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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer says it’s “extremely significant” to get vaccinated

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July. 27 — It’s very clear where Vikings coach Mike Zimmer stands when it comes to vaccination.

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After talking final month about some of the challenges facing unvaccinated players this season, Zimmer doubled down on Tuesday, less than 24 hours prior the Vikings training camp kicks off at TCO Performance Center in Eagan.

“I’ll talk in person now, okay?” Zimmer said. “With this variant in Delta the way it is, and people who get infected, I think it’s very significant that everyone gets vaccinated.”

Although there is no doubt that some of this interest in vaccination is football-related — the NFL reported to teams final week that outbreaks among unvaccinated players could result in lost games — it goes beyond that for 65-year-old Zimmer general.

“You see a lot of people who haven’t been vaccinated now who are deciding, ‘You know what?’ Maybe we should.” “I just want our players to be safe; I want them to be healthy. I want their families to be safe and healthy.”

There are still a number of players on the roster who haven’t been vaccinated. When asked about the team’s vaccination rate, Zimmer replied, “I’m not going to talk about that.”

In the meantime, the Vikings will persevere to educate players about the importance of vaccination. They had Allen Sales, the NFL’s chief medical officer, final month to talk to the team about vaccinations, as did two previous Vikings greats, Alan Page and John Randle.

“I understand it’s an individual right and that’s their decision,” said Vikings general manager Rick Spielman. “We try to do everything we can to educate them so that they can make a pleasing decision.”

As Zimmer noted final month, unvaccinated players across the league will have to succeed stringent COVID protocols throughout the season, which includes daily testing, required mask-wearing around the team facility, and travel on a divide plane for ground trips. If an unprotected player breaks the rules, they will be fined $14,650 by the league.

“It will be more stressful for them,” Zimmer said. “But that’s their choice.”

As for whether this could cause a split in the locker room, Zimmer planned to speak with his players about that as well.

“I don’t feel it will be like this,” the coach said. “We will make sure we treat each other with respect and understand that men make decisions for whatever reason they have.”

Pierce injured his calf إصابة

It remains unclear when Michael Pierce will make a defensive intervention. He reportedly suffers from a calf injury that will preserve him out of training camp.

When asked when Pierce will return, Zimmer avoided the interrogate, pointing to how he was mocked final year for saying that Daniel Hunter had struggled with an adjustment that made him miss the entire season.

“At the time it was ‘disc,’” Zimmer said. “We’ll just see when he’s ready to go.”

As for Hunter, it looks like he’ll be conclude in first practice Wednesday afternoon. He agreed to a restructured deal with the Vikings final month.

Gladney Court Case

Jeff Gladney’s coming with the Vikings remains in interrogate. 24-year-old Cornbacke was arrested April 5 in Dallas on a third-degree felony charge of domestic violence assault. Texas prosecutors will present their case to a grand jury on Thursday.

“I’m not going to talk about anything” about it, Spielman said. “I can’t comment until we have resolved everything.”


– As expected, defensive rookie Jaylen Twyman, who was shot four times on June 21 in his hometown of Washington, D.C., called off concessions on Tuesday and returned to the Vikings’ non-football reserve list. He cannot train or play for the first six weeks of the routine season and the closest he can play is the ninth game

Beginner Christian Darisseau’s left tackle is expected to be slowly brought in at the start of training camp. He’s been dealing with a groin injury and working his way back to packed strength.


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