What's The Best Podcast App

What's The Best Podcast App – Here comes the airshow. It is a podcast player for iPhone and iPad. It syncs with the account you already have.

The idea behind the first version is simple: a podcast app with only the features you need to actually listen and enjoy the shows you love.

What's The Best Podcast App

I think of podcasts in two ways. Entertaining or informative. Airshow’s design philosophy is to treat podcasts as entertainment, where words and the space between words are part of the medium. So for now, it misses out on some features that you might be used to like speed control or sound effects.

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It also requires an easy approach to organizing your podcasts. Playlists, folders, etc… provide a lot of flexibility, but also allow you to easily subscribe to and save the shows you want to subscribe to. Instead, there’s one place to listen: your turn. The idea is to spend less time driving and subscribe to the shows you actually want to listen to.

New episodes of shows you subscribe to are automatically added to your queue. There are bookmarks for podcasts where you want to listen to occasional episodes. From here you can browse episodes and manually select what you want to download.

The goal is currently to get the basics right and have a simple, good and complete product. Give it a try if it sounds like something you might enjoy. If you’ve followed the Listen Notes journey so far, you already know that I’ve been deliberately avoiding building another podcast app.

Today I’m excited to announce a very simple and very thoughtful podcast app from Listen Notes: Just Listen™ (Ouch!).

Podurama Podcast Player

Nowadays, it is easy to create and run a simple application. See, I don’t even write most of the code 🙂 The hardest part is the marketing, which I’ll have to figure out on my own.

Like any first version of most digital products, Just Listen™ v1.0 is very limited in functionality, ugly and buggy. Anyway, we’re not building an iPhone or a pyramid — well, the first iPhone wasn’t even close to perfect. Fortunately, I’m not a celebrity and I don’t have to worry about losing face. So I launched this simple app as soon as possible.

As we get older (and wiser?), we will understand the importance of “trusting the process.” Things will evolve. You can’t press a button and instantly create something great. It’s a process.

I don’t know what this app will become. Maybe it will be an Alexa skill. Or it will evolve into something else. Did you know that YouTube was originally a dating site?

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You can use our website to search 3,221,345 podcasts and 181,147,363 episodes by people, places or topics. Listen to a quick introduction to the Notes website

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What is listening score? The Listen Score (LS) is a metric that indicates the estimated popularity of this podcast compared to other public rss-based podcasts in the world on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher, the more popular. Calculated from first and third party data. Updated monthly.

What is Global Rank? This podcast is one of the most popular shows out of 3,221,345 podcasts worldwide, ranked by listen score (estimated popularity score). All featured products are independently selected. However, he may receive a commission for orders placed through his retail links. See our ethical statement.

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Apple Podcasts is an easy-to-use podcast streaming service suitable for anyone in the Apple ecosystem. While it’s not the best place to go to discover independent podcasts, the ratings widget is great for figuring out which podcasts are worth your time before you commit to listening.

Every day I wake up to the news that another celebrity has a podcast – when will it end? Well, maybe it’s not every day that a new star joins the audio media trend, but podcasts have definitely entered the mainstream and aren’t going away anytime soon. While podcasts may not be the entertainment medium for everyone, they do have their advantages and give you more direct access to your favorite celebrities. There are many podcast services to choose from, but Apple Podcasts is the default app on the iPhone – is this installed podcast streaming app any better?

Editor’s Note: This Apple Podcast review was updated on February 3, 2022 to address frequently asked questions about the controversy surrounding the app.

Apple Podcasts is Apple’s own app for listening to podcasts and comes pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad (Android smartphones cannot download Apple’s Podcasts app). The app lets you search, stream, download and rate podcasts, and its interface is very intuitive if you’re used to Apple software.

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Shows about society and culture with “celebrity” hosts are incredibly popular and remain in the Apple Top 200.

When you first open Apple Podcasts, you’re presented with a large selection of shows that are organized into countless content categories. When you explore a show, the app takes you to the show’s home page, where you can listen to the latest episode by pressing a big button. If you don’t want to start listening yet, you can read the show description, scroll through episodes and read their descriptions, and watch audio trailers if available. The most diligent among us can also check out the podcast’s review section, where listeners give their thoughts on their favorite (and least favorite) shows.

On the show’s home page, you can read its description, follow or unfollow, and listen to its trailer.

Before you decide to listen to a show, you can read the reviews that people have left for it.

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Once you’re hooked on an episode, tap it and Apple Media Player will open. The player allows you to adjust basic playback functions and manually jump to a specific timestamp. Its other playback features include 15-second skip backward, 30-second skip forward, speed adjustment, sleep timer and queue function. As you’d expect, this app works with AirPlay, making it easy to stream audio to nearby speakers or AppleTV. You can pause a podcast on your iPhone and resume it later on your iPad, as long as both devices are connected to the same iCloud account.

If you really enjoyed a podcast episode, you can share the link with any of your iPhone-owning friends, or you can keep the entire episode and download it for offline listening. Like other podcast apps, Apple lets you toggle automatic downloads and push notifications for individual shows. You can also save episodes to listen to later. Apple offers these tools to keep your podcast library clean and organized.

Apple offers a wide selection of podcast shows, but some shows have special deals with the Spotify podcast service. However, some original Spotify podcasts, eg

, are available in the Apple app, so it’s not like Apple is missing out on much. Although this show is not available on iTunes, you can subscribe to it through Apple Podcasts by entering the URL of the RSS feed.

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The app features browse tabs based on relevance for popularity, current events or genre, and includes some categories specifically for kids. The Quick Listening tab offers personalized recommendations, and Apple recommends these shows based on your listening history. The Browse and Instant Listen pages can be a bit confusing, but the Search page lets you browse new shows by category.

The search feature of Apple’s podcast apps is impressive – you can search for podcasts by keywords listed in the episodes. Let’s say you want to find discussions about the Golden State Warriors basketball team: enter the name of the team and you’ll get results that cover all shows where the team is discussed.

If you want to submit your podcast to Apple, you can do so through Apple Podcast Connect, where you’ll need to create an RSS feed and get your show approved by Apple.

Apple features appear on the Browse page if they’re rated high in the App Review widget. Not surprisingly, celebrities host many popular podcasts. While this is great for advertisers looking to work with successful shows, it can make listening difficult for aspiring podcasters.

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Apple offers an exceptional listening experience, but it would be nice if it offered a few more features.

I wish the app had some sort of silent trimming feature. Apps like Pocketcasts automatically turn off silence in an episode and let you skip the first few minutes of the episode automatically. Other apps have sections where users can view their listening statistics, such as total hours spent listening or the amount of silence, but Apple does not offer any user statistics to listeners.

The streaming quality of an Apple podcast really depends on the quality of the recorded file and whether it was recorded in mono or stereo. Streaming quality depends on several factors (sampling rate, number of channels and bit rate) and reaches up to 256 kbps AAC.

Apple’s requirements for creators to record podcast audio files are as follows: only accept audio with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and 16-bit or 24-bit resolution;

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