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What would Jim Jordan say?

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What Jim Jordan said. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is notorious for banning the Republican Representative. Jim Jordan from the unused select committee to investigate the Capitol riots. So when the committee first met on Tuesday, Jordan was nowhere to be seen. But it turned out that he was still attending a meeting of a select committee – the select committee on the coronavirus crisis. Pelosi, who said Jordan’s presence would diminish the “integrity” of the Capitol riot committee, did not appear to feel it would have the alike effect on the COVID-19 committee, of which he is a member.

Hearing theme Oversight of Epidemic Evictions: An Assessment of Abuses by Business Owners and Federal Efforts to Keep Americans Home. Jordan, like other Republicans, objected on the basis of the session. He said halting the government’s COVID-19 evacuation is too wide and too expensive. He said the commission should instead devote its investigations to finding out the origins of the virus. Majority Democrats, led by President James Cleburne, stuck to their chosen topic.

But it was pleasing To have an opposing viewpoint, someone who has challenged the choices made by the leadership of the committee. This is what Jordan and his fellow Republicans on the Corona Virus Committee did. And that’s what he was forbidden to do on the Capitol riot committee. So on Tuesday evening, when both hearings ended, I asked Jordan what he would have said if he had been allowed to attend the hearing in the Capitol riot.

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Jordan indicated that the officers From the Capitol Police Force tested at the hearing. “I would have said, ‘You deserve to have more people out there to aid you that day,’” Jordan said. “That’s the basic interrogate – why wasn’t there a proper security situation? I would say, ‘You deserve better. You protect us. You all deserve to have this place with the considerate of support and reinforcements you need to protect the Capitol.”

Everyone supports the police And the idea that they were put in a firm situation “continued Jordan”. I talk to them and thank them every time I pass by. They have a tough job. Look what happened to Billy Evans on Good Friday. “This was a reference to Capitol Police Officer William Evans, who was killed on April 2 when a mentally ill man who identified himself as a follower of black nationalist leader Louis Farrakhan was hit by a car in Evans while Evans was guarding the Capitol. A second Capitol police officer was injured.

Capitol riot committee hearing, That includes seven Democrats handpicked by Pelosi and two Republican lawmakers. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, also chosen by Pelosi, focused on the testimony of two Capitol police officers and two Washington Metropolitan Police officers. Their stories were emotional and harrowing at times. Both officers were forced to engage in what was essentially a hand-to-hand combat with the rioters on January 3. 6. Some still have not recovered from the physical injuries they sustained that day, and they are all still disturbed by what happened.

a witness Harry Dunn, a Capitol police officer, said law enforcement authorities were unprepared to confront the aggressiveness and violence of some of the capitol rioters. “We were expecting civil disobedience, as we do in the Capitol, at fewest that was what was passed on to us,” Dunn testified. “Arrests, swearing, unfriendly people, but nowhere near or even close to the level of violence we experienced…we were not prepared for what we faced that day.”

Committee members did not succeed On the Dunn statement. Do his colleagues agree with him at the witness table? How did this lack of preparation happen? The commission did not ask. But there is no doubt that if Jordan had been a member of the committee and was present at the session, he would have followed up on the matter.

And what’s mistaken with that? Democrats had intended the hearing to be a messaging exercise, as they would retract the rhetoric of previous President Donald Trump and some of his supporters who suggested the riots were mostly a peaceful affair. In fact, the riots had spilled over from episodes of ugly violence, and the police officers who took the test were in the middle of it.

So the committee listened They tell them about their experiences that day. But why don’t you ask them for more? What were they told to expect entry? How do their preparations compare to the preparations for other protests? Did anyone hoist questions about the level of preparedness prior the riots? What then? What did their superiors tell them about what happened? How did they explain the lack of preparation?

“There are two basic questions,” Jordan told me. “The first is, why wasn’t there a proper security situation there that day?” The second is, “What have we done since then to make sure it never happens again?”

Democrats, along with Republicans Cheney and Kinzinger will say there are more questions than that, and they want to ask Trump, along with then-White House staff, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, and Jordan himself, who spoke regularly on the phone with the president. , including day. 6. It’s okay. The Democrats are the majority in the House, and they will do whatever they want. But it would have been helpful to have a dissenting voice on the committee to ask questions that the majority did not. And that’s exactly what House Speaker Pelosi made sure would not happen.

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