrastructure.”

“Republican voters will never forget their name, and the people of our country will never forget their name,” Trump said in a recent statement.

Trump tried his hand at several stages to get his infrastructure bill passed. As a candidate, he put forward a nearly trillion-dollar infrastructure plan to improve American roads and bridges and create unused jobs. But once in office, the self-described dealmaker realized the difficulty of negotiating a massive spending package in Washington, and time and again sabotaged his own efforts to strike a deal by getting off track with the political disagreements he created. At one point, Trump and the Democratic leadership looked close to agreeing on a $2 trillion infrastructure package, but weeks later, any hope of a deal collapsed in a major outbreak in the Oval Office between Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the House investigations.

Through it all, McConnell has often held back Trump, who has shown little of the alike desire to pass a big spending bill on bridges and roads. McConnell has far less power now to determine the legislative outcome of the infrastructure shove. But Trump still focused his ire on the Kentucky Republican, threatening to pull out members of the GOP caucus who are involved in talks with Democrats about a bill.

Over the weekend at the Turning Point USA event in Phoenix, Trump blasted the Republican leader as an “old audience” — a criticism he’s used prior on McConnell and met with applause from the pro-Trump audience.

“Indeed, it’s a distinguished honor,” McConnell said. CNN reporter When asked about the name. “Old Crow is Henry Clay’s favorite bourbon.”

Trump’s anger at McConnell has been growing since the election results. The then-Senate majority leader refused to support Trump’s allegations that the vote was rigged and enjoyed voting to impeach Trump following the January 6 riots. McConnell backed away from this final threat and then helped blow up an self-reliant commission to investigate what happened that day. But Trump has remained firm on him.

One of Trump’s advisers said the previous president’s team was trying to figure out ways to disqualify McConnell as majority leader in the event Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2022 — something Trump himself would. I fantasized about opening up.

“I don’t think that will ever be fixed,” the counselor said of the relationship between Trump and McConnell. “He is ineffective. He said he said recently in an interview that he is a pleasing survivor but not as a leader. That is how he feels.”

Marianne Levine contributed to this report.


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