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With the drama of the trades behind them, the Mariners refocused on their main objective: the post-season berth

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ARLINGTON, Texas – The anger and pain caused by the blinding trauma on Tuesday are gone. Focus on their daily preparations returned to the Mariners ahead of Friday’s game at GlobeLife Field.

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That’s what they do in the everyday nature of Major League Baseball. There is forever another game being played. If they want to be thriving, the players have no choice but to move on and move on from the day prior, whether it’s pleasing or bad.

“We survived,” director Scott Service. “The trade deadline is behind us, and we’re all still breathing, so it’s all pleasing. I’m really ready to get back to baseball on the field.”

They will resume the search for the first Mariner Postseason dock since 2001.

Closer Kendall Graveman is now a member of the Astros, and that won’t change. The two players the Mariners got in return — mitigator Joe Smith and third baseman Abraham Toro — mingled with the team.

They have a unused relative in Diego Castillo, which has cost them teammate JT Chargua, and a unused rookie for their rotation at Tyler Anderson, whom they have faced multiple times in the former.

Castillo played catch-up with throwbacks prior pre-game practice while Anderson chatted with Yossi Kikuchi during hitting practice following watching him throw a gaming session into the rest of the drill.

“This is our team now,” said one of the players. “All we can do is play.”

The morning of the MLB trade deadline turned into a mess of transactions until the deadline of 1 PM PT. Competing teams have raided the Cubs, Nationals, Marlins, Rangers and Pirates, capturing capable players and pushing them further and further into the horizon.

And in those hours remaining, the Mariners and general manager Jerry DePoto, famous for being one of the most prolific traders, didn’t find the right matches to make another move.

“We had two things going on,” Dipoto said in a video conference following the deadline. “We’re not going to fail for lack of trying. We’ve come across a lack of pursuits that we’ve done. Like I said this week, to the end of the day, we’re committed to this group of players, and we feel we’ve improved our squad. I’m happy with the things we’ve done.”

The sailors made three moves in the days prior the deadline

Extras: Anderson, Castillo, Smith and Toro

Subtraction: Chargua, Grafman, Rafael Monteiro and three juniors, third baseman Austin Shenton, catcher Carter Baines and right bowler Joaquin Tejada.

“I wish we could have done more, but it just didn’t work out for us,” DiPoto said. “We were committed not to forbid young players from gaining experience. We knew we were walking a fine line, and we tried to walk it. I think we did it as effectively as conceivable.”

After the Graveman deal, Dipoto knew that the conditions and timing of the deal – which had become necessary by the deadline to avoid Montero being placed in waivers – would generate a backlash. He said the trade would make more sense following the deadline passed.

“This is the first step in what should be a sequential series of moves over the course of this week that I think will lead to a deeper look for the current team and the coming team looking deeper, and that has been the goal all along,” DePoto said on Tuesday. . “The following moves will make more sense for the players. I think they will find that we are very committed as well as the team.”

One of the Mariners said: “It sounds like lateral moves to me. We’ve swapped in with our closest and closest guy, getting closer with more club control and a setup guy with less.”

When Toru and Anderson are mentioned, the player responds, “Well, can you have them without the other moves?”

Toro seems to be the team’s signature possession.

“We feel it is an opportunity to create depth in our squad with the switching player, who I understand is not particularly lengthy, but he has been an overhead-average hitter at the Major League level this year to this point in a little sample,” DiPoto said. “We feel this is no accident. We feel it is the start of what should be a really powerful career for Abraham Toro.”

On Thursday, Dipoto said he would not be participating in a trading competition with teams that were also competing for the uncivilized card. Team A, who on Friday played 2.5 games ahead of Seattle for the second uncivilized card, added Marlins All-Star player Starling Mart, catcher Yan Gomez and companion player Josh Harrison. Playing behind Seattle, the Yankees selected a pair of firm-hitters in Rangers and Cups first-person Joey Gallo of first policeman Anthony Rizzo, left-hander Julie Rodriguez of the Rangers and left-wing rookie Andrew Heaney of the Angels. The Blue Jays, who sat two games behind Seattle, traded for Twins Jose Berrios.

The sailors were not against adding these types of players. But they will not be partnering with any of their top prospects, including defenders Julio Rodriguez and Jared Kielnik, distinguished bowlers George Kirby and Emerson Hancock and third, Noelfi Marti.

“We weren’t ready to meet the pricing for the targets we had,” Diputo said. “Most of them ended up moving and some didn’t. It’s something we felt very committed to. We have to stay disciplined to the plan we set.”

With the fury of hours leading up to the deadline, teams felt empowered to demand these leads. Dipoto remains steadfast, refusing to donate in to the emotions of the moment or this sudden season of success.

“We were resisting trading our best expectations for short-term gains,” he said. “I’ve said all along, that we would have been willing to look at just about anything if we were allowed to persevere moving forward, but we weren’t competent to do that. And we obviously didn’t take any moves today as a result.”

Is the team better?

“I think we’ll find out,” said the player.

Dipoto was more upbeat, believing Toro would aid form a lineup that was missing and hitting the left hand firm.

“Logically, I feel we have made the team better now, and we feel we have made the team exponentially better for the coming,” he said. “And that’s forever been the line we’re trying to go here. I think I put that together with pouring everything into the run as a threat of unruly playing cards and in a section where we’re tracking the leader by a significant amount. We can’t be so irresponsible. It was from It could be the mistaken thing to do, and we had chances to do it.”


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