Two Storey House Design In The Philippines

Two Storey House Design In The Philippines – The new building is located in a subdivision developed by Filinvest Land Inc. called The Tropics 2 in Cainta, Rizal. The basic design of the interior is modern and minimalist where we have developed a new direction of integration to match the existing facade.

The most difficult part of the design process is the layout of the land and the house. We have done our best to solve these problems and find solutions to make the best use of all available resources.

Two Storey House Design In The Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical country with natural scenery and wildlife such as lush vegetation, trees, sunshine and fresh trees, to name a few. We felt that the design of the interior of the house is a blank canvas that gives us the opportunity to integrate it with the natural surroundings. The nature of the land gave us the opportunity to create a pocket garden that creates a calm and peaceful ambiance in the overall interior design.

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“Combining nature and wildlife in the design is a great way to create an outdoor concept inspired by nature that is calm and soothing to the eye. Organic elements such as trees, natural landscapes and natural colors can add warmth and character to an outdoor space. face

The use of wood, brick, glass or acrylic, concrete and neutral and earthy colors are essential to achieve an organic design and overall warmth. All of these materials and finishes are readily available in the area, making it easier during construction.

Clean, quiet and very relaxing. These are the best words to describe the interior design of the house. With new additions that include a new balcony on the second floor as well as a trellis serving in the laundry room, the overall look looks great while maintaining its simplicity and modern style.

Rocabu designs have been designing for years in the Philippines and around the world. As we continue our journey into the residential industry, we learn a lot during the design phase of each project. This project included many design ideas and client goals and requirements that resulted in the final design. We are delighted that our client entrusted us with the design of her home and are delighted that she loves the end result. Recently we were commissioned to design the exterior and interior of a two-storey house in Tropics 4 by Filinvest. in Cainta, Rizal. This project was our third home renovation in this expansive area.

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“A warm, timeless space defined by the perfect combination of simple and soft, light and dark and finished”

Welcome to our project blog, where we share our journey in this exciting interior design project that perfectly blends modern aesthetics with agritourism in Tropics 4, Cainta, Philippines. This article will explain this unique combination of concepts, elements and inspirations. Join us on our journey through the latest and greatest of arts and crafts.

Modern farmhouse design takes the charm of a traditional home and gives it a sleek, modern look. It embodies the warmth and simplicity of modern home design while incorporating clean lines, minimalist elements and modern furnishings. In this project, we tried to balance the two methods, resulting in an amazing and well-received exterior.

The key to modern farming practices is to integrate diversity. The back of this project was decorated with wood, concrete and steel. The elegant wood paneling, black wall paint and metal fittings have been carefully selected to create a sleek yet refined look, combining the warmth of a farmhouse with the beauty of modern design.

Two Story Modern Zen Residential

A neutral color palette was chosen to complement this modern farmhouse. Shades of white, gray and black were used to create a timeless look. These colors are clean, transparent and allow the beauty of the surrounding landscape to take center stage.

Clean lines and minimalist elements characterize modern design. In this project, the exterior featured beautiful windows, geometric shapes, and a simple roof. These features add a touch of modern sophistication while maintaining the simplicity and practicality of agricultural production.

Architects are known for combining outdoor living spaces, and this project is no exception. The outdoor seating area is designed to provide ample space to relax and enjoy the surroundings. These spaces were decorated with beautiful furniture, beautiful fabrics and carved wood, creating a perfect balance of beauty and country style.

Additional windows and patio doors have been incorporated into the home to let natural light in and blend in with the outdoors. It improves the overall aesthetic quality but also promotes a sense of openness and allows one to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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We have included small, lush gardens and pocket gardens to further enhance the farmhouse. Native plants and flowers have been carefully selected to create a peaceful and beautiful environment. These factors add to the outlook and promote a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

A modern agricultural project in Cainta, Philippines is a testament to the perfect combination of modern technology and fun. This project creates an amazing and inviting outdoor experience by combining different elements, receiving natural light and incorporating living spaces. The blend of contemporary and country aesthetics provides a unique and appealing design that is timeless and modern.

For questions or concerns about this project, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive new project information. Modern family 4 is very common these days. Both husband and wife work, but they always know how to have fun with their children. The children are teenagers and they like to play online games with their father. When they get a chance, they like to swim and enjoy the sun with their family on weekends. Even as a working mother, Mom still has time to prepare special meals that she can enjoy as a family.

Does that make sense? Chances are we’ve already defined your family. In this case, we have a model of a 2-story house for you.

South Irena Avenue, Redondo Beach, Ca 90277

Site analysis is very important in designing modern homes and floor plans in the Philippines. You have to consider where the wind is coming from. You should also consider the amount of rainfall your area receives. In general, the average weather should be taken into account. This way you can have two floors of green space that takes advantage of all of this.

If you are in Lipa or nearby areas, here are the details you need to consider for your 2 storey house plan in the Philippines.

Our design goals in this design are to spread the word about cooling and setting expectations for a 2 story house plan in the Philippines suitable for a modern family of 4.

As you can see, it is designed so that you can relax and enjoy the warm weather. In this design and for a similar 2-story plan in the Philippines, we implemented the following cooling techniques:

Two Storey Asian House At Antique By Arimankodi On Deviantart

Of course, we also need to consider the needs and organizations of the modern Filipino society. Here is the ground floor of this Philippines 2 story house design.

As you can see, we have included a pool so that your family can swim and sunbathe without leaving your home. There is also a barbecue area for those warm feelings of being on the beach and enjoying a barbecue. This area is perfect if you like to host events. We have included an accessible toilet in this area. Availability is also not a concern with a patio door to the veranda.

Usually, you can eat your meals at home. 2 floor plans in the Philippines should include a good kitchen and in this design we have included a dirty kitchen. There are also different stores.

A Filipino community, even a modern one, will not be slow to make family or friends overnight. That’s why we included a guest room and bathroom.

Modern Zen 2 Storey Residence

Of course, the family can retreat to the second bedroom and enjoy the cool breeze thanks to the air conditioning technology featured above. We have also created a living room where the family can sit, relax and spend quality time.

We would like to tell you more about this 2 bedroom house plan. We also have 2 storey houses in the Philippines for small or large families. We can also discuss your needs and wants so that we can provide you with a complete 2 house plan. Contact us today!

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