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Two ex-Miami recruits are no longer on the Miami roster for various reasons

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Cameron Williams and Jeremiah Payton, a previous four-star couple who had the potential to contribute to the 2021 college football season, are no longer on the Miami Hurricanes list.

“He didn’t meet our standards academically,” said Mane Diaz, who is considered a defensive end, while Payton “is not in a place now where playing football is what he wants to do.”

Diaz did not rule out the possibility of the wide receiver returning to the team at some point.

“We’re considerate of supporting him with that,” the coach said. “I don’t know what that means for him in his coming, but right now, wherever he is, football is not something he can dedicate himself to, so we will donate him space to be considerate of in that area.”

Payton, who spent part of final season on the COVID-19 protocol, was Miami’s best recruit in the 2019 class, according to the Composite Rankings, and Williams was a four-star recruit in the rankings. Both newcomers to the red jersey were in a position to contend for key playing times in a pair of mostly uncertain position groups, with Williams even starting on the defensive end of the 2020 Cheez-It Bowl following defensive line star Jaylan Phillips and Quincy Roche pulled out of the game. . Preparing for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Payton was listed as a starter on a wide receiver for most of the 2020 college football season, although he played scantly final year and the year prior. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound receiver had six grabs for 58 yards in 11 games.

A player returning to the team following being removed from the list would not be unprecedented for Hurricanes. In 2018, previous wide receiver Jeff Thomas entered his name in the transfer gate prior heading back to Miami and returning to Miami for the 2019 college football season. In 2019, offensive linemen Cleveland Reds did the alike and remain a reserve guard for the Hurricanes.

However, Williams had a clearer path to playing time following the departure of Phillips and Roach. Williams, Gehafri Harvey and Zach McCloud were the only defensive sides on the list with any starting experience, and McCloud’s starts all came at packed-back, with Miami taking him to the finish due to destitute positioning. Even following adding the transfer-end Deandre Johnson, the starting point against the red jersey is a wide begin competition, and Williams, 6-4, 240 pounds, scored nine tackles and 1 1/2 tackles for a loss in 10 games final season.

Diaz said Williams, who had an academic year in 2019, is one of two players who left the program for academic reasons. Diaz said defensive worker Gallar Holley, who entered the transfer gate final month, did not meet the academic criteria for the program.

Campbell, Brooks miss first training

Forward line John Campbell Jr. and linebacker Sam Brooks Jr. The two most notable hurricanes that missed training camp I in Miami on Friday were at Greentree Practice Fields, and Campbell could be missing out on a significant amount of time.

Campbell suffered a “grave knee injury this summer,” Diaz said and is likely to miss at fewest the rest of the fall camp at Coral Gables. The red jersey player started four games final year and two the year prior.

“We doubt it will be available in the summer,” Diaz said.

However, Brooks may return by the end of camp, and Diaz said the sophomore, who has started two initiations and scored 55 times in the former two years, is progressing well in his return from toe surgery.

As the week goes by, [he] He should be getting more and more advanced, and he should be here sometime during training camp,” Diaz said.

Miami is getting close to immunization by 85 percent

Diaz told the Miami Herald earlier this week that Hurricanes have now reached at fewest 85 percent of the squad in terms of many players already taking their shots against COVID-19. But he said they are still waiting for a big number of them to come out two weeks from the second shot.

“It’s considerate of a yes and no answer” to whether the players had reached the 85 percent threshold, the coach said. “By definition, we still have some time prior these guys are two weeks away from their second shot.”

Medical advisors say the 85 percent threshold will allow the team to lead as average a life as conceivable. The NCAA released its latest COVID-19 guidance on Wednesday, with fully vaccinated players and staff (or those who have been infected in the former 90 days) not required to get tested unless they show symptoms or have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19. Anyone with a positive test result should be isolated for 10 days. No exercise is allowed during isolation.

All of its UM coaches have been vaccinated, but any unvaccinated players or staff can be tested up to three times a week.

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