Vastu Shastra For North East Facing House

Vastu Shastra For North East Facing House – Let us know what is Vastu plan for north facing house? We all know that the house plan prepared according to the principles of Vastu Shastra is called Vastu House Plan. If the main entrance of the house map is on the north side it is called North facing Vastu house map.

Below is a photo of the house plan facing north. If you need new Vastu house plans customized according to your plot size and project that meets your needs, contact us. Our Vastu experts are from engineering / construction field. They are well versed in Vastu planning and design. They have created thousands of public house plans. Some common square house plans are 30×30, 40×40, 50×50, 60×60, 70×70, 75×75, 80×80, 90×90 and others. Some common square house plans are 30×40, 30×50, 40×50, 60×30, 60×40, 70×50, 40×50, 65×30, 65×45 etc.

Vastu Shastra For North East Facing House

If you are building a house on a plot of land facing north, you need some important rules and regulations for building and building a house. The north entrance/site of the house means that when you enter the house your face is towards the south wall. For north-facing house plans, there is more space in the general layout to make proper use of the spaces. The main requirements for a Vastu house plan for all four directions (East, South, West, North) are correct layout and correct measurements. Before starting the design on your board you need to measure all the arms correctly (length and width). For straight lines and triangles, measure angles. Determining true geographic north is a very important step. Incorrect geographical direction will result in incorrect Vastu design. A magnetic compass can be used to determine the direction of north. Be very careful when using a magnetic compass. The local attraction, the presence of electric lines, iron may cause measurement errors. To avoid such problems, Vastu recommends, all Vastu consultants are advised to use Google Earth to mine the correct direction of the location. The Vastu Planner application always asks to share the Google Maps index to determine the route.

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan For A Peaceful Life

Accurate measurements and directions are the requirements to start a house plan according to Vastu Shastra. If you want to plan your own home, read this article.

If you need a Vastu planning service and design service by a Vastu expert and civil engineer, contact us. The experts of Vastu have requested from the site of the civil engineer, they ask you to send us your size of your place, the place of delivery on Google to get directions, your budget for construction and requirements architecture like number of rooms, number of floors, type of kitchen, dining, toilet, bathroom and arrangements for garage and Puja room. Based on your relevant requirements, Vastu Planner will prepare the first draft of North facing house plan according to Vastu and send it to you in PDF format. After receiving the first PDF copy, you can prepare the north facing house design 2-3 times for each floor.

Many times we have seen that many so called Vastu Experts / Vastu Pandit prepare house plan by following proper steps and proper scale. Vastu Shastra is based on geometry and mechanical calculations must be done correctly. True direction (geography) and size (scale drawing) are the main requirements for planning and designing an Ideal Vastu house. The North Home Plan is shown below. In the given map, the naksha line is north-south (red line) and its dip is (90 – 76) = 14 degrees east. But some blindly copy this plan and start building it. Many web/internet architecture firms make the same mistake, they never look north and start planning blindly. Another mistake is using the Cartesian coordinate system to cast the Vastu Purusha Mandala. The polar coordinate system should be used to cast the Vastu Purusha Mandala to form.

Assign the Google Dropped Point of your chart to your house plan and use the polar coordinate system. To avoid such mistakes while planning your dream home according to Vastu Shastra, you should consult a Vastu Planner who has technical qualifications. Vastu experts have commissioned civil engineers who can guide you in building your dream home, office or factory.

Vastu Compass And Directions [how To Find The Facing Of Your House]

Indian Vastu Shastra tells how to plan a house by following the principles of Vastu. All these principles are described in thousands of Sanskrit slokas. Vastu has removed the Slokes and applied for planning a new building, office, factory etc. A lot of people have quarries. Is a south facing house plan good or bad? ? In response, Vastu says that all directions are equal. But people in Khatri occupations get good results when they make a south facing house plan.

1. Main Door Position: The main door or main gate of the house facing north should be in the auspicious Pada area of ​​Vastu Purusha Mandala. For the north entrance of the house, the best bricks are Mukhya, Bhallat and Soma or Souma. The main door should be unobstructed and attractive.

2. Bedroom location: For a north facing bedroom, the bedroom can be made in southwest, south, east, west or west direction.

3.Kitchen Location: Facing North, Home Vastu design kitchen can be built in South-East (SE), South-South-East (SSE) and South. You can also plan your kitchen in west and north-north direction. The direction to cook food is said to be on the east side.

Vaastu Guide/tips For House Construction

4. Location of toilets and washrooms: As your main door is on the north side of your house, so the best location for toilets or washrooms is in the south of the south-south zone. and west of the western region.

5. Location of stairs: Stairs can be built on the north side of a flat type house. South, west and east for north facing duplex house design. The staircase should have different steps including the landing.

6. Drawing room: Drawing room is the best place in the north zone, west zone and north-east zone.

7. Living room: The best place for the living room is the east side of the house. In this case the western or southern region will be better.

North Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room, Bedroom, Staircase

8. Pooja Room: Many want a house plan with a pooja room. The best place for pooja room is north-east region as per Vastu Shastra. If there is no place in the north-north, the west may be the second part.

Correct placement of the main entrance / main door is very important in Vastu house design and layout. The total construction area is divided into 32. At 32 pada in Baisach Pithi. On the northern side there are eight floors in Paisach Bithi. The eight power stations of the north are Roja, Naga, Mukhya, Bhalat, Som or Somya, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti. Of the eight deities, only three devta fields are considered good for a north-facing house. For north facing house plans, location of main door in Mukhya, Bhallat and Som or Soumya energy field / Devta is the best entrance.

During Vastu house planning for north direction, the location of main door should fall on mukhya, bhalat, som/sumya pada (strong floor). To ensure proper door layout, Vastu recommends that you get the design checked by an expert Vastu Planner / Vastu consultant. The calculation and casting of Vastu Purusha Mandal should be in polar coordinate system only.

We are civil engineers and experts in Vastu through practice and we have seen any home, office, home or factory planning based on Vastu Shastra yield some good results. . So if you need Vastu plans (fully customized) for your home, apartment or office factory, contact us. Eastern Living Room Vastu Kitchen Vastu: Simple Remedies and Tips [2022] May 05, 2021. By Sanjay Kodi. 97473 views

Northeast Facing Properties

This article will show you how you can apply the principles of Vastu Shastra for Oriental cuisine.

Historically, Vastu Shastra talked about eight ways; Four main directions [north, east, south and west] and four additional directions [northeast, south-south and west] at an angle of 45 degrees from each of the main directions.

After dividing a 360-degree circle around the center, you get 16 wide sections covering 22.5 degrees.

Each category has different attributes and characteristics. So, we cannot think of it as one place as most of the traditional Vastu consultants do.

X 54′ East Facing Home Floor Plan As Per Vastu Shastra

The north-east region is considered one of the most important and sensitive areas of the house. The northeast region governs the light of the mind, new ideas, and wisdom.

This Near Eastern region is associated with Jupiter. Jupiter represents knowledge, spirituality, health and longevity.

This is where positive energy enters your home. Therefore, there is always a good amount of air and light flowing to the north side of the house.

It’s the most convenient and comfortable place

North Facing House Vastu Plan: Vastu Shastra Tips For Bringing Luck

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